Dr. Alan Keyes

Chairman of the Liberty Tree Project

A Project of Liberty Tree Alliance

(P.O. Box 131327, Houston, TX 77219-1327)




Dear Patriot,


[1-2014 letter] Time is running out on America's freedom.


That's right . . . although shocking, the warning at the top of this page is absolutely true. Barack Hussein Obama -- the son of an atheist mother who worshipped at the altar of Marx and Engel -- is diligently following the blueprint successfully used over the past hundred years by his leftist predecessors like Vladimir Lenin (Russia), Mao tse Tung (China), Fidel Castro (Cuba), and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela).


The hands of these dictators are covered with the blood of more than a billion men, women, and children worldwide . . . and the dictator-in-waiting, Barack Obama, is following in their footsteps!


The master plan to accomplish communist world control was penned generations ago, and tweaked over the years each time a new Marxist disciple set his sights on conquering a previously free nation and imposing the iron rule of the Red flag.


And now Barack Obama has set his sights on making you and your family part of the great "proletariat masses" ruled by him and his ideological allies on the Left.


Fellow patriot, be forewarned: there is but one way to stop Obama's march toward dictatorial power as he remakes the United States of America into a Soviet-style disaster that will enslave you, your family, and all Americans . . . forever! Please keep reading for all the details.


My name is Dr. Alan Keyes. Perhaps you know me as the founder and chairman of Liberty Tree Alliance -- one of the nation's leading conservative organizations engaged in bold political activism directly dedicated to the pursuit of justice and preservation of liberty, and the defense of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


Or maybe you recognize me from my race against Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate seat from Illinois in 2004 when I publicly called him out as a communist seeking to "fundamentally transform" the United States into a clone of Soviet Russia or Red China.


Or it could be you remember me serving as Ambassador to the United Nations under President Ronald Reagan, the conservative icon who presided over America's last great resurgence of constitutional greatness as he led us out of Jimmy Carter's malaise and back into our traditional role as "the shining city on the hill."


Now I am privileged to head up Liberty Tree Project's "Expose Barack Obama" endeavor under the auspices of Liberty Tree Alliance.


Through it, we are exposing Obama's unconstitutional power grab as he illegally occupies the White House for a second four-year term. And our allegations against the impostor are borne out by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his "Cold Case Posse" investigation which finds Obama's so-called "birth certificate" is undoubtedly a forgery!


What's more, Sheriff Joe's legal investigation revealed a "serious national security flaw" that has allowed a possibly foreign-born impostor -- who in any event does NOT qualify for the presidency as a NATURAL BORN citizen because of his non-American citizen birth father -- to grab hold of the U.S. presidency! And THIS, based solely on a document that digital graphics investigations have definitively exposed as fraudulent.


Moreover, they've concluded that Obama's signed and dated Selective Service form was also likely forged, as well!


To be frank, my friend, Liberty Tree Project and I desperately need your urgent help today to expose Obama and his duplicitous campaign that delivered him the White House, from which he is assuming growing control over your life.


You see, Barack Obama's communist master plan is coming to fruition piece by piece. Just as his ideological ancestors did in country after country, "The One" is turning up the heat, hoping the lulled population will not awaken to the truth until it is too late.


But Liberty Tree Project will not let that happen. This vital letter exposes Obama's multi-step plan to wipe out the U.S. Constitution and make "Das Kapitol" the government's official playbook . . .


1.                 Nationalization of major industries -- one need look no further than ObamaCare, the "health care" monstrosity shoved down America's throat in 2010 by the Democrat majorities in the Senate and House. Under ObamaCare, you will no longer be able to make your own medical choices . . . government bureaucrats, with an eye on the bottom line, will make them for you.


2.                 Redistribution of wealth -- your tax dollars, confiscated from you under penalty of imprisonment, are given to others in the form of government aid. Millions of Americans and foreigners receive tax handouts each year, all paid for by the money the IRS squeezes from our weekly paychecks.


3.                 Demonization of conservatives -- Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano's infamous DHS report clearly demonstrates Marxist success in demonizing conservatives -- particularly people of faith -- by labeling them potential domestic terrorists. What's more, hate crimes laws aim to slander those who believe in traditional one man/one woman marriage as "homophobic bigots."


