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President Peter J. Forbes


(TSCAANSCC) The Senior Citizen Association of America

(P.O. Box 96085, Washington, D.C. 20090-6085)


I'm betting you'd sooner starve yourself to death before allowing the government to cut your Social Security benefits that you paid for and earned during your lifetime.


Yet, you weren't one of the tens of thousands of seniors who answered my previous letters.


I think I know why...


Dear Patriotic Senior,


Since you believe that government should make good on the promises it made about your benefits, I'm certain I don't have to persuade you that you should have a legal right to these benefits.


My guess is that you believe you do (which, of course, the Supreme Court has ruled you don't)... And that you feel that elected officials in Washington have to be held accountable for those promises that you're banking on.


So I can only suppose that you haven't answered my previous letters asking for personal support to force Congress to GUARANTEE a full legal right to our Social Security benefits with a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT because:


·        You believed that your benefits were legally guaranteed; or  


·        You doubted that your help could ever really hold Washington accountable; or


·        You thought that The Senior Citizen Association of America gets all the money we need to lead this crusade.


If I'm right, it means you want proof we truly do make a difference, and we truly do need your support...


Because it's not unusual when I tell people about our need for their support to be greeted with questions that reveal this common misconception:


Most people do not know that The Senior Citizens Association of America depends ENTIRELY on individual citizen members and supporters and does not accept grants from the government.


And most people do not know that The Senior Citizens Association of America has had great success in beating back efforts by Congress to reduce or means test our Social Security benefits.


That's why I am writing answer your questions and explain why your contribution today has never been more important...


And to encourage you to join The Senior Citizen Association of America (TSCAA) supporters and contributors – an extraordinary group of senior citizens whose support of TSCAA and our historic crusade is absolutely vital to our success in holding the big spenders in Washington accountable and responsible for their actions.


I am going the extra distance of writing again because I truly believe the future of our Social Security benefits hangs in the balance today.


That's because in the past few years Washington's raids on the Social Security Trust Fund have only intensified.


In just 4 years, our politicians in Washington – along with their lobbyists and special interest friends – have exploded the size and reach of government and burdened our nation with an unsustainable debt of several TRILLIONS of dollars.


And most frighteningly, they've been able to do it by helping themselves to more of our Social Security Trust Fund surpluses than ever before in the history of Social Security.


That's why the work of TSCAA is so important.


Please sign and return to me the [requested] enclosed Petition -- TODAY, if at all possible.


President Barack Obama and the GOP are gripped in a tight battle for control in 2013, and domestic issues are on the front burner. With a battered and weak economy and a spend-happy Congress, it's more vital than ever that Senior Americans have a real, binding guarantee to their Social Security benefits.


And a Social Security Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the ONLY WAY to grant Seniors and all Americans an unbreakable legal right to their benefits.


Considering all the threats, the fight to save Social Security has never been more important. Seniors need this Constitutional Amendment. Please act TODAY!


With your help Social Security will be placed where it belongs, in the U.S. Constitution, which protects ALL our sacred rights -- far from partisanship, away from the sticky fingers of Washington politicians, and shielded from recession and budget deficits!


This Amendment gives Seniors and their Social Security benefits complete protection from Congress:


It STOPS Congress from spending Trust Fund money on regular government expenses and wasteful pet projects, and it forces Congress to save that money to pay Social Security benefits. Over $3.25 Trillion has been spent to date. That kind of spending is irresponsible.


It also STOPS any scheme to undermine the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and protects the buying power of Social Security benefits against inflationary price increases.


This Amendment also BLOCKS any risky plan to dismantle or Privatize Social Security.


That's why I am organizing this new, aggressive NATIONAL CAMPAIGN of Seniors AGAINST benefit and COLA cuts -- and FOR the Social Security Amendment.


This measure has been introduced in the past, but it needs to be re-introduced in the 113th Congress. Now you and I need to convince your Congressman to reintroduce this Bill and re-start the Constitutional process to ratify this proposed 28th Amendment.


The opportunity is there, but Seniors must seize it! Please take just a minute to sign and return your [requested] Petition.


So far, the "debate" on Capitol Hill has focused on cutting benefits, reducing the COLA, raising taxes and dismantling our retirement system.


That's no way to "SAVE" Social Security!


