Michael Connelly

Executive Director

Attorney Constitutional Expert Author

(USJF) United States Justice Foundation

(P.O. Box 131637, Houston, TX 77219-1637)


Barack Obama Should Not And Cannot Be Impeached


Tuesday Morning


Dear Patriot,


[12-2013 letter] Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama -- the greatest threat to America's continued existence as a constitutional republic -- may actually destroy our country!


While various patriotic groups seek your support for their plans to see Mr. Obama impeached by the House of Representatives, then convicted by the Senate, I am pleading with you to not seek his impeachment.


You see, it doesn't matter that he's in the process of destroying our economy with massive deficits and skyrocketing spending. It doesn't matter that he's a radical supporter of abortion and the homosexual agenda.


And it doesn't even matter that he kowtows to Muslim terrorist regimes around the world, bowing to their leaders and failing to stop their foot-soldiers from mounting vicious attacks -- like the recent Boston Marathon bombings -- against the American people.


The truth is Barack Obama should not and cannot be impeached.


Look at it this way . . . if somebody broke into your house, you wouldn't use the eviction process to get him out! That would be time-consuming . . . and dangerous!


Instead, you would call the police and have the intruder arrested and forever branded as a criminal. You would rightly choose a course of action that fits the situation, not a milquetoast response that fails to address the issue.


What's more, only the President can be impeached, according to the U.S. Constitution. But Barack Obama IS NOT the President of the United States!


And if conservatives succeed in having him impeached, convicted, and driven from office, there is a disastrous downside. ALL of his rabidly anti-American policies and projects -- like Obamacare -- will remain in place.


If Barack Obama is impeached, ObamaCare may NEVER be repealed. His radical Supreme Court appointments, like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, will remain on the bench.


And remember Mr. Obama's 25 executive orders aimed at overthrowing the Second Amendment? They'll stay on the books, interfering forever with your Constitutional right to own and use a firearm.


My friend, it is vitally important that Barack Obama be driven from the Oval Office . . . but it must be done correctly, so America doesn't suffer the unintended consequences. And the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) -- your conservative voice in the courts since 1979 -- knows just how to do it!


The United States Justice Foundation and I have claimed since shortly after his fraudulent ascension to the Oval Office that Mr. Obama has never proved that he is a natural born citizen of the United States -- a requirement in the Constitution for anyone to hold that office.


For more than four years, Barack Obama has stubbornly refused to release his ACTUAL birth certificate. Instead, he's released two digital versions -- one short version, and one long -- both purported to be copies of originals in the Hawaii state health records.


However, experts say the digital versions are forgeries!


That's right . . . that means that Barack Hussein Obama illegally occupies the White House, and that he must be legally driven out before he totally trashes the U.S. Constitution and destroys all that we, as patriotic Americans, hold dear.


And you can make that happen. Please keep reading . . .


My Name is Michael Connelly, and I'm the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) -- your conservative voice in the courts since 1979. I am also a trial lawyer who has participated in many cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, a nationally-recognized expert on the U.S. Constitution, and a published author of several books.


From my position as Executive Director of USJF, I've been privileged to help lead the fight to expose Barack Obama as a fraud in the White House.


You see, the United States Justice Foundation has filed numerous lawsuits and launched many legal projects aimed at forcing Mr. Obama to release his real, long form birth certificate, not just the digital version that most experts have declared a fraud.


Then, once that happens -- and Barack Obama is legally exposed as nothing more than an illegal squatter in the Oval Office -- he'll be forced to resign his ill-gotten office in disgrace!


And that means the overturning of every piece of legislation he's signed, every executive order he's issued, and every appointment he's made.


ObamaCare and its death panels will be overturned, and Mr. Obama's radical Supreme Court Justices, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, will be kicked off the bench!


And those executive orders Barack Obama issued in his ongoing war against the Second Amendment? Gone!


In fact, all actions undertaken by Mr. Obama over the past four-and-a-half years will be declared null and void, once his false presidency is toppled by any one of USJF's vitally important lawsuits and legal projects.


Along with that, the United States Justice Foundation is constantly battling the powerhouses of the Left, like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, as well as the globalist advocates at the United Nations.


My friend, I could go on and on, sharing with you all the ways USJF is defending the U.S. Constitution from its globalist attackers, like George Soros and his minions. But right now, I want to tell you about the ONE WAY to STOP Barack Obama and reverse the vast damage he's done to our great nation . . .


My friend, there's no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama illegally occupies the Oval Office. The evidence of his foreign birth -- thus making him Constitutionally unqualified to serve as President -- is clear and demanding.


Here's just a sampling of the mounting evidence:


        Barack Obama has spent more than two million dollars in campaign funds for legal fees to, among other things, fight USJF's efforts to force him to reveal his real birth certificate. And he's trying to bankrupt USJF into giving up our quest for the truth!


        Barack Obama's paternal grandmother said, in a telephone interview, that she was present at her grandson's birth . . . in Africa!


        Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, referred to Kenya as "Barack's home land."


        Barack Obama's friend and political ally, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, called him an "immigrant."


        Barack Obama has provided the press with not one, but TWO digital "birth certificates" that have been denounced as forgeries by graphics experts, among them Democrats!


        Barack Obama's congratulatory letter to a hospital in Honolulu, claiming that hospital as his place of birth, was posted on the hospital's website, then quickly scrubbed when its truthfulness was questioned.


My friend, the list goes on. The evidence clearly shows that Mr. Obama, despite his claims to the contrary, is NOT a natural born citizen, and, thus, is NOT Constitutionally qualified to serve as President. Therefore, he MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, NOW!


But contrary to the "accepted wisdom," that does NOT mean impeachment. Instead, we must remove Barack Obama AND his odious legacy! And that's EXACTLY what the United States Justice Foundation is doing.


You see, USJF is America's leading conservative legal organization, and we are spearheading the move to expose Barack Obama, and legally remove him from office. Our lawsuits and projects may be the only way to legally drive Mr. Obama from the White House once and for all!


What's more, your help is urgently needed today to end Mr. Obama's reign of Marxist terror before our great nation is thoroughly destroyed and our Constitution trampled in the dust. So, fellow patriot, here's what I need you to do.


Included with this letter is a vitally important survey. It asks several questions related to the critical work the United States Justice Foundation is doing RIGHT NOW to stop Barack Obama and his minions from overthrowing our sovereign republic.


USJF has undertaken several projects, any one of which may very well be the catalyst to stopping, once and for all, the Marxist Obama agenda.


No one else is pursuing these types of projects. No one else sees the "big picture" the way the United States Justice Foundation does.


Remember: impeachment WON'T work. It CAN'T work. It won't erase the destructive policies and laws put into place during Barack Obama's fraudulent occupation of the Oval Office.


But USJF's projects -- such as our campaign demanding that U.S. Attorneys across the country convene citizen grand juries to investigate and prosecute Barack Obama for electoral fraud -- are vital to stopping America's headlong rush toward destruction.


This project -- and others by USJF -- has the potential to see Barack Obama declared in court to be a foreign citizen, illegally occupying the Office of the Presidency!


Impeachment won't, and can't, lead to a legal ruling that Mr. Obama unconstitutionally sits in the Oval Office . . . that's why USJF and I so desperately need your help today in pursuing our unique, potentially nation-changing, lawsuits and legal projects.


So please take a few minutes of time to answer these few short questions, then return the survey to me in the enclosed reply envelope.


And when you send it back, there's just one more thing I need you to do: include a generous, tax-deductible, gift to the United States Justice Foundation.


You see, USJF counts on the support of patriotic Americans like you to keep our vital lawsuits and projects moving forward.


In fact, without that support we'd be forced to shut down one or more of those projects . . . and that would be a disaster for America's hopes of returning to a Constitutional government!


Please don't let that happen. Please send a much-needed, generous gift today. Whether you send $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 -- perhaps you can send even more! -- it will be used in USJF's many lawsuits and projects . . . aimed at ending Barack Obama's illegitimate occupation of the White House that he's using to transform America into a Marxist nation. This is the only way we can stop him!


Please help fund these crucial lawsuits and projects TODAY. It takes money to challenge Barack Obama, both in court and out, and we rely on the generosity of like-minded friends like you to defend the U.S. Constitution.


Your support can mean the difference between victory and defeat . . . and we dare not risk defeat!


You see, the gifts of patriots like you, from all across the nation, are the lifeblood of USJF, as we take on the enemies of liberty each and every day. Your support fuels our cases and projects, enabling the United States Justice Foundation to defend the liberty of Americans from coast to coast, especially against Barack Obama's Marxist attacks.


What's more, only these projects can "turn back the clock" and return America to Constitutional rule, by having Mr. Obama declared ineligible to serve as President, and reversing his disastrous policies.


Every dollar that you give is an investment in the future of America! No gift is too small or too big. So, please, dig deep, and give the best gift that you possibly can.


No other organization can boast the track record of USJF in taking on Barack Obama, both in court and out.


Remember: Impeachment will NOT overturn Barack Obama's many egregious, anti-liberty, actions. The ONLY thing that will succeed in stopping him is one of USJF's projects that will result in his being legally declared ineligible to serve as President.


Nothing else will work.


My friend, please send your best gift today. There's no room for delay if we are to right our nation. Impeachment is not an option . . . we must have Barack Obama declared INELIGIBLE once and for all!


With justice for all,

Michael Connelly


P.S Just think of it: ObamaCare, gone! Radical Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, gone! Barack Obama's war on the Second Amendment, gone! But that will only happen one way . and it's NOT impeachment! Please answer the questions on the [requested] enclosed short [Time Sensitive] survey and rush it back to me today, along with your best possible, tax-deductible, gift (USJF, P.O. Box 131637, Houston, TX 77219-1637)!