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"How We Win" Ted Cruz at CPAC 2014!


Make DC Listen


Dear Patriot,


They're trying to destroy you. That's right. President Obama, the Democrats, the media and The Establishment want you to go away. They don't want conservatives or the Tea Party to exist.


Here are just a few examples of the vicious slurs they've used to describe us: Anarchists, terrorists, extremists, crazies, reckless, dangerous, wacko birds, radical, and even some things too vulgar to mention in this letter.


President Obama, Senator Harry Reid and their campaign arms Organizing for Action, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have brought out the long knives. They're spending millions of dollars in ads to stop all of the patriots who are trying to turn this country around.


It's clear why they're in a complete uproar because we're finally giving the American people a voice in Washington. We're finally bringing accountability and shaking up business-as-usual in The Beltway. That infuriates the Left and the Establishment more than anything.


That's why conservatives need your help to fight back. We need your help to Make DC Listen.


The good news is that millions of patriots have been rising up across the country to say, "Enough!" We won't stand for President Obama ramming his destructive agenda down our throats any longer.


President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and the Democrats are so desperate to impose the huge Obamacare train wreck on the American people that they even shut down the government.


House Republicans repeatedly passed bills to fund the government, but defund Obamacare. The Democrats kept saying. "No!" Simply put, Obamacare is a disaster.


After the Obamacare exchanges opened on October 1st, it was even worse than predicted. President Obama calls the problems "glitches," but we know that it's much more serious than that. People have been losing their insurance plans, we've seen premiums skyrocketing, deductibles have become unaffordable, and employees were being forced into part-time work.


The bottom line is Americans are hurting from Obamacare. We must stop this job-killing monstrosity. There's an all-out assault on conservatives from Democrats, the media and the Establishment you can help us fight back...


The answers won't come from Washington, and the band of conservatives in Congress cannot win this fight alone. Only you can Make DC Listen.


The attacks on conservatives have become more fierce, personal, and vitriolic than ever... and they're coming from all sides Democrats, the pundit class, and even some Republicans.


The Washington Establishment clearly does not want to listen to the American people. They feel like they know best. Unfortunately, there are too many Members of Congress who view their constituents, those who elected them, as a nuisance... but we know better. It's time to Make DC Listen.


In an attempt to distract from Obamacare's failures and soaring costs, Senator Harry Reid has resorted to name-calling and mud-slinging, referring to hard-working Americans who oppose Obamacare as "anarchists."


At least President Obama's hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune, is starting to get it. Their editorial pointing out that "fixing software won't fix Obamacare" is correct. They go on to say the premiums, co-pays and high deductibles are the real problem a problem Obama can't ignore much longer.


That's why we need your help. We wouldn't be in this fight if it weren't for the generosity of tens of thousands patriots across Texas and Americans who love this country and want to restore our founding principles. But with the onslaught coming, we need your help to fight back...


Conservatives will not stop fighting to stop Obamacare because of its devastating impact on our economy and health care services.


But, this year has shown that the answer is not going to come from Washington...the power of the American people, the grassroots, is strong. Your voice is strong.


> First, Americans made their voices heard and helped defeat a radical gun-control bill.


> Then, you rose up to help stop an amnesty bill that would have made the problems much worse.


> More recently, a tsunami of millions of Americans stood up to help make the U.S. House of Representatives pass a bill to defund Obamacare.


None of these successes would have been possible without the power of the grassroots like you... And we have much more work to do. President Obama will continue to try to tear down the Constitution. We must stop him.


We know what's at stake. My highest priorities in the Senate are fighting for limited government, defending the Constitution and working to bring back jobs and generate economic growth. And we must protect the Second Amendment, religious liberty, and U.S. sovereignty.


Unfortunately, there are far too few people in Washington willing to fight for conservative principles.


If we just had even a few more conservatives in Congress, it would make a huge difference. That's why I've established the Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund to help elect conservatives in 2014 and advance the conservative agenda.


The Democrats are well-funded and ready to fight. Time Magazine had a recent headline saying that Democrats are planning an all-out attack on me, nationwide, in 2014. Let me be clear, I don't mind the personal attacks through desperate television ads, but the real target of the attacks is you, the conservative grassroots.


Quite frankly, you terrify the Washington Establishment.


Could you please contribute $35, $50, $100, $150, or even $250 to help us with this light? We can't make Washington listen without you, and we need resources to get the conservative message out.


It's hard to say just how far President Obama will go, but one thing is clear, he promised the world that he would fundamentally change the United States... we won't let that happen.


Thank you for standing for freedom. I hope we can count on your support. Working together, we will Make DC Listen, stop Obamacare, and restore America to the Shining City on a Hill.


For Liberty,



P.S. Democrats and The Establishment are attacking conservatives harder than ever time is running out and we urgently need your help to fight back and get our message out. Could I count on you to contribute $35, $50. $100. $150, or even $250? Thank you (VC, 815 A Brazos PMB 550, Austin, TX 78701)!