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Jan 6, 2021!

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Mar-A-Lago Raid (1)!
The Witch Hunt Continues (1)!
(TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, m.i.)!
Pres. Trump Previously, Voluntarily Agreed, pgs 34-36 in Affidavit (1, 2, 3)!

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Green Right Arrow (10-13-22) FBI's Abuse of Power... The Left keep trying to get Trump and fail miserably (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (10-12-22) Dismantling the Dossier: The Dossier was Ridiculous from the Start... The weaponized DOJ and corrupt politizied FBI offered (bribed) Christopher Steele a British spy a $1M, which put a bounty on Pres. Donald Trump's head (1, 2, 3, m.i.), as they sought to frame him, to (corroborate) confirm that the ridiculous lies (falsehood) of Trump Dossier info was true (1, 2, 3, m.i.), which he could not do... Trump Haters Would Do Anything to Thwart Him... California in Crisis: Anti Semitism (1) ... Hunter Biden's Potential Charges (1)... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-22-22) Jenna Ellis:There could be a malicious prosecution charge brought against Letitia James... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-21-22) Another Fake Trump "Probe" to Add to the List... NY AG (Letitia James) Files $250M Fraud Civil Suit Against Trump, Children and Company (which nobody has come forward to say they were harmed) (9-22-22, 9-24-22)... Another Attempt at Distraction... This is a Joke... Letitia James only in Politics to Attack Trump... This is a deranged person (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), her staff is not professional... No One Should Test Trump's Real Estate Game... James has no case... Trump Knows Real Estate Like No One Else... It's All About Politics... The Trumps are Normal (every day) People... Letitia is a (broken down) Career Polititian... Cuomo was Just Another Target for AG James... Talk About Interesting Timing, she run for Governor... (1)!

Letitia Power Trip on Rob Schwitt with Newsmax (9-21-22) Power Trip: NY AG Damages Her Party's Credibility with Trump Lawsuit... Letitia James Campaigned on Targeting Trump. montege on her existence... NY AG (Letitia James) Files $250M Fraud Civil Suit Against Trump, Children and Company (1)... Drunk on Political Power...Latitia James has Failed Her State... Self Serving Stunt... James' Re-Election Poll Numbers are Down... Polls show, if election was held today, Republican Challenger Michael Henery, being in a blue state, is up by one point... Kimberly Guilfoyle comments... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-21-22) Trump Witch Hunt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, m.i.)... In the State of N.Y. were tha apparent coordinated launched by the lawless left to disqualify Pres. Trump from seeking the presidency has entered its latest phase... Putin's Nuclear Threats... NY AG (Letitia James) Files Civil Suit Against Trump Alleging Fraud, Trump Legal Team Slams "Meritless" AG Lawsuit. New York AG (Letitia James) Brags About Suing Trump "76 Times" (1)... Trump: Another witch hunt by a racist attorney general Letitia James (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, m.i.)... Dems using and abusing at every level our system to take out as they regard their political enemies... Fmr. Federal Prosecutor John O'Connor, Podcast Host, The Mysteries of Watergate speaks about case... Trunp: NY AG (Letitia James) Campaiged on "Get Trump" Platform... Dems want to keep eyes on Trump, because all they going on is inflation, crime, etc... Dems Push to Deplatform Conservative Networks... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-21-22) Democrats Never-Ending Witch Hunt...Those who have (TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, m.i.)... N.Y. AG Letitia James, who keeps her campaign promise back in 2018, Sues Donald Trump, Company & Family Members... Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-16-22) Pres. Trump earning a legal win in the Mar-A-Lago document probe, Judge Aileen M. Cannon (1) appointed Special Master, Honorable Raymond J. Dearie (1), to Review Mar-A-Lago Docs... (1, 2)!

