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December 30, 2013


Dear Sir,


...The past year has been powerfully successful on many levels thanks to your continued support... I speak for our entire staff when I say that your dedication to the Center and our work to expose the radical left's agenda gives us an extra edge of confidence we need in the face of such well-financed opposition.


The launch of TruthRevolt has been enormously successful! It has already made an impact. Together with our continued work to expose Barack Obama and the left's never-ending attempts to further "fundamentally transform" America, 2014 presents tremendous opportunity for the Center...


There is no doubt 2014 opens the door to opportunity for the Freedom Center. The polls indicate more and more Americans are becoming aware of Barack Obama's ultra-liberal machinations. Over the past year, we've discovered that the Obama administration has used government agencies to skirt Congress and forward its agenda.


It has also used agencies, including the IRS and the Department of Justice, to harass, intimidate, and punish individuals and conservative organizations that dare object to its constitutional abuses.


The Freedom Center was one such conservative organization subjected to an IRS audit. Of course, there was nothing out of line, but having to respond cost time and money.


We remain dedicated to our mission, however, and have recently launched one of the most exciting projects in our history. It's called TruthRevolt, and for the first time we can respond to mainstream media's biased and erroneous personal attacks on conservatives.


Remember when the left, led by the George Soros-funded Media Matters, vilified Glenn Beck? Because Beck dared to reveal the radical agenda of Barack Obama and those in his administration, the left used strategies we've become familiar with over the years. False accusations, name calling tactics that went unanswered by conservatives.


Beck was driven off FOX News. TruthRevolt will respond. Pundits like Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, and Bill Maher will get the same medicine they've spooned out viciously for years.


Of course, the Center's other projects such as DiscovertheNetworks.org, FrontPage, Jihad Watch, and our work on college campuses will continue. It has to.


Americans are fighting as best we can to overcome an agenda that preaches division and doubt. Virtually every college campus today features entrenched leftists pounding anti-America messages into our young people's heads.


We will use an integrated campaign of letters, e-mail, and our powerful websites to continue to expand our reach and seize the opportunity the coming year offers.


Today I can tell you that the Freedom Center, thanks to the undying and courageous support of Americans like you, has rolled over the leftists' rock and revealed to millions of people just how radical, vicious, dedicated, and well-financed the "hate-America left" truly is.


From our staggering debt to our massive unemployment, the disastrous takeover of our health care system, the shredding of our borders, and the slashing of our national defense make no mistake: This isn't poor leadership. This is Obama and the left methodically smashing our nation's foundation to "fundamentally transform America."


...the Freedom Center needs you to stand with me, stand with us, as a bulwark, a spotlight on the left's plans and the characters behind this insidious agenda.


I know the economic times are tough and every dollar you invest in an organization must be stretched to its maximum value. Believe me, we know how much your contribution means. and I promise we use it to its fullest potential.


Your gift of $20, $15, or even $10 will ensure we start with every weapon in our arsenal ready to go. Thank you so much.



David Horowitz

Founder & CEO


P.S. Remember: 2014, with the prospect of its elections on the horizon, offers real opportunity to inform Americans about radical liberals' plans and how they can be stopped. That is only possible with the courageous support of individual Americans who share, as you do, a love of our nation and a willingness to meet our enemies square on with the truth. Thanks again (DHFC, P.O. Box 130707, Houston, TX 77219-0707)!


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David Horowitz

Founder & CEO of

(DHFC) Freedom Center

(P.O. Box 130707, Houston, TX 77219-0707)


October 18, 2013


Bullies: How the Left Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans


Dear Sir,


He's a charlatan. A con artist. He's provoked violence. He's virulently racist.


So how does Al Sharpton manage to get on and stay on the national stage? How does he merit a television news show?


Of course, you and I know part of the answer is that Sharpton fits one of the radical left's needs an African American who will willingly denounce America as racist, oppressive, imperialistic, or whatever the most popular demeaning term is that day.


The other answer, the bigger answer, is that conservatives leave him unchallenged. Not his words most conservatives can easily counter Sharpton's bile. What conservatives won't do is go after him, personally, and those who support him ...


... or Chris Matthews or John King or Piers Morgan or George Stephanopoulos or Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert or any outspoken, biased, headline-chasing leftist media source.


Conservatives haven't exposed them. Conservatives haven't targeted their financial backers, their advertisers, or their handlers from rabid liberal war rooms such as Media Matters or Center for American Progress.


