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Dear Patriot,


[3-2014 letter] The "official" Obama narrative -- used by the foreign-born criminal to illicitly seize control of the United States -- is rapidly unraveling before our very eyes.


That's right: Barack Hussein Obama, the product of a sham marriage between a Muslim man from Kenya and a Kansas-born communist mother, is frantically watching his decade-old house of cards collapse around him.


And thanks to facts uncovered by Western Center for Journalism's investigative reporters, there's nothing Obama can do to stop the truth from finally being revealed!


You see, Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) -- your source for trusted news that you just can't get from the mainstream media -- has discovered a tie between the late Loretta Fuddy, who was named Hawaii's Department of Health Director just months before Obama released his "official birth certificate," and Obama's mother, the late Stanley Ann Dunham.


What's more, this tie involves a Muslim religious cult founded in Indonesia (where Obama lived for several years with his adoptive father), and has chapters in Hawaii (where Obama was raised by his Marxist grandparents) and Chicago (where Obama launched his political career under the tutelage of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers).


My friend, it is no coincidence that Ms. Fuddy was chosen by the powers-that-be to put the official imprimatur on what she claimed was Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate.


And I also believe it is no coincidence that this lackey of the Obama reqime is now DEAD, killed in a plane crash that every other passenger survived. Please keep reading this vitally important letter to see for yourself the tangled web of deceit built around Barack Obama by his Marxist masters . . .


My name is Floyd Brown, and I'm the president of Western Center for Journalism, America's leading "alternative news" source. We bring you the stories that the mainstream media censors don't want YOU to see.


But bringing you the REAL news isn't all we do . . .


Western Center for Journalism trains journalists and citizen bloggers, just like the ones that dug out this long-hidden connection between Obama's mother and Ms. Fuddy, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health, who released the sham "birth certificate" Obama claims proves his constitutional eligibility to serve as President.


Our army of citizen journalists across America is busy today, bringing the truth to those who Obama desperately wants to keep in the dark.


And my personal experience exposing the corruption of government officials is long and deep. First, I'm a best-selling author with multiple published books, including my latest work, Obama's Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election.


I also write a weekly column carried by hundreds of newspapers across the country, and serve as a regular guest on TV news programs around the cable spectrum.


Second, through Western Center for Journalism I'm providing top notch journalism and reporting by exposing the bias, lies, and cover-ups that run rampant throughout the Obamedia.


And this is information every American, including you, MUST HAVE, just like the exclusive breaking news that I'm sharing with you here.


You see, Western Center for Journalism is on the front lines of the information wars, battling the enemies of truth . . . like Barack Obama and his propaganda corps!


My friend, as badly as Obama wants to hide the truth about his birth, and his illegal reign in the White House, WCJ is dogging his steps and exposing his lies.


And now, Western Center for Journalism has dug deeper than anyone else into Barack Obama's life, finding bits of information that, when pieced together, reveal the truth about Obama's shadowy past.


What's more, the newly-revealed cult tie between Obama's mother and Ms. Fuddy raises troubling new questions that must be answered by a congressional investigation. That's why I've included a Letter of Demand to YOUR Member of Congress, demanding that just such an investigation be launched immediately!


We must pressure Congress to seek the absolute truth about Barack Obama's "birth certificate" and all the surrounding circumstances:


        Why was a member of the same cult to which Obama's mother belonged given control over the archives where his birth certificate supposedly resided?


        Was Loretta Fuddy killed because she knew too much about the birth certificate scam?


        Who produced the digital version of the birth certificate the version that most every graphics expert says is clearly a forgery?


        Why does Congress allow Barack Obama to sit in the White House when, five years after his first inauguration, he STILL hasn't produced any evidence proving he's a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution?


It is vitally important that these questions be answered. The future of our nation depends on it!


Please [request for,] sign and return the Letter of Demand today. And when you do, there's one more thing I need you to do.


You see, it is only through alternative news sources like Western Center for Journalism and the citizen journalists we train that the truth about Barack Obama's birth certificate scam is being revealed. Your support of WCJ is desperately needed today.


Please include a generous, tax-deductible gift for Western Center for Journalism. First, we need to get this critically important exposť, and others that WCJ is preparing right now, into the hands of millions of Americans across the country. They MUST know the truth!


Second, I'm asking you to send an extra gift, specifically to aid WCJ's training programs for citizen journalists. You see, it is vitally important that Western Center for Journalism continues training citizen journalists and gets them on the job, where they bypass the mainstream Obamedia censors. Only in this way will the TRUTH be heard from coast to coast!