Trump: Lindell FBI Raid on John Bachman with Newsmax (9-14-22) Mike Lindell Targeted in FBI 2020 Election Probe, his phone seized...Judge Unseals Additional Portions of Mar-A-Lago Affidavit... On 7-6-22 Trump turns over hard drive (How ironic they have done nothing to criminal Hunter's hard drive)...Judge Won't Force Records Disclosure in Alleged Hunter Biden Gun (thrown into trash can in 2018) Episode...Durham Investigation: Source of Steel Dossier, Russian Igor Danchenko, FBI Operative was on FBI Payroll (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, m.i.)... (1)!

Trump: FBI staged classified documents (9-6-22) Federal Judge Grants Trump's Request for Special Master, an Independent, Third Party, Neutral Party, to look over Seized Trump Mar-A-Lago Material... Remember the Picture the FBI put on Display... 43 of the Folders that were Marked Classified and at least 26 that were Marked Top Secret were EMPTY...Many of the Records Taken were Wrong...Putin's War on Ukraine Approaching Day 200...FBI Ransacked Trump Wife's Closet, His Son's Room... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-5-22) Abuse of Power, Targeted from Day One...The Politicized and Weaponized FBI...RPT: FBI Agents want Wray out...An FBI Obsessed with Targeting Trump...What is the DOJ trying to hide?...Double Standard...Two-Tiered Justice...The FBI Knew Early on that the Steele Dossier was Bogus...FBI Altered Evidence ti Implicate Carter Page... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-3-22) Judge to Appoint Special Master (Independent Party) in Trump Records Case...U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon (1) Unseals the List of Items Seized on the FBI Raid on Mar-A-Largo (1, 2) that includes Items Listed as Top Secret U.S. Documents, also taken articles of clothing, gift items, books...raids Trump son's living quarters... (1)!
Green Right Arrow ...Divider-In-Chief... Special Master... Mara-A-Lago... To the Moon... The Dems Hidden Agenda: Indict Trump Before thr Mid-Terms...Russia Halts Gas to Europe Via Nord Stream1 Pipe Line... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (9-2-22) Judge Puts Off Rulling on Trump Special Master Request... (1)!
Trump: FBI staged classified documents ...Devin Nunes (R-CA): ...The Russia Hoax, and it's just the Russia Hoax Continues. The same players, same people same gimmick. Take audience back to 2017, 2018 What was it. We can't show you anything, because people are going to die. Secrets are going to be lost. Our military and intelligence are going to be jeopardized. They (Biden [Pedo Hitler (1, 2, 3, more info)] administration, corrupt DOJ and FBI) were so worried about it, that they throwed all those papers (showed on the screen) all over the ground for a photo opt... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Judge Unseals Inventory List of Items Seized by FBI... (1)!
Green Right Arrow (9-1-22) Biden Only Wants Totalitarian Control... Big Tech Corruption...Judge to Unseal More Detailed List of Materials Seized at Mar-A-Lago...Lawsuits Uncovers Army of Feds Censoring Speech in America... Emails: WH Coordinated Weekly with Facebook on Cencorship - Sebastian Gorka said, "...Isn't That Collusion?"...Trump's Attys: Raid of Mar-A-Lago was Unconstitutional...The Left's Radicalized Agenda Exposed, Grooming our Children... (1)!