We haven't taken the fight to them on the same terms they take the fight to us. We've been carrying knives to gunfights. Until now.


Today I am proud to announce the Freedom Center's launch of TruthRevolt, the first organized response to the liberal media's unabated hate barrage against conservatives and conservatism. We must start fighting fire with fire ... for example:


        Remember how Media Matters orchestrated the left's attack on Glenn Beck because he had the courage to expose Barack Obama's radicalism?


They didn't challenge what Beck was saying. They vilified him. They made it personal. They created a Glenn Beck that never was and they sold that evil, fictional image to FOX News advertisers, driving them away from his show.


        Or how about the vicious, scorched-earth campaign against Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure? Komen was targeted after daring to cut ties with Planned Parenthood.


Susan G. Komen has raised millions in the fight against breast cancer. That didn't matter to the rabid left-wing media. They moved quickly to protect one of their sacred cows by virtually destroying the Komen organization's credibility.


        CNN is a bottom feeder in news ratings, but Lou Dobbs' business show had a strong audience. Dobbs had the guts to tell the truth about the costs of amnesty for illegal aliens.


Media Matters sprang into action and quickly the media demonized Dobbs as a racist. CNN and the left ran Dobbs off the air.


Bottom line is that the left is serious about destroying this nation. They are so focused on their agenda to "fundamentally transform America," as Barack Obama promised that they will shred and demonize anyone or anything that dares cross their ideology.


We simply cannot lie back and take this any longer. Our nation cannot afford for conservatives to sit back passively or worse, to let themselves be co-opted into these efforts.


It's not enough to just monitor the leftist media. We must devise ways to pressure their donors and their advertisers. We must drive a wedge between advertisers and their favored liberal hosts. We must divide and conquer donors who support radical liberal causes and organizations.


It's no secret that this works. Advertising executives say plainly that their clients request advertising plan changes as a result of calls from a few dozen outraged citizens.


What if tens of thousands of conservatives were mobilized to apply pressure to the businesses that bankroll the media? The result would be dramatic!


Of course, to direct a project like TruthRevolt you need an individual who is smart, can think on his feet, knows how the left operates, and is fearless absolutely fearless.


We have just the man: bestselling author, journalist, and former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.


Anyone who witnessed him debating Piers Morgan on gun control knows that Ben Shapiro is precisely the man needed to head this project. If you haven't seen the interview it's easy to find on YouTube let me give some background.


Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year, Ben appeared on the Piers Morgan show to discuss if that's the word for it gun control.


Morgan's a classic liberal bully. He called for gun bans, and if you didn't agree with him, he attacked you as evil and uncaring about our children.


But one of Ben's bestselling books is Bullies: How the Left Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans. It's a case study on the radical left's tactics of demonizing and vilifying those who don't agree with them.


For nearly fifteen minutes, Ben had Piers Morgan sputtering, shouting, and retreating into his typical bullying tactics. At one point, Morgan childishly called the Constitution "your [Ben's] little book."


Putting people like Morgan, Rachel Maddow, David Gregory, Candy Crowley, and others of their ilk on their heels is only the beginning.


With Ben at the helm of TruthRevolt, I believe you will see a change in all of the debates the battles, if you will for our culture. No longer will elements of the radical left and their media conspirators be free to operate without challenge.


Yes, "conspirators" is a strong word. But do you remember the 2008 election and the discovery of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's longtime "spiritual" guide and preacher?


After the election we learned that more than 300 left-wing journalists at the major newspapers, magazines and networks, along with liberal political consultants, conspired to make sure Jeremiah Wright's hatred of America never came to light. They stopped reporting on Wright and Barack Obama's 20-year relationship in Wright's Chicago church.


Three hundred members of the press got together to ensure that one of the biggest issues of the election would be buried. To ensure, in essence, that Barack Obama was elected president. That was a conspiracy, and it goes on far more often than not.


That is what conservatives are up against and what, until today, we have left unchallenged. TruthRevolt promises to level the field in the battle for our nation's future.


Some conservative friends may shrink a bit from direct action. But today we need more than a petition or a letter to Congress. What will work what is working for the radical left is pressure applied tactically to the right spots. Pressure that doesn't just create the national dialogue, but controls it!