Western Center for Journalism is THE alternative news source bringing the truth to the American people. We are not controlled by the political censors who determine what you will or will not see and hear in the mainstream media. Our ONLY concern is bringing you the REAL STORY.


The truth is you and I simply cannot allow the left-wing media zealots to control the news in America. We cannot allow them to continue to cover up Barack Obama's Marxist agenda for America! We cannot allow them to continue the lie that Barack Obama is a "natural born citizen" who is constitutionally qualified to serve as president.


The lies MUST stop. The truth MUST be revealed.


My friend, it's time for YOU, as a patriotic American citizen, to take action. Please sign the [requested] enclosed Demand and return it to me today with your best possible, tax-deductible gift. It will make all the difference in the world!


Please . . . let me hear from you right away. There's not a moment to waste.


For the truth,

Floyd Brown


P.S. †††Congress sits, twiddling their collective thumbs as Barack Obama's lies continue unchallenged. It is NOW the time to demand a real congressional investigation into the half-truths, the lies, and even the DEATHS that surround the official Obama narrative. Just slip your [requested and] signed Letter of Demand into the enclosed reply envelope along with your best possible, tax-deductible gift for Western Center for Journalism today. Time's running out . . . your immediate response is required (WCJ, P.O. Box 131727, Houston, TX 77219-1727)!







Dear Friend of Freedom,


[12-2013] Barack Hussein Obama has Declared War on the United States . . . but you'll never read that story in the New York Times or see it on CNN.


To be frank, a concerted effort by the nation's liberal media is underway to hide the truth about Obama and his anti-Constitutional actions from the American people. And unless we take action today, the Left will win.


But the so-called "mainstream" media is censoring the truth ≠-- refusing to let you, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers know what Barack Obama is really doing behind the scenes.


That's why we must bypass the "Obamedia" and take our story directly to the American people. And you can help me do just that.


You see, Barack Obama refuses to live up to his oath of office as President . . . you know, the oath that requires him to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." In fact, I believe he is actively doing all he can to bring America to her knees . . . and for this crime, he must be impeached!


That's right -- the Constitution clearly says a president is to be impeached and removed from office when he's committed treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. And that's exactly what Mr. Obama has done. My friend, I need you to keep reading this vitally important letter so you can arm yourself with the truth in this crucial battle to save our country from utter destruction at the hands of Barack Obama.


My name is Floyd Brown and I'm president of the Western Center for Journalism (WCJ). You may have heard of me . . . I'm a bestselling author ("Slick Willie: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton"), columnist, and speaker. Perhaps you've seen me on The O'Reilly Factor, FOXNEWS, or on CNN and MSNBC.


Founded in 1991 by Joseph Farah (the brains behind World Net Daily) and James H. Smith (former publisher of the Sacramento Union), the Western Center for Journalism first made its mark following the suspicious death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster during the Clinton presidency.


Officially ruled a suicide by authorities, reporter Christopher Ruddy, with assistance from WCJ, unearthed evidence that shouted "cover up!" No matter how hard they tried to conceal the real cause of Foster's death, Ruddy's dogged investigations clearly showed that the suicide ruling was as phony as a three dollar bill.


While those responsible for the lawyer's death have never been arrested, tried, and convicted for their crime, the American people know the truth . . . thanks to the Western Center for Journalism.


And this success exposing the Foster murder cover-up led to a politically motivated attack on WCJ by the Internal Revenue Service . . . with Bill Clinton's fingerprints all over it.


The fact is, the Clintonistas wouldn't attack the Western Center for Journalism unless it was making a real difference, exposing their lies for the world to see!


Along with my work at WCJ, I'm the guy behind (IOC=TH) ImpeachObamaCampaign.com the website with an online petition calling upon Congress to impeach the man who's stealing our freedom and destroying our nation . . . and we already have more than one million signatures! I'm enclosing a copy for you to sign and return.


But you wouldn't know any of that if the liberal press is your main source of "news." You see, the Obama lapdog media is working overtime to protect Obama from being exposed as a Christian-hating, card-carrying socialist who seeks to impose his Marxist ideology -- ripped straight from the pages of Das Kapitol -- on America, thus turning us into a westernized version of Mao's China or Stalin's Soviet Union.


The truth is, Barack Obama is the most dangerous man in America. He has set the country on a death march that will inevitably lead to the shocking demise of the greatest nation to ever exist.


And, my friend, we simply cannot allow that to happen.


Nineteenth century statesman and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story told the country, "We stand the latest, and, if we fall, probably the last experiment of self-government by the people." The great Ronald Reagan echoed those words 150 years later, calling America "the last best hope of man on earth."