Trump: FBI threw documents haphazardly all over the floor Trump: FBI staged classified documents (8-31-22) DOJ Looks to Take Down Trump...Saying Trump is Obstructing Their Investigation...Trump Points Out Flaws in DOJ's Memo... Trump: FBI threw documents haphazardly all over the floor...'Retirement' of FBI Agent Under Scrutiny... DOJ Stages Photo of Classified Docs...Illegals Encouraged by Biden's Border Policies... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Justice Department Accuses Trump of Obstruction...Trump's Request for a Special Masters to Review Seized Documents... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Political Persecution...While Biden Preaches Unity, His DOJ is Persecuting His Political Rival... (1)!
Green Right Arrow America Has Seen Real Scandals...Official Archivist of U.S. Stirred Up Doc Drama...Trump Did Nothing Wrong, He had Personal Records... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-29-22) Democrats Can't Handle the Truth...When the Left gets the Truth Handed to them It Really Hurts...The FBI Unprecedented Raid of Mar-A-Lago...MSMBC We are Not Letting this Charade Go...We Are Now that Documents Taken from President Trump's Home are covered by Attorney-Client (and Executive) Privilege... The FBI sat on the Hunter Biden Laptop and All the Questionable Information it Containted for Maybe Up to a year. It Pressured Big Tech keep Biden Story from being Circulated... Raid was a General Search which is Prohibited by the Constitution (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, more info), Why need a Masters to make sure it isn't a Fishing Expedition... (1)!
Green Right Arrow District Judge rules special master will be appointed (in Trump Records Case) to review documents taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI (1, 2)...Biden Calls Millions of Americans' (Trump and Mega Philosophy) "Semi-Fascist"...FL Gov. Candidate Charlie Crist Agrees...WH Backs Biden Description of Maga Fascism... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Republicans for "Transparency" after Mar-A-Lago Raid...Judge signals intent she's likely to back Trump request for Mar-A-Lago special master (1)...DOJ Releases Heavily Redacted FBI Raid Affidavit (1)...How will the Mar-A-Lago Raid Impact Nidterms?...FBI Illegaly Searched Trumps Home...They Took Privileged Documents... (1, 2)!
Green Right Arrow Trump weighs in om the Redacted Affidavit Release and the Search on His Mar-A-Lago Home...While His Lagal Team Scores Apparent Win... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-27-22) Yesterday...Justice Department Releasing Heavily Redacted Version of the Affidavit that lead to the FBI Stunning Raid on former President Trump's Mar-A-Lago home (1)...Rudy Giuliani... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-26-22) Mar-A-Lago (Heavily Redacted) Affidavit Release (1, 2, 3)...Deadline Passes DOJ to Release Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit...The Fall of Afganistan: One Year Later... Remembering 13 American Service Members... (1, 2)!
Green Right Arrow DOJ Releases Heavily-Redacted Raid Affidavit (1)...Trump: Judge Should Never Have Allowed Break-In My Home...Trump Slams Federal Judge Over Mar-A-Lago Raid...Trump Rips Heavily-Redacted Affidavit (1)...Biden on Vacation as Nation Mourns 13 Service Members (1)...Whistlerblowers come forward on Hunter Biden LapTop... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Liar and Chief...Biden White House facilitated DOJ's criminal probe against Trump, scuttled privilege claims: memos...DOJ Releases Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit...Marking 1 Year Since Kabul Airport Bombing...13 Servicemen Killed... (1)!
Green Right Arrow You Think the Government has too much power...Abuse of Power...There is about 38 pages in the highly redacted Affidavit, most in black cover the tails of Left Wing Operatives that are acting as Justice Department officials...So Much for the Nuclear Secrets Theory...Agents Apparently Found Some FISA Docs...Never Forget How They Abused the FISA Process to get Trump...What are the Odds this is about Crossfire Hurrican???...The FBI works to Suppress Free Speech...Big Tech Loves Democrats...Clearly Some at the FBI are Playing for the Left...The FBI is Politicized Weaponized... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-25-22) DOJ Submits Redacted Affidavit Used for Trump Raid... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Fed Judge Orders Redacted Affidavit Released by FBI... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Deadline for Redactions...DOJ Proposes Affidavit Redactions...Was FBI Justified in Their Search?... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Fed Judge Orders Redacted Affidavit Released...Betrayal, a Democrat Value...Biden Announces Plan to Cancel Student Debt... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-24-22) Bombshell FBI, DOJ Accusations...Exposing the Real Terrorists...Biden called in FBI to look at first haul of classified Trump documents...RPT: Biden looked over Trump's seized documents...Biden using FBI as political weapon... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Biden breaking his silence on FBI Raid of Mar-A-Lago... (1)!
Green Right Arrow FBI Raid is making Trump even more popular... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-23-22) Trump files motion seeking (special masters) neutral party for (to block) FBI review (of seized material) (1, 2)...Trump said the raid was illegal and unconstitutional... (1) | RPT: Biden Looked Through Seized Trump Documents...Biden Facilitated Investagation Into Trump... Just the News: Biden White House facilitated DOJ's criminal probe against Trump, scuttled privilage claims: memos... Trump Fully Cooperated With NAR & DOJ (1)!
Green Right Arrow Unfair Anonymous Leaks...Francey Hakes: Shocking that AG Garland is allowing leaks...Leaks violate DOJ policies... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-19-22) Biden's Gestapo (1)

