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(FOF) Frontiers Of Freedom

(P.O. Box 17462, Washington, D.C, 20041-0462)




Dear Fellow American,


[3-2014 letter] Can you afford to pay $8 for a gallon of gasoline? Or see your electric bill go up $258 a month? Will your job or retirement be secure if 2 million Americans lose their jobs thanks to out-of-control energy price increases? To put it another way, are you prepared to live the high prices and stagnation of the 1970s all over again? If you don't want to relive the 70s, then rush your [requested] urgent NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petition back to me.


Your NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petition protests Barack Obama's plan to tack on a $3,100 tax a year on your energy bills. Obama doesn't call his energy rationing plan a tax -- but that's effectively what it is. In fact, he calls this tax a "cap and trade" plan. And it is designed to make energy from coal and oil more expensive. Obama is using the power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to force this new tax on us through regulations because he doesn't have the votes to pass it through Congress!


This energy tax will hit 100% of the American people -- there will be no way to escape it. And you'll pay this $3,100 tax... 24 hours a day... 7 days a week... 365 days a year! When you heat your home at night, you'll pay the Obama Energy Tax on your oil or electric heat system -- you'll be taxed in your sleep! If you drive to a gas station to fill up your car, every gallon you buy will be more expensive thanks to Obama. And everything you buy, from the food in your supermarket to clothing to household goods will cost more because Obama's energy tax will make transporting them more expensive.


Obama wants to raise energy prices as a payoff to the radical environmentalists who backed his campaign. It's the global warming alarmists who are demanding we cut back our energy use and stop emitting as much carbon dioxide. And Obama is putting their radical agenda before the best interests of the American people.


If Obama, his EPA, and his radical environmentalist allies succeed in their plans for an energy tax...


        you'll be pushed to drive a smaller, less safe car (think Yugo) when gases creeps to $6, $7, $8, $9, $10 a gallon -- or more...

        your house will be too expensive to heat in the winter or cool in the summer...

        your grocery bill could double...

        the cost of medical care will increase...

        the cost of traveling long distances by car or air will shoot through the roof making it harder for family members separated by distance to see each other...

        and millions of America jobs will be shipped to China where there are no crippling taxes on energy use.


The Obama energy tax is a tax on the American Dream! It's a return to the failed high energy cost policies of President Jimmy Carter. Even though 100% of the American people will be hit with Obama's energy tax, some groups will be hurt by it more than others. Senior citizens will especially feel the brunt on Obama's unfair energy tax. Because the fixed incomes of seniors won't keep up as the rapidly rising prices of heat, lighting, and air conditioning. Many senior citizens just don't have $258 a month to spare to pay for the higher energy costs Obama is planning.


Energy taxes are nothing new. Vice President Al Gore proposed an energy tax in the 1990s that was less than half the size of what Obama is proposing. I helped lead the American people's backlash against it in 1994 -- and that Gore blamed that pushback for the Republican takeover of Congress at the next elections. The key to winning this battle is education and public pressure which is why I want to introduce you to George Landrith and Frontiers of Freedom (FOF).


George is the president of Frontiers of Freedom, a non-profit group founded in 1996 by the my good friend, the late Senator Malcolm Wallop. FOF has seen this bad idea of energy rationing before, and it knows how to educate the public about its dangers like few other groups do. We can expose Obama's Energy Tax for the economy-wrecking, household-impoverishing, disastrous tax that it is.


But I need your help. Please find a pen and sign your [requested] NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petition right now and rush it back right away. FOF is tireless in researching, exposing, and educating Congress on threats to our nation' economic security, national defense, and the American way of life. In this battle FOE' is already leading the charge against wrong-headed tax-hiking policies. Here's what we're doing...


        Publishing hundreds of newspaper commentaries.

        Putting out succinct, timely, and media-friendly publications -- including talking points, press releases, and email alerts.

        Building and leading coalitions to stop the environmental alarmists and tax hikers dead in their tracks.

        Producing videos for the Internet to educate the public on the dangers of environmental regulations and taxes.

        Hosting policy meetings to provide policymakers and journalists access to leading authorities on environmental and tax issues and the costs of regulation.

        Briefing Congressmen and Senators and their staffs.


We're doing everything necessary to win this debate and protect your pocketbook... and your freedom to make decisions over your energy use yourself. United together, grassroots Americans can raise a firestorm of protest at Obama, his EPA, and his radical environmentalist allies for proposing huge tax hikes in energy prices.


I'm certain we can rally the American people to our cause. Because at a time like this, when the economy is struggling, no one wants to pay an extra $258 a month -- $3,100 a year! -- in new taxes. So after you sign your [requested] emergency NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petition, I'm asking you to make a much-needed financial donation of $30, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 to expand FOF's petition campaign from coast to coast.


Your financial support is key not only to making sure we can collect, tabulate, process, and deliver your petition... but also to making sure we can get millions of our vital NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petitions to other Americans like you and fund the vital efforts I mentioned earlier. Your donation is tax-deductible if you itemize, so I'm counting on you to return at least a $30 donation with your [requested and] signed petition. And if you want to take even greater advantage of the tax-deductibility of your donation to send a larger gift of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more, please know that it will supercharge our campaign.


All I ask is for just 60 seconds to sign your petition and rush your check for at least $30 to FOF. Thank you.


Sincerely, Bob Smith

U.S. Senator


P.S. Where could you cut your budget to find $258 a month to pay for Obaina's energy tax?


Like many other Americans, I know I can't afford it. And if you'll stand with me we'll expose the damage Obama's energy tax will inflict on families and the economy. Please [request for and] sign your NO OBAMA ENERGY TAX petition and rush it back with an emergency donation of at least $30. Thank you! (FOF, P.O. Box 17462, Washington, D.C, 20041-0462)