An iron-clad Constitutional Amendment is the only way to protect your Social Security benefits once and for all. And unless you and I take action today, Congress may cut benefits and enact one or more of these risky schemes:


+++   Shrink or stop your Social Security COLA. Your COLA already barely goes far enough, but some are looking for a cheaper way to calculate your COLA. Others want to end it entirely for Seniors who have "too much" money and who don't "need" it.


+++   Means Testing. FDR said benefit checks were universal and not based on the establishment of need, but some plans would use an income test. If you are "too rich," then you won't receive a check!


+++   Privatization. Social Security is a RETIREMENT INSURANCE PROGRAM, not an investment plan! It protects Seniors against RECESSION, FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICITS, AND WALL STREET SCANDALS that could force down the stock market just as a Senior retires! There's too much risk in Privatization!


Congress is under incredible pressure to act soon! So here's our Action Plan. Can I count on you to do your part -- TODAY?




To date, over 50,000 Petitions have been collected. Now my goal is to collect 9,950,000 more. Congressional leaders must hear this message from Seniors all over America: "Keep pushing the Social Security Amendment! Your help is needed!"




The U.S. Constitution Survey will send this message: NOW is the time to add Social Security to the Constitution. Once completed, this Survey won't sit on a desk! I plan to widely publicize the Survey results to newspapers, TV news shows, Congressional staff members, and fellow Senior Americans.




I hope to circulate 250,000 kits as soon as possible. We MUST enlist Seniors everywhere with Action Kits, Petitions, and Surveys. I will also flood newspapers, talk shows, and the press with information.




After 31 years of fighting any threat to the right and benefits of Veterans, their families, Seniors, and all Americans, we have the experience and credibility in Washington D.C. to make a difference and protect Social Security.


Remember, TSCAA is your senior advocate in Washington.


Our commitments are to Social Security and to the people's right to receive their rightful benefits...commitments that have put us squarely on a collision course with the big spenders in Washington.


We're also independent of both political parties...and out of the world of political pressure and influence. That means we don't flip-flop our tune to suit the political tides.


We're in it for the long haul...just ask those Washington politicians who tried to sneak a reckless long-term health care proposal past us a few years back.


And we're effective...we've been instrumental in blocking benefit cuts in recent years for both Social Security and Medicare...because we get results.


What should be clear to anyone watching us in Washington by now is that where others talk about the problem, TSCAA acts... And that's why your decision to give TSCAA your personal financial support is so critically important!


I'm sure you're asking yourself: How can my solitary support possibly have an impact? comes from the collective power of all our supporters, the true source of our effectiveness.


So please sign the [requested] enclosed Petition. To help us ensure a smooth delivery, it's important for you to verify your information on the Petition and note any corrections; and


Complete the brief five-question U.S. Constitution Survey. This Survey program will help show Capitol Hill and others our deep opposition to risky schemes.


I also urge you to make a special contribution to help fund this broad, National Campaign to protect Social Security -- once and for all. Whether you can give $20, $15, or $10, all gifts are appreciated and urgently needed.


I have lobbied Congressmen, Senators and even met with three Presidents!


T pledge to work hard and provide the necessary leadership to protect your benefits! I'm proud to work with you on our project -- The Senior Citizen Association of America!


With your support, and thousands of Petitions from Seniors, you and I will put the heat on Congress and the Judiciary Committee to STOP blocking the Social Security Amendment.


You wanted proof we truly need you...and my assurance that with your help we can truly make a difference. Well, there you have it.


Your support is essential. I urge you to make a contribution of $20, $15, or $10 TODAY. Some will give more, others less. Whatever amount that you feel comfortable with will be greatly appreciated.


This campaign accepts no government money, and we refuse any fat cat or corporate contributions. So without the support of Seniors like you, our campaign for a Social Security Amendment is not possible.


Please act TODAY. When you return your [requested] Petition and Survey, will you please include a special contribution?


Yours for a Social Security Amendment,

Peter J. Forbes,


The Senior Citizen Association of America


P.S.    I urge you to sign and return to me the [requested] enclosed Petition. With Congress spending record-breaking amounts, right now is the time to protect your future Social Security benefits!


Social Security must be added to the Constitution -- above partisanship and special interests, away from the sticky fingers of Washington D.C. politicians, and shielded from recessions!


It's important that you complete the [requested] U.S. Constitution Survey, too. I urge you to include a special contribution. Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


[Request for Petition and Survey on the "Proposed Social Security 28th Amendment" (TSCAA–NSCC, P.O. Box 96085, Washington, D.C. 20090-6085)!]


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