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Dear Patriot,


[11-2013 letter] I am confident that within the next sixty days, Barack Obama will be fighting for his political survival in the U.S. House of Representatives... and then he will be tried in the U.S. Senate and Impeached.


Why...? Because Barack Obama and the Obama White House are right now obstructing justice, stonewalling and attempting to avoid the extent of the corruption and abuses of power becoming fully known by the American people.


Already three committees in the U.S. House of Representatives have uncovered seriously concerning evidence of apparent illegalities, cronyism, and a pervasive pattern of cover up.


That is why I need you to become immediately involved.


For the sake of our nation, will you please help me fight for justice? To prevent our economy from being entirely destroyed, will you please help ensure that Barack Obama has to face the consequences for his actions?


To move the fight for Impeachment one giant step forward, will you please sign the enclosed FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITION and return it to White House Watch immediately...?


I want to deliver tens of thousands of FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITIONS to the United States Senate within the next thirty days.


Because I am confident that, very soon, the United States will be holding the Impeachment Trail of Barack Hussein Obama.


I am confident that the United States House of Representatives and a Special Independent Counsel will determine that Barack Obama should stand trial for criminal wrongdoing...


...passing government contracts to friends, giving taxpayer money to fundraisers and using the office of the presidency for political purposes and personal gain.


This is Chicago-thug style politics...


I want to flood the U.S. Senate with FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITIONS so that we can overcome the liberal blockade to Impeachment in the Senate.


Because I am sure that you realize that the United States Senate actually acts as a court and holds a trial to determine whether or not Barack Obama should be Impeached. Now the United States Senate must hear your voice.


The United States Senate must know that you will not tolerate the President of the United States giving your money to his personal friends and fundraisers even though that money was not being paid back and was clearly being wasted.


Every Senator must know that you will not let Barack Obama disregard the laws of our land and the U.S. Constitution and write his own set of rules.


Barack Obama is not above the law... Barack Obama is right now operating like the laws of our nation do not apply to him and he can rule without regard to Congress or checks and balances.


I am asking you to make sure that your "representatives" in the U.S. Senate do not think that Barack Obama is above the law.


I want you to make sure that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn't give Barack Obama and escape hatch and block justice.


Right now it seems that Barack Obama thinks that he can actually control our Congress into ignoring the facts and the law.


He has broken the War Powers Resolution, the Hatch Act, the Arms Control Export Act, banking and anti-trust laws and established an arm of our government funded by taxpayers but reporting to no one other than him.


Barack Obama has implemented a Department of Justice that actually authorized the sale of weapons to foreign terrorists.


And Barack Obama awarded half a billion taxpayer dollars to a business that wasn't paying back loans or even showing any sign of being legitimate...


...simply because that business raised massive cash for Barack Obama in the Last election. That is the definition of cronyism.


If Barack Obama hasn't committed any crimes, why has the Obama Administration repeatedly refused Freedom of Information Acts and failed to supply missing documents requested by Congress?


If Barack Obama hasn't committed crimes, why did the White House counsel actually ask a Four-Star General to change his testimony before a Congressional Committee?


If Barack Obama is innocent, why wouldn't he want the American people to have all of the documents and know exactly what is occurring under his watch?


Instead, the Obama White House is stonewalling, delaying and refusing to comply with Congressional Committees who are uncovering what seems to be a clear pattern of "high crimes and misdemeanors."


Barack Obama is desperately scrambling to prevent the truth from being revealed...


That is why I am asking you to make sure that your voice is heard in the U.S. Senate. Because with the evidence that is emerging, I am confident that Barack Obama will be Impeached in the U.S. Senate.


If you and I do not take a stand now and demand that Barack Obama's abuse of power, corruption and apparent illegalities are stopped, then who will?


You and I both know that the liberal media will not push for justice. No, instead they have actually been protecting Barack Obama.


YOU and 1 both know that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will do everything in their power to bury the truth and cling to power.


And... liberal special interest groups will continue to put partisan political games ahead of our Constitution. It is up to you and me and the force of White House Watch to fight for justice now.


Please do your duty and sign the [requested] enclosed FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITION and rush it back to White House Watch using the enclosed legal envelope. I will ensure that your Petition is delivered with others to the U.S. Senate within the next thirty days in a flood of outrage from the American people.


And please, Mr. Rogers. be sure to include a generous contribution... when you return your signed PETITION. Your [generous contribution] is critical to White House Watch continuing to have the power and backing to investigate and garner support for impeachment.


Please have the courage to help move Impeachment forward and bring Barack Obama to Justice. Thank you...


Counting on your help,

Floyd Brown, Chairman


[Please request for the "FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITION"(WHW, P.O. Box 96442, Washington, D.C. 20090-6442)!]




(Sample Petition)




This FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITION has been prepared and nationally

distributed for the signature of all members of White House Watch.


WHEREAS, the Obama White House Watch could soon face charges of obstruction of justice;


WHEREAS, the Obama Administration is refusing Freedom of Information Acts and will not release documents, emails and testimony to various Congressional Committees;


WHEREAS, Congressional Committees have already uncovered evidence of 'high crimes and misdemeanors;'


WHEREAS, there is evidence that Barack Obama has violated the War Powers Resolution, the Hatch Act, the Arms Control Export Act, banking and finance laws and engaged in cronyism, abusing his office and government resources;


WHEREAS, as a citizen of the United States of America, I have a right to demand that justice be served in this case and that Barack Obama face the same standards of justice as any other American citizen;


WHEREAS, I believe that you, the United States Senate, will soon decide if Barack Obama should be Impeached;


THEREFORE, I am hereby respectfully requesting, as an American citizen and a member of White House Watch, that the United States Senate immediately rule in favor of Impeachment and the removal of Barack Obama from office.


SIGNED:__________________________________ DATE:_____________