Green Right Arrow (8-17-22) Rudy Giuliani appearing before a court...Mike Pence consider testifying...Pictures of an IRS training program...Liz Cheney cedes...The FBI Raid.. (1)!
Green Right Arrow Hageman beats Cheney in Wyoming...Liberal Media in a frenzy over Trump legal woes...RPT: AG waited weeks to approve warrant...Rep Waltz: Accountability is coming... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Growing anger over FBI Raid..."The Defeat of the Never-Trump Cabal"... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Finally an end to the Cheney disasterer dynasty...Liz Cheney thinks she's Abraham Lincoln...The FBI continues to do Left's bidding...Time to drain the swamp... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Pence defends DOJ, FBI agents after Trump Raid...The Espionage Act of 1917: How easy is it to prove violation?... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Abuse of Power: The Raid...Deep State uses FBI as a weapon... (1

Green Right Arrow (8-16-22) Greg Kelly: FBI has been corrupt for YEARS...They are doing everything they say Trump is doing... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-15-22) The FBI has earned America's distrust...The Lawless in Government... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Trump Legal Team claims FBI seized privelleged documents...Trump requests seized documents be returned by the FBI... (1)!
Green Right Arrow DOJ asks judge to keep Trump affidavit sealed...Leftist media reveals in attempted Trump takedown... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Another Day, Another Trump Witch Hunt...Hoax #101,762... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Trump Attorney: They just can't get him (1)!
Green Right Arrow DERSHOWITZ: Many are embracing this statute (1)!
Green Right Arrow All the answers lie in that affidavit | Rep. Fitzpatrick (1)!
Green Right Arrow Rudy Giuliani: "Bunch of liars" at the DOJ (1)!
Green Right Arrow Chris Salcedo: Do I support a government that has grown beyond the consent of the governed? (1)!
Green Right Arrow Trump lawyer: This would be a "monstrous mistake" by the DOJ (1)!
Green Right Arrow 'The IRS is coming after you' | Buddy Carter | John Bachman Now (1)!
Green Right Arrow WATCH: New developments related to Mar-a-Lago raid by the FBI (1)!
Green Right Arrow Greg Kelly: All the proof you need is right here | Greg Kelly Reports (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-14-22) The FBI is the Democrat's Police Arm (1)

