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Argument against Health Care Mandate
(Everybody doesn't need health insurance, Daily Star, 4-11-12)

Why should everyone be required to purchase health care insurance coverage except for the government elite who have the best coverage paid for by tax payers and be fined (penalized) if they do not?

Not everyone needs conventional health care insurance coverage.

There are people who have a healthy life style, who eat healthy according to Biblical standards and properly exercise, who use natural alternative and preventative medicines, etc., who may never or seldom use conventional hospital care and pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

One parallel example of a conventional health care insurance coverage: If a person drives a car, he should at least have liability insurance coverage; but if not, that person, from his own resources, should be able to cover for an accident that might occur that might damage another person and/or his property.

If a person does not drive, he is not required to purchase auto (car) insurance. Therefore, if a person does not use conventional hospital care, why should he be required or enforced to purchase health care insurance?

When hospital care is needed, many people with or with no health care insurance pay for their own or a loved one's hospital and nursing home care expenses from out of there own resources, which they have worked hard to put aside.

So why should those people who cover their own hospital care expenses, those who have a healthy life style, and who use natural alternative and preventive medicines have to purchase conventional health care insurance?

The 30 [possibly 40] million who supposed to be the uninsured should not be supported (subsidized) by those previously mentioned, but by those who are pushing us into bankruptcy with liberal governmental health care takeover and free money to the fat cats and bums, which have not worked very well to help our economy.

Have not the Controllers learned that liberal government control and spending our future generations' finances are not the answers! The money many officials have made because of their elected governmental status [and special interest money] may be some reasons for their staunch unwavering position and not listening to the American people.

The Controllers, who supposed to be our servants, who spend not their own money but the people's money, have not heard the majority of "We the People." The Controllers give our money away to pacify the people, and for political gain and power.

The Controllers can buy votes with our money with no recourse; but if we did it, we would be criminalized.

We are becoming more than ever a socialist welfare state. That kind of government has not worked in other countries, and it will not work here in the U.S.A.

It appears those who are pushing for mandatory health care coverage are also pushing (pushers of) conventional pharmaceutical prescription drugs, which are the rule for conventional hospital care.

If one reads the ridiculously long inserts in prescription drug boxes or at least listen to some of the side effects of pharmaceuticals in televised advertisements, it will scare the britches off of you. Do the benefits really out weigh the possible countless adverse side effects?

The conventional doctors helped get a loved one of mine hooked on head (neurological) medicines and other prescription drugs that caused havoc in her life. In time, different pharmaceuticals were added to her already toxic state when one drug would counteract with another and when other health issues would arise because of adverse side effects, in which some were irreversible.

If prescription drugs destroy health, God designed organic grown plants, whole grain [and fruit] products, medicinal herbs and natural alternative medicines can be taken to help restore such a person.

People need to take on individual responsibility, eat healthy and properly exercise.

Natural alternative and preventative medicines are not dangerous like pharmaceuticals, and a good start to prevent or inhibit some ailments and to improve health.

Some of us know that, but if claims are made, the Federal Government, FDA and the pharmaceutical industry attack the claims and those who make them. And too, Doctors know that a person's faith, eating healthy, a well balanced diet and proper exercise are healthier for a person than any pharmaceutical prescription drug.

The pharmaceutical industry has gotten hold of the Administration and the majority of the House and the Senate with their drug money. Getting people trapped on drugs, whether legal or not, is wrong. Man-made designed prescription drugs can have their consequences, while some over the counter drugs do have their benefits.

If the Controllers are going to push anything, they need to promote natural alternative and preventive medicines. It is much cheaper and easier to prevent a disease than to try and cure it in its lethal stage.

What ever happened to "...all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

If our today's Biblically illiterate leaders, who are supposed to be our servants, think that liberal government control can bring about a utopia, they are dead wrong.

The Creator is the only One who has endowed us with the right to pursue happiness. Governmental mandated (Obama) health care takeover is not a right, but another unconstitutional enforcement by the Controllers that leads to Tyranny.

The Mandate (if only in part) could be struck down by majority of the Supreme Court, if not its defeat (if only in part) by over 30 states could be on its way.

"We the People" do have our "Rights!" Stop controlling and listen to us!

Al, Natalbany, LA

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