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President and Co-Founder

Online for Life

so every child makes their mark

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Dear Fellow American,


[3-2014 letter] Planned Parenthood vs. innocent, unborn children it's a battle that's going on right now in our nation, and Sen. Harry Reid and abortion extremists in Washington have made it clear that they side with Planned Parenthood.


Whose side are you on? Please give your opinions using the More Abortions vs. Saving Lives National Survey that is [requested] enclosed for you on behalf of Online for Life one of America's most innovative and effective pro-life organizations.


We are committed to fighting Planned Parenthood's extreme agenda by getting the truth out about abortion and saving the lives of children whose parents are considering abortion.


We will have your Survey response tabulated with those of other Americans from across the nation. The final results will be sent to Sen. Reid's Washington, D.C. office as proof that a powerful majority of grassroots Americans OPPOSE Planned Parenthood's crusade for abortion.


Sen. Reid and the abortion extremists in Washington have blocked any and all efforts to end abortion and stop government funding of Planned Parenthood. Online for Life is committed to educating lawmakers on the need to protect the unborn and stand firm against Planned Parenthood's pro-abortion agenda and we can't do it without your help today.


Planned Parenthood's agenda is clear: They support abortion no matter what...


        Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. They perform more than 300,000 abortions a year.


        Despite the fact that children's lives are being taken away, Planned Parenthood's top executive says they are "proud" of the abortions they provide.


        Planned Parenthood receives lavish government funding for their operations - especially thanks to Obamacare, which is designed to benefit groups like Planned Parenthood.


What do you think about this pro-abortion agenda? Today you have an opportunity to make your views known. Here's what I need you to do:


1.     Please give your opinions on the enclosed More Abortions vs. Saving Lives National Survey and send your answers to Online for Life today, so we can help show Sen. Harry Reid that the American people oppose Planned Parenthood's abortion zealotry.


2.     Please also send a tax-deductible gift of $20 or $25 or more to support Online for Life and help us end abortion in America.


Online for Life is the polar opposite of Planned Parenthood. While they promote abortion, we work to save lives. Online for Life is a compassionate, technology-driven non-profit organization committed to rescuing children and families from abortion. We believe that every human life is precious. Whether planned or unplanned, each life is unique, created with wonderful potential and possibility.


Online for Life connects online and offline with women and men who are considering abortion who might otherwise be convinced by groups like Planned Parenthood that abortion is easy and harmless, and just another "choice" for a mother to make.


        Online for Life works directly with life-affirming pregnancy centers nationwide to reach women and men with compassion, grace, and accurate information about abortion.


        We are building a network of community partners to come alongside the women and men all across the country facing crisis pregnancies and the temptation of abortion.


        We are changing America's culture from one of endless abortion to a culture that values human life. We're making this transformation one heart, one mind, one child at a time.


We're transforming how children and families are rescued from abortion. We've already saved more than 1,500 children, with more babies being rescued each day. These are lives that would have been extinguished if the Planned Parenthood zealots had their way.


Together, we can save more lives ... and we can STOP the radical Planned Parenthood agenda and the lives it is costing America. To do that, we need your help:


1.     Please complete your More Abortions vs. Saving Lives National Survey and return it to Online for Life. Help us make sure that Sen. Harry Reid and abortion extremists in Washington can NEVER say that Americans like you support their agenda.


2.     Please also include a tax-deductible contribution to help Online for Life get the truth out and fight the Planned Parenthood agenda in the most meaningful way possible: By rescuing mothers, fathers and children from abortion.


Thank you for the concern you have shown for the innocent victims of abortion.


So Every Child Makes Their Mark,

Brian Fisher, President and Co-Founder

Online for Life


P. S. The enclosed More Abortions vs. Saving Lives National Survey is your chance to show Sen. Harry Reid and abortion extremists in Washington that you belong to the majority of Americans who oppose the Planned Parenthood agenda of unlimited abortion. Please give your views today, and give your support to Online for Life one of America's leading pro-life organizations working to get the truth out and end abortion in America. This is the best way to counter the power and influence of Planned Parenthood. Online for Life has already rescued more than 1,500 babies from abortion, and we can save thousands more with the support of pro-life Americans like you. Thank you (Online for Life, P.O. Box, Merrifield, VA 22116-9846)!






Online for Life

so every child makes their mark


Dear Pro-Lifer,


I've enclosed an Emergency END THE ABORTION EPIDEMIC Action Form for you on behalf of Online for Life America's newest and already most effective force against the killing of unborn babies. Since our founding almost three years ago we have saved more than 1,080 unborn children from abortion but our work is just beginning...