And indeed it is. That is why we must stop Barack Obama now.


Because Obama has, in my opinion and that of a rapidly growing number of Americans, committed impeachable offenses, and Congress must step forward and do what's right for the country. But don't hold your breath waiting . . . it'll take a groundswell of public support for impeachment before Congress takes action.


But the Western Center for Journalism and I are working overtime, making sure the truth about Barack Obama and his impeachable offenses reaches each and every American. Here are just a few of his crimes:


        Offering a job -- through his surrogate, former President Bill Clinton -- to Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania to entice him into dropping his primary challenge against Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) . In the real world, where you and I live, that's called bribery, and the U.S. Constitution says it's grounds for impeachment.


        Refusing to protect our southern border from the millions of illegal immigrants swarming across . . . including drug dealers, pimps, human traffickers, kidnappers, thieves, murderers, and even Islamic terrorists! That's called treason, and the U.S. Constitution says it's grounds for impeachment.


        Stealing the money of investors in private companies -- like General Motors -- by nationalizing those industries and using the assets to pay off his biggest supporters: the unions. That's called theft, which is a high crime, and the U.S. Constitution says it's grounds for impeachment.


And that's just a sampling of the crimes committed by Barack Obama!


But where are CNN, MSNBC, and the Big Three networks? Where are the New York Times, Washington Post, and Time magazine? They are effectively hiding the truth from the American people, enabling Barack Obama to continue implementing his ultra-leftist agenda that is destroying our nation.


That's why WCJ is bringing this message directly to the American people, giving you and your neighbors the opportunity to make an informed decision about our country's future. Here's my plan:


Since the national media -- dominated by anti-American leftists -- refuses to tell the truth about Barack Obama and his crimes, I'm running an advertising campaign that will let millions of concerned citizens across the country know what is really happening in Washington, D.C.


And I say forget the big daily papers that regurgitate liberal pap on their pages day in and day out . . . we need to target the smaller city dailies and small town weeklies.


This campaign will reach the very people the national media is trying to hoodwink with their litany of lies! These are the people Barack Obama so callously dismissed as "bitter" folks who "cling to guns or religion" and "anti-immigrant sentiment" during his first presidential campaign.


And they are our natural allies.


My friend, Western Center for Journalism needs to raise $250,000 over the next few weeks for this advertising campaign to really make a difference. And I'm counting on you to help me breach the wall of censorship set up by the leftist media and spread the truth about Barack Obama, and call for his immediate impeachment in order to save our nation from further destruction.


You see, a campaign of this magnitude does not come cheap. First, we need to create ads highlighting Obama's many impeachable offenses. Then we need to purchase advertising space in smaller dailies and weeklies across the country. We must get this message out to the people today!


And I need your help to get this done.


The fact is, we can reach those Americans who care about our country despite Big Media's attempt to silence us. We can bypass CNN and their liberal comrades who distort, rather than report, the news.


This advertising campaign will create the groundswell of support we need to push the impeachment of Barack Obama forward!


And your immediate gift of $50, $125, $250, or even $500 can make the difference between getting the truth about Barack Obama into the hands of everyday Americans . . . or letting the Left continue its blackout of the truth.


My friend, as a patriotic American you simply cannot afford to let Barack Obama continue in office for another three years -- or possibly even more -- wrecking our economy, challenging our values, and weakening America to the point of destruction. You must take action today.


Perhaps you're in a position where you can send a bigger gift, say, $1000, $5000, or even $10,000. Rest assured, whatever amount you send will be used by Western Center for Journalism to lead the charge to impeach Mr. Obama, and end the possibility of a constitutional crisis that could rip the nation asunder.


Barack Obama is a committed socialist ideologue. He is determined to remake America in his own leftwing image. Time is running short . . . we must save America today.


Your immediate help is desperately needed. I absolutely must be able to count on your support in exposing Barack Obama's impeachable offenses via WCJ's new advertising campaign.


To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, "If not you, who? If not now, when?"


Please let me hear from you today.


Yours for America,

Floyd Brown

P.S. Never before in our national history has America faced such a determined foe as Barack Obama. In our early days, Patrick Henry said, "It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains." Barack Obama is that tyrant, and even as you are reading this letter, he is working the anvil, forging the chains of slavery to slip upon your wrists. Don't let that happen . . . please help Western Center for Journalism expose Obama for the tyrant he is and pressure Congress to do their constitutional duty by impeaching him. Your best possible gift today will help us do just that (WCJ, P.O. Box 131727, Houston, TX 77219-1727)!