Green Right Arrow (8-12-22) BREAKING: Warrant reportedly shows FBI took 20 boxes of items from Mar-a-Lago | Byron Donalds (1)!
Green Right Arrow Judge officially unseals Mar-A-Lago Raid Warrant...Why permanent Washington loves Democrats... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Federal Court unseals Trump search warrant...FBI removed 11 sets of Classified Docs... (1)!
Green Right Arrow U.S. Federal Court unseals Trump search warrant...Trump: The search warrent, just another Hoax... (1)!
Green Right Arrow More Questions than Answers...New details on Mar-A-Lago Raid... (1)!
Green Right Arrow DOJ looking to charge Trump with "Espionage"...Left is arming Federal Agencies against us... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Warrant shows FBI waited days to raid Mar-A-Lago... (1)!
Green Right Arrow One Day Changes Everything...History can change in a day, that day is August 8th... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Why Permanent Washington loves Democrats: Chris Salcedo (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-11-22) WH claims 'Zero' inflation in July...Judge orders DOJ to respond to warrant request...Who's the informant inside Mar-A-Lago...Blame game between FBI and DOJ... (1)!
Green Right Arrow FBI plays the victim...Biden's IRS ARMY...Deadlier than Fentanyl... (1)!
Green Right Arrow AG Garland breaks silence on FBI Trump Raid... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Unprecedented... A Soviet-Style Fishing Expedition... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Why was Marrick Garland rummaging through Melania's clothing and personal items?... Left's new IRS Army is coming after all of us... (1)!
Green Right Arrow ...Clintons had to return gifts...left WH with furnishings...B. Obama took 30M pages...FBI of Trump highlights DOJ Double Standards... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Mister Tough Guy...Garland caved under pressure...The Mob has been after Trump for years... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-10-22) Biden Misery Index...New Developements in FBI's Mar-A-Lago's Raid... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Trump Invokes 5th Amendment in NY A.G. Deposition...Trump Slams "Corrupt" NY A.G. Letitia James...RPT: FBI went through Melania Trump's Wardrobe... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Search and Destroy...Rabid AG in vicious pursuit of anything to get Trump...They'll do anything to stop Trump from running...Schiff dreams all day and night about locking up Trump... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Dems and FBI have turned America into a Police State... (1)!
Green Right Arrow They're scared by how much the People Love Trump... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-9-22) The Witch Hunt Continues (1)!
Green Right Arrow Biden's Broken Border...Rudy Giuliani on Raid... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Raiders of the Lost FBI...What is going on inside the FBI...? (1)!
Green Right Arrow Raiders of the Lost FBI... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Alan Dershowitz: This is a sad day for the Constitution and neutrality of law enforcement (1)!
Green Right Arrow Fox: Former U.S. attorney slams Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: 'Stinks to high heaven' (1)!
Green Right Arrow The law is not being applied equally | Roger Marshall | 'National Report' (1)!
Green Right Arrow The FBI just declared Trump's 2024 Presidential run | Sean Spicer | 'National Report' (1)!
Green Right Arrow Greg Kelly: Nixon warned of this (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-8-22) Trump Confirms Mar-A-Lago Raid by FBI... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Joe Biden's Lies are Piling Up.... (1)!
Green Right Arrow Rudy Giuliani on Raid... (1)
Green Right Arrow FBI Raids Trump's Mar-A-Lago Home (1)!
Green Right Arrow 'Crazy, danderous, scary': Greg Kelly is fed up with the 'corrupt' FBI (1)!
Green Right Arrow "Give me a break": Trump raid as Biden flounders is 'no coincidence': Eric Bolling (1)!
Green Right Arrow BREAKING: FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, 45th President confirms in statement (1)!
Green Right Arrow "This is improper, it is misconduct": Alan Dershowitz on the FBI's raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-7-22) Hollwood Hates America...Wha's happened to Hollywood... (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-7-22) Greg Gutfeld: How has the media embraced Biden's MAGA rhetoric? (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-17-22) Greg Gutfeld: Is Liz Cheney's loss a turning point for the GOP? (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-12-22) Greg Gutfeld: Sorry, did I say 'raid'? (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-10-22) Fox: Rand Paul: FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is an ‘attack on the rule of law' (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-9-22) The Five: Judge Jeanine: Trump search warrant was subterfuge to take him down (1)!
Green Right Arrow Kayleigh McEnany: This just pours fuel on the fire (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-9-22) Fox: Kayleigh McEnany: This just pours fuel on the fire (1)!

Green Right Arrow (8-9-22) Greg Gutfeld: America will be 'pissed off' if FBI raid doesn't produce smoking gun (1)!

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ProTrump Wins!
Trump Rallies!

Voter Fraud!
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