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Commissioned by The National Republican Senatorial Committee

Senator John Thune (R South Dakota)


Dear Fellow Republican,


You are among a handful of Republican voters in your County selected to participate in an official REPUBLICAN PARTY AREA ASSESSMENT.


We've chosen you to represent:




You are the only citizen living in your unique Voting District to receive the enclosed ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT, so your participation and timely response are very important.


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has commissioned this AREA ASSESSMENT in order to get a detailed, highly accurate evaluation of GOP voter attitudes in every County, City, Borough, and District nationwide.


This is a grassroots campaign project that we have been working on since the 2012 election, and it represents "Step One" in our effort to evaluate and improve our strategies to attract new voters with a new conservative message, and begin a series of victories over President Obama and Harry Reid.


We need you to represent all local Republicans by giving us your opinions on:


The best way to create jobs and fix the nation's unacceptable unemployment rate.

The ObamaCare government-rationed health care law.

The $16.9 trillion (and rising) national debt.

Border security, foreign policy, taxpayer-funded abortion, and much more...


The final results of this AREA ASSESSMENT PROJECT will be used to:


1. Stop the big government agenda being pushed by the Obama-Reid Democrats;


2. Recruit outstanding conservative leaders - men and women who can run aggressive campaigns and win - in all the key states;


3. Build a strong nationwide Campaign Blueprint for the 2014 elections so we can elect a new Republican Senate Majority.


Please take 3-5 minutes of your time right now to fill out your ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT and return it to the NRSC using the envelope provided.


When you return your completed REPUBLICAN PARTY AREA ASSESSMENT, I am also asking you to please include a generous campaign gift of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 or $25 to the NRSC to help us build the foundation of a winning 2014 campaign.


Or, rush your answers and your contribution to the NRSC by going to where you can complete the survey online and use our secure website to make your credit card contribution. No matter what, please respond within 72 hours so we know where you stand.


President Obama, Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer, and the other Democrats who are still in Congress are "doubling down" on their failed, hard-left agenda.


That's why we need your help it's our job to fight every day in Washington and stop the liberals from doing permanent damage with their new spending and harmful regulations.


But beyond that, our Republican Party needs to get better at winning elections!


We can do that by modernizing our agenda and changing the way we spread our message.


But we won't be able to do that by just relying on inside-the-beltway "experts."


If we're going to change the direction of our GOP and build a Party that can win in 2014 and beyond, that process must be driven by individuals like you all over America patriotic men and women who understand why we need to enact new conservative policies.


Your input today will help us spread our message in a way that wins new voters and exposes the Democrats for their failures. Why should we concede even one vote from any American?


The Obama-Reid era of government has destroyed jobs for working people. They've made health care more expensive. They are responsible for a huge hike in the cost of gasoline. They've presided over a surge in the cost of college tuition. And they won't lift a finger to stop Medicare and Social Security from going bankrupt.


The Democrats have enacted policies that are helping government bureaucrats, union bosses, and politically-connected corporations, but hurting working families and small businesses.


Republicans need to talk about how conservative policies will help grow our economy, improve our health care system, make our schools better, and keep our neighborhoods safe.


Step one in this effort is making sure grassroots patriots like you are playing a leadership role in shaping our Republican Party's future, so please return your completed ASSESSMENT within 72 hours.


The NRSC Chairman Kansas Senator Jerry Moran asked me to help conduct this ASSESSMENT PROJECT because I relied on a well-informed network of Republicans nationwide to help me defeat powerful Democrat Senate Leader Tom Daschle in 2004.


With so much at stake in Washington, I am turning to you for help. Your voice and your financial support are critical for Republicans to be successful on the campaign trail and to advance our agenda. Simply provide your opinions on important questions, such as:


QUESTION #9: Do you believe spending cuts NOT tax hikes are the best way to deal with the national debt which has skyrocketed to a record-high $16.9 trillion (and rising) under the Democrats?


Our economy continues to suffer, and the Democrats' unprecedented spending binge is putting our nation at risk. But Democrats refuse to get serious about the debt. In fact, they went more than three years without even trying to pass a budget.


And every time they do get around to putting a budget plan out there, Democrats demand trillions of dollars in new taxes from YOU to pay for the massive hole THEY blew in the budget with all their failed, reckless spending.


QUESTION #19: Do you support Republican efforts to expose the truth behind the IRS campaign to harass conservative groups in the run-up to the 2012 election?


While lots of media commentators and inside-the-beltway "experts" are demanding that we "move on" from this issue, I think it's important for the truth to come out. We don't know who ordered the IRS to target conservative and religious-minded organizations.


QUESTION #20: Should Senate Republicans continue working to de-fund ObamaCare and strip away the most damaging provisions until we have a new Republican Majority that will vote for a full repeal of that law?


ObamaCare is just beginning to go into effect, and already it's costing more than promised, and health insurance premiums are still rising. That is why the president took the radical step of delaying the "employer mandate" until 2015. He knows the law kills jobs, and he doesn't want that fact to hurt Democrats at the polls next year.


Obviously our ultimate goal should be to repeal ObamaCare. But until we have the power to do so, there is still a lot we can do to protect the American people from the new taxes, the 2,000 pages of government controls and mandates, and $1.7 trillion worth of new spending.


So please answer these and other questions on your AREA ASSESSMENT and then mail it back to us along with your most generous gift to the NRSC. Or, simply go online and answer the questions at right now, while also making an immediate contribution using our secure website.


Without your input, Senate Republicans will not know where you stand on these key issues, and we will not be as effective fighting against the Obama White House.


Unless we know where you stand, we will not be able to retain and recruit the best candidates to run for Senate men and women who can communicate our conservative message with voters in a way that attracts more people to our Republican Party.


And without your financial help, the NRSC will not be able to support those conservative challengers running against vulnerable Democrat incumbents.


This is important when I defeated Tom Daschle in 2004 by just a few thousand votes, I relied on help from the NRSC and a national network of Republican activists like you. In 2012 and 2010, other Republicans won razor-thin Senate races thanks to the NRSC's financial help and from active involvement of GOP patriots all over America.


That's why your AREA ASSESSMENT is so important. Your advice and financial support will help us defeat the Obama Democrats in Washington and in tough campaigns across the country. Won't you please:


1. Give me your opinions on key issues by completing your ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT; and


2. Make out a check or provide your credit card information in the space provided to contribute a generous, urgent gift of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, or $25 to the NRSC. Or go to to make your contribution online.


Thank you in advance (NRSC, P.O. Box 97112, Washington, D.C. 20090-7112).



John Thune

U.S. Senator (R South Dakota)


P.S. One last thing: the NRSC is using every dollar we raise to help recruit, train and provide early financial help for Republicans running in the most important 2014 Senate races, so we couldn't afford to contact every GOP voter in your area. That's why I told NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran that I would only send this letter and a REPUBLICAN PARTY AREA ASSESSMENT to loyal Republicans who have the wisdom and experience necessary to help us. So in order to get accurate and ample results from this survey, I need to hear back from you within 72 hours.


Also, when you return your completed ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT, it would be a tremendous help if you would make a contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, or $25 to the NRSC. Thank you. God bless you. and God bless America. John Thune


Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Not printed at government expense.


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