4.                 Censoring the conservative message -- for decades the so-called "mainstream media" has been anything but. Serving as the mouthpiece for liberal ideology, the media is populated with die hard liberals -- who, while not communist themselves, certainly buy into much of the Red propaganda -- and outright socialists and Marxists. Their ultimate goal, and they've been very successful at it so far, is to shut down all dissenting viewpoints.


5.                 Banning gun ownership -- a dictatorship simply cannot exist with an armed populace, so the federal government and the media constantly work hand-in-hand to overthrow the Second Amendment. And beware: it will happen soon -- possibly in the upcoming months -- if the U.S. Senate votes to ratify the United Nations "Small Arms Treaty" which will end YOUR right to bear arms.


6.                 Implementing a civilian "security" force -- while still a candidate for the presidency in 2008, Obama promised to establish "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the U.S. military]." Understand, Obama's goal is an "army" of spies and enforcers answerable only to him, who will stalk and destroy all those loyal to the Constitution . . . including you!


My friend, this master plan -- which Barack Obama is following to a "T" -- leads directly to a communist police state . . . and its implementation is nearly complete.


But we have one last chance to stop Barack Obama!


[Requested] Enclosed with this letter is an urgent petition appeal to YOUR state's Attorney General. It demands he or she initiate an immediate criminal investigation into Obama's illegal inclusion on your state's presidential ballot due to his fraudulent "birth certificate."


The folly of those who relied on "voting the scoundrel out of office" has now been exposed. I had warned for months that such a strategy was risky, and that other methods of expelling Obama from office were necessary. Now these other methods remain America's next best hope of making Obama answer to the law, and to We the People.


It is critical that your State Attorney General be bombarded with these exclusive Liberty Tree Project petitions calling upon the criminal enforcement authority of the State Attorney General's office to uphold our laws and hold Barack Hussein Obama accountable for his crimes!


Obama MUST present his original, long-form, PAPER birth certificate that he claims is sitting in the State of Hawaii's Health Department archives. This "evidence" of eligibility must be independently verified . . . and not just another digital "copy" easily altered by anyone with off-the-shelf software.


If Obama fails to produce the proper certification to your Secretary of State, then your Attorney General has a duty to act to protect the People of your State: Obama must be investigated, tried, and convicted of defrauding the people of your state!


So please [request for,] sign and return the petition TODAY in the envelope enclosed for your swift and immediate attention.


But, my friend, there's ONE MORE THING I need you to do. You see, it's the financial support of patriots like you that allows Liberty Tree Project to lead this battle to defeat Barack Obama and end his despotic reign of terror. Your support is urgently needed right now.


Whether your gift is $50 or $5000 or even more, it helps Liberty Project sound the clarion call and alert your fellow patriots from coast to coast about Barack Obama's sinister plot to impose a communist dictatorship on the American people. We must get this word out TODAY . . . and I need your help to do that!


It's clear that Obama and his globalist handlers are meticulously following the blueprint laid down by Lenin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez . . . and unless we stop Obama NOW, the United States will cease to exist as a sovereign republic!


The communist noose is tightening more and more each day, so it's vitally important that you join with Liberty Tree Project today to end this threat to your liberty and rights.


Our only hope to preserve the Constitution and our God-ordained rights enshrined therein is to hold Barack Hussein Obama accountable for defrauding the citizens of your state. You can help make that happen.


Tyranny must be opposed by those who cherish liberty. I pray I can count on your support today!


Keep faith,

Alan Keyes


P.S. Don't let Barack Obama implement his "master plan" for a communist dictatorship! The Tyrant-in-Chief must be stopped today! [Request for,] Sign and return the enclosed petition to your state's Attorney General right away, and demand Obama produce REAL, forensically verifiable evidence of eligibility or else face criminal investigation and prosecution for fraudulently gaining ballot access in 2008 and 2012. And don't forget a generous gift to Liberty Tree Project to help us continue the fight for liberty and freedom in America on your behalf!


[Please request for Urgent Petition to your State's Attorney General. (LTP, P.O. Box 131327, Houston, TX 77219-1327)]