Since Roe v. Wade more than 54 million children have been killed by abortion. For the sake of the countless unborn babies who are facing the death sentence of abortion right now, I urgently need you to take the following actions:


1) Increase your understanding of the abortion epidemic that's literally killing America, by answering the brief survey on your Action Form.

2) [Request for and] Sign the Action Fledge showing your determination to END this epidemic, and

3) Give your support to Online for Life and help us continue to stop abortion one baby, one life at a time.


[Pro-Lifer] ...if you are an American who cares at all about the culture of death that has consumed our nation, or the children who are being killed as a result, I pray you will take action... because we are facing an absolutely unthinkable epidemic of death...


Right now there are more than 1.3 million abortions in America every year. That's 25,000 pre-born babies killed every week... some 3,500 children killed each day.


And here's another number. 14,860. That's how many abortions are performed every year in Louisiana. Right in your state, year after year, there are 14,860 babies who have their lives snuffed out before they even have a chance to live.


But there's hope an innovative new organization called Online for Life that is literally saving kids' lives. I hope that after I tell you about our work and most importantly the lives we're saving, you will give us your support and become a life-saver yourself...


Did you know that more than 2 million people each month search online for abortion information? It's true. Many of them have decided with little doubt that abortion is the only answer. They're looking for a provider, a clinic, an address or phone number.


At Online for Life we connect one-on-one with these individuals who have decided on abortion. We do this by using our expertise in Internet and online technology. Now the procedures and strategies we use are pretty complex and extremely technical I'm not going to bore you with the details (and if 1 tried to this letter would be the size of a short book!)


If you use the Internet, think about when you go online and "google" a local restaurant or your favorite sports team. The very first results are the ones that catch your eye, right? When people search for the word "abortion" or related terms, we're able to make sure that one of the first options they see is a discreet, welcoming link provided by Online for Life.


When they click it, we're able to direct each person to a life-affirming organization. These organizations offer ultrasounds to parents so they can see they have been blessed with a living, breathing child. They offer respectful counseling to help moms make informed decisions.


And through these contacts, lives are saved. Let's look at some more numbers, starting with this one: 1,083. That's how many babies we've saved from abortion through our work. Or at least that's the latest number. By the time you get this letter, it might be 1,115, 1,135, or 1,160... the number keeps rising. (We keep a running tally on our website,


That's right: Through our work almost 1,085 women who had decided to get an abortion changed their minds. "Online for Life actually saved my daughter," says one mother we reached online, "and I thank them for that." (I've included information about her story it's powerful!)


Will you help us save more daughters? More sons? I hope so... because the truth is no matter how hard we work or how much we try, Online for Life can't save as many babies as possible without the support of people like you who truly care about these young lives in peril.


With a $25 contribution, you can help us make sure 6 abortion-determined women see our message and understand their options. If you can send $50, we can reach 13 abortion-determined women with our message, and the possibility to save the life of their unborn child.


Or, with a $100 gift you can help us connect 5 abortion-determined women with a life-affirming organization, where they will receive compassionate counseling and an ultrasound.


If you could give a $360 gift... that would mean you're helping us do all the work needed to save one innocent baby from abortion from the first contact with the mother to her ultrasound and counseling, to her joyful decision to protect her child rather than abort.


Whatever tax-deductible gift you can give, I hope you'll [request for and] send me your Emergency END THE ABORTION EPIDEMIC Action Form right away. The more people like you are willing to take action, the more people we can reach, and the more babies we can save. You can also visit our secure page online at


Thank you for taking the time to read about our work, and for learning more about our efforts to end abortion and save children's lives. I hope we can count on your help.


For Life!

Brian Fisher, President

Online for Life


P. S. Here's another number: 1. The first life saved by Online for Life made our vision and our work worthwhile. But there's still so much work to do especially since we're battling a culture of death that celebrates abortion, says it's "no big deal" and lets 1.3 million unborn babies be killed each year. At Online for Life we're changing this culture. The number of unborn children we've helped save continues to increase to well over 1,080, and can soar into the tens of thousands with the support of individuals who are committed to protecting innocent, unborn lives.


I hope it's in your heart to make a difference today because you can by [requesting for and] sending your Emergency END THE ABORTION EPIDEMIC Action Form and a generous tax-deductible gift to support Online for Life, or give online at Thank you (Online for Life, P.O. Box, Merrifield, VA 22116-9846)!