We're creating a dedicated website that will act as a Media Matters for the right. It will be direct and hard-hitting designed to expose in every detail the left's financiers and advertisers, along with the media members who blatantly misrepresent conservatives all the while carrying the message for the left's agenda.


Along with Ben Shapiro, we will hire writers and editors to track the news and break big news stories of their own. We'll also need technical experts to maximize our public relations campaigns and help build our list of advocates from across the nation.


As you know from your experience with me and the Freedom Center, every dollar will be stretched to its maximum. And every dollar comes from private resources and individuals.


Already an anonymous friend of the Freedom Center has stepped up with a matching gift contribution of $145,000 specifically for TruthRevolt.


... you've provided the Freedom Center with generous support in the past. Can I count on you for a contribution of $20 or $30 today? Combined with the matching gift, your $20 gift becomes a $40 contribution to TruthRevolt.


I firmly believe this project will make as big a mark on our cultural landscape as DiscovertheNetworks.org has made. Today that site is used by thousands of people daily to map the radical left and discover its inner workings.


Please take a close look at our battle plan. This is an opportunity, at last, to turn the tables on a mainstream media that has become nothing but a propaganda tool for the liberals' decades-old desire to empower government for their benefit power for power's sake.


I am always grateful for your support and for the courage it takes to join with me in the trenches against the radical left. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.



David Horowitz

Founder & CEO


P.S. Contrary to the lies the left creates to vilify conservatives, all we need to do is expose leftists for who they really are. We can't continue to lie back and take these attacks on the chin any longer. Please help me fund TruthRevolt right now. Thanks again.


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Battle Plan


There are four critical elements to the success of TruthRevolt.


Public Awareness Campaign: Our public awareness campaign will be designed to expose issues and villains of whom few Americans are aware. TruthRevolt will pursue groundbreaking journalistic efforts to root out and discredit the perverse political gamesmanship emanating from our supposedly apolitical media. We will then drive public awareness with Internet strategies, newspaper publicity, billboards, radio, and television. Our goal: to make millions aware of the leftist agenda, and to expose its emissaries.


List-Building: Our publicity campaign will not be designed as a mere fundraiser. We will be seeking out active participants in the political debate: letter writers, activists, conservatives with a passion who want to make a difference. Every public awareness campaign will be specifically calibrated toward reaching the most eyes and ears, and toward garnering the most names.


Dedicated Website: TruthRevolt.com will act as a "Media Matters" for the right, incorporating all of the ideas put forth in this proposal into one hard-hitting attack website.


Targeted Action: As our list of activists grows, we will work with them to hit hard and fast. We will target advertisers that are largely unaware of the leftism their dollars pay for on television, radio, and the Internet. We will target the real fat cats on the leftist side, who bankroll the left's agenda with the dollars consumers spend at their businesses. We will force them to disassociate from the media members who lie and cheat on behalf of the left. And we will end the careers and the impact of those media members.




14724 Ventura Blvd. Suite 820 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 FrontPageMag.com





Ben Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief, TruthRevolt


Dear Fellow American,


When David Horowitz discussed creating a program that would give the conservative movement the ability to strike back against the radical liberal agenda, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I am honored to have been chosen Editor-in-Chief for TruthRevolt.


TruthRevolt will do the dirty work no one else will, fighting the leftist media on their own terms.


For too long, we've played by the Marquess of Queensbury rules, allowing the left to stifle the truth and silence truth tellers in the name of their politically correct narrative. Now we're taking the battle to their home turf and we will do so aggressively and unwaveringly, every single day.


As an editor-at-large for Breitbart.com, I worked for Andrew Breitbart a man unafraid of the left's tactics of bullying, vilification and demonization. Andrew knew that bullies do not like the taste of their own medicine, and he was ready and willing to punch back twice as hard.


Andrew was one of my mentors; David Horowitz is another. They share unending fearlessness in the face of the radical left. David has proven time and time again that he can and will stand up for the conservative principles that we know made this nation great and can provide solutions to our problems today.


But we must be heard and to be heard, we must be willing to fight back. So please take a moment to read the enclosed letter from David. It gives a detailed description of why we're starting TruthRevolt and how we will take the fight to the left. Then I encourage you to participate in making this project a success by contributing to TruthRevolt today. Thank you so much for supporting David and the Freedom Center, and I look forward to gaining your support for TruthRevolt (DHFC, P.O. Box 130707, Houston, TX 77219-0707).



Ben Shapiro


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