Ryan K. Zinke for U.S. Congress

Montana State Senator

Former Commander with SEAL Team SIX

(P.O. Box 17477, Washington, D.C. 20041-0477)


Dear friend,


I am running for Congress and I am hoping I can count on your urgent support. For over 23 years I had the honor of being a US Navy SEAL including leading a SEAL Team SIX assault unit. I love America more than my words could ever express. In fact, I was willing to die to help protect it. But the country I love has enormous problems.


Under Barack Obama's failed leadership, we are witnessing what a big, centralized authoritarian government looks like. Our Founding Fathers warned us this was a recipe for disaster.


Spending is out of control. Obama's executive power is preventing America from being energy independent. And our individual liberties are under constant attack.


The catastrophic effect Obamacare is having on both our free-market economy and the individual lives of millions of our fellow Americans is just the latest example of why liberalism must be confronted -- and soundly defeated!


As a former Navy SEAL I've travelled all over the world. I've seen what corrupt and unaccountable governments do to people. Never in my life did I think America could ever be compared to any of these Third World nations.


But with over 25 million Americans looking for work, over 80 million given up hope of ever finding a job, and a growing percentage of our population looking to government for handouts, we are very much on the road to a bad place. A dramatic course correction must happen immediately.


Going to Congress is not going to be a fun adventure for me in the least. Washington is a broken place. But I am determined to go there and deliver the message -- ENOUGH!! I am determined to stand up and speak out for the one thing that can pull America back from the brink...


The U.S. Constitution is by far the greatest document ever written by man. It has withstood the test of time because at its core it limits government. More specifically, it protects our God-given freedoms from a burdensome government.


Today's liberals don't understand this. They see our Constitution as nothing more than an obstacle to achieving even greater control over our lives.


It is amazing to me that President Obama was once a supposed Constitutional law professor. His tortured interpretation of our founding document is both staggering, and dangerous.


From day one his policies have been nothing more than an all-out assault on our privacy and individual liberties. Here are just a few examples...


The IRS. It's out of control. Through its abuse of power, the IRS is threatening every American citizen. When senior IRS officials harass and intimidate people for speaking out against corruption -- WE MUST RISE UP AND STOP IT!


The United States was founded on the premise that every American should know what their government is doing. Unfortunately, our current government has that principle flipped on its head.


When the NSA spies on its own citizens and monitors our communications without a warrant -- WE MUST RISE UP AND STOP IT!


A vast majority of Americans now understand that Obamacare was based on nothing more than false assumptions and horrible decisions. It has wreaked havoc and spread misery all over the country.


And despite repeated promises to the contrary by President Obama and nearly every other arrogant liberal in Congress, millions of Americans are now seeing their private insurance policies cancelled and their health premiums skyrocket.


Sadly, all this madness could be just the tip of the iceberg. We are now learning that the government is feverishly gathering our private medical records, including gathering information on our children and grandchildren.


This big government power-grab is an affront to every single American, and together -- WE MUST RISE UP AND STOP IT!


Barack Obama and the liberals in Washington are not only on the wrong side of the issues, they are on the wrong side of history!


Now more than ever we need real leadership in Washington. Specifically, we need leaders who understand both the Constitution and the values that made America great.


The strength of America has never been about the strength of the government. Just the opposite is true. Our strength as a nation comes from the resolve of our people. Hard work. Self-reliance. Dedication. Faith.


President Obama and his liberal friends have made it their singular mission to walk all over these "traditional" values. They have zero regard for your constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Despite all of this, I remain an optimist. I believe with every fiber of my being that you and I are going to win this great struggle for our freedom. But I'm not kidding myself. It will not be an easy fight.


I am running for Congress in Montana's at-large congressional district. And as I travel across this state I am encouraged by what I'm seeing.


My friend, the people I am meeting "get it." Like you, they understand that our country is almost at the point of no return. You can see anxiety in their faces. And as I talk to them you can feel the frustration and even righteous anger in their voices.


They are truly worried about the futures of their children and grandchildren. But they haven't given up hope. They are too passionate about America to give up now.


I'm pleased to tell you that my campaign's momentum here on the ground is growing by the day. I am happy with where we are at this point.


Ultimate success will not be possible without you however.


You see, the Republican Congressman currently in this seat is leaving to run for the U.S. Senate. Liberal leaders in Washington see this new "open" House seat as a golden opportunity.


They are emboldened by the fact that they won both the governor's race and the U.S. Senate contest here in Montana in the last election. The Democrats and liberal special interest groups have their infrastructure already in place and they intend to use it to hammer me with a relentless barrage of attacks, going after everything from my 23 years of service to our country, to my own family!


I must prepare for this Now!


As a Navy SEAL I learned early on that nothing was more important than preparation and good teamwork. It's vital to any successful mission.


Please understand, the Obama presidency is a failure. Liberals are cornered and they know they are fighting for their political lives.


Like a trapped animal, they will lash out and do anything they deem necessary to maintain power.


The experience I had as a successful small business owner will serve me well in this contest. And the conservative record I amassed as a Montana State Senator will dispel any doubts about where I stand on the issues.


This is important because a pro-business, limited-government agenda is a winner with the majority of voters in this state. None of this will matter however unless I have the money to make sure they hear me.


And I'll tell you plainly: I hate asking you for money. It's the worst part of running for office. But a high-profile race like this without money is a little like going into a war without bullets -- it's a very bad idea.


That's why I'm asking you to support my campaign with the most generous donation you can today. $5,200 is the maximum amount you can legally send my campaign -- and if you can send that much, that would be absolutely wonderful.


But if $2,600, $1,000 or even $500 or $250 is what you can send, I truly hope you will send it today. Any gift of $250 or more would be remarkably generous of you, and I would be most thankful for it in this time of need.


That said, most people are only able to send checks for $100, $50 and even $35 right now. I want you to know that I appreciate that every bit as much. I understand that people can only give what they have, and I would love nothing more than to have whatever help you can provide.


Most of all, I want you to know how much I appreciate your prayers and support. Thanks for your time.


Sincerely yours,

Ryan Zink e (R-NT)


P.S.    I've been a US Navy SEAL and even led a SEAL TEAM SIX assault unit. But running for this Congressional seat is perhaps the biggest challenge I've ever faced. To be successful I need your help. So whether it's $35 or $5,200, 1 just ask that you please respond today (Ryan K. Zinke for Congress, P.O. Box 17477, Washington, D.C. 20041-0477).