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More Middlemen, HealthCare Cost Skyrocket
(Middlemen make health care costs skyrocket, Daily Star, 7-10-13)

It is COMMON SENSE (and knowledge) to know that prices are higher whenever you have a middleman.

For example, when one buys car insurance, that's if he owns and drives a car, the agent, who takes care of finding the most reasonable insurance and preparing the policy, receives a premium service charge, which is added to the over-all cost.

For the first six months with a particular liability insurance, I paid $210.40, and the next six months, I paid $217.74, in which the agent received a service charge each time, in the neighborhood of $40.00, which was about 18% of the over-all cost. It could be more or less in your case.

Now take the Affordable Health Care Law, if fully implemented, there's going to be more than one additional middleman to receive a percentage (cut).

There are going to be the (159) Federal bureaucracies (agencies) and its death panel (I.P.A.B.), who are supposed to help keep down cost; States and the (HIX) Exchanges, if States choose to set up the Health Insurance Marketplaces; the I.R.S. and its additional 16,000 agents, who will enforce ObamaCare; and no telling who else will be receiving their cuts (cuts our Country do not need).

What are our so-called servants, or should I say "money out of our pockets into theirs" [and serving their own ungodly appetites], thinking, saying and doing in Washington.

They need to get some common sense, simple logic to help steer the Washington Donkey to the Right.

If ObamaCare is fully implemented, if one thinks health care cost is high now and if many of the good doctors quit or leave our Country, health care cost will skyrocket even more because of all the additional middlemen, and poor health care and its lethal drugs, which will cause more sickness [and law suits], amongst other things. Could it be 18%, 36% or even 54% added to the health care cost?

If ObamaCare is fully implemented, the ailing, elderly, disabled, and even the unsavory and lazy could all be targets for the rising Socialist bureaucracies.

That means the unelected death panel—who cannot be fired or impeached by "We the People" (it will be "We the Government" if ObamaCare is fully implemented)—will be signing pre-meditated and pre-mature death certificates for many Americans.

At this time, I am sure many of the unsavory and lazy Americans, who are receiving the freebies and handouts, are feeling warm hearted toward Big Brother, and are ignorant and apathetic to what lies ahead for them, if they too, like the elderly, become too expensive to keep.

Like a frog that is put in a pot on the stove and the fire is slowly turned up, he does not know he is being cooked. Many Americans do not know what is happening to them, and others do nothing to help stop this form of Government that is arising, other countries have experienced.

In my defense for the Godly, who legally could be exempt from the Mandate: If one does not use the health care system and its lethal drugs, why should he or she be forced to purchase health care insurance and be penalized if he doesn't? Common sense, personal responsibility, and the Lord God have been left out of the equation in solving the health care issue.

Make an effort to get the Federal Government out of the health care business. To simply put it, get rid of the biggest middleman ever and depend on the Lord God, and the health care cost will come down. It is common sense.

—Al Rogers, Natalbany, LA

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