Doug Collins

Republican U.S. Representative of Georgia

(CUF) Citizens United Foundation

(P.O. Box 96408, Washington, D.C. 20090-6408)


[3-2014 letter] I write to you today as a chaplain with a troubled heart on behalf of the men and