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40% Death Tax with Lewis Uhler

Some of what Lewis K. Uhler, Founder and President of National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC), said was, "President Obama and his allies, far-left liberals, used cowardly 'lame duck' session in both 2010 and 2012, in the dark of the night, to send the Death Tax [federal estate tax] skyrocking from 0% to 40%...."

All assets are taxed. "Money in the banks, stocks, and bonds... and homes, furnishings, vehicles, buildings, land, equipment, small businesses, farms, and ranches....

...Conservatives fought so hard to cut the Death Tax in 2001 and 2003 -- and we fought even harder to make sure it would drop to 0% in 2010."

Also, "...a massive tax bill wipes out any hope of survival for small businesses and family owned farms....

The Death Tax is UNFAIR. It punishes those Americans who worked the hardest. It rewards spending rather than saving....

The Death Tax is UNKIND. To have the IRS come knocking just as you lose a loved one is an insult to the grieving.

And the Death Tax is UNNECESSARY. It raises just over 1% of federal revenue - and complying with it costs families as much as it produces in tax revenue....

When a farm, ranch or other family business is sold at a government auction to pay the Death Tax... workers have to be laid off !"

According to a recent poll "...61% of Americans want the Death Tax permanently abolished. 84% think it is unfair to tax earnings when they are earned and again after death. And nearly two-thirds of seniors (age 56+) support the permanent repeal of the Death Tax.

...The Obama-Pelosi-Reid 'lame duck' Death Tax Hike is... trying to 'remake America' into a European-Style welfare state.... It's confiscation and redistribution plain and simple....

And it's also an insult to honest and hard-working Americans who have faithfully paid their taxes and saved for the future."

While we are alive, don't we pay enough taxes on our earnings? After we die, why should we pay a 40% federal estate tax on assets that have already been taxed several times by the same government?

Note: After checking the documented addresses I have collected from conservatives, I counted 161 groups. Over 84 have addresses in Washington, D.C. They are trying to limit the size of government, while the liberals are growing government.

Commonsense conservatives demand personal accountability and responsibility, but a liberal government demands neither. Just look at how the government welfare assistance programs are run and what is required.

If you are a liberal and believe the government should be the one to decide what happens to your money, then do nothing. But if you are a conservative and believe you should be the one who decides what happens to your money, than contact your congressmen or women and complain. Tell them to vote for the Thune and Brady's bill, the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2013 (S. 1183, H.R. 2429).

Do not let America become like Cuba after the rich fled the country, and the leaders and government had their way.

After years of liberal government control and after many doctors have quit and wealthy citizens have left America, all we have left is crumbling infrastructures, crumbling mansions, the sick, poor and slums.

You might not have noticed, there is a small exodus occurring today. For the government is becoming too big bloated] and costly to maintain and support, and has too much control, and there are too many dependents and not enough supporters, with the help of ObamaCare.

— Al, Natalbany

Links: Estate tax in the United States; Federal Estate Tax Exemption

40% Death Tax with Pat Boone

Some of what Pat Boone, Performer and National Spokesman for 60 Plus Association, said, "The damage President Barack Obama and liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done to our economy and our liberties over the past few years is simply staggering....

On Tuesday, January 1st" of this year President Obama signed a bill setting the Death Tax [federal estate tax] at a 'permanent' rate of 40 percent.


Instead of your home, your family heirlooms, and your life savings being passed on to your loved ones... Liberals in the federal government will receive those assets to help pay for even more of their failed Big Government programs!

I have long considered this tax highway robbery. It is grossly unfair and it steals the American dream away from folks like yourself who've worked a lifetime to achieve it.

Unless concerned Americans like you and me come together today and say enough is enough, this affront to or families will never end....

I am confident that the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives will soon vote on a Bill to permanently kill the Death Tax.

But it's the U.S. Senate where we must focus our energies.

Please understand, it's of vital importance that we let Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [now Mitch McConnell] know exactly where you stand! ...and we are serious and we mean business....

Harry Reid may never bulge when it comes to his desire to take up to 40 percent of your inheritance -- but I can guarantee you that a majority of Senators will be persuaded to repeal the Death Tax if they think their jobs are on the line!...

You and I pay taxes all the time. We pay local, state and federal taxes. We pay sales taxes, gasoline taxes, capital gains taxes and even pay taxes twice on our Social Security benefits!

But dying should not be a taxable event!

Think about it -- if your children and grandchildren can't afford to pay estate taxes on what you leave them, the government will literally seize your property after you die....

Under Jim Martin's Leadership, 60 Plus Association has become one of the fastest growing seniors group in the nation."

Pat calls the tax a "Grave Robbers Tax." That is a rightful name for the Death Tax.

Just write 60 Plus Association, P.O. Box 17453, Washington, D.C. 70041 and ask for a "Repeal the Death Tax Petition" or contact your congressmen or women and complain. Tell them to vote for the Thune and Brady's bill, the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2013 (S. 1183, H.R. 2429).

— Al, Natalbany

Links: Estate tax in the United States; Federal Estate Tax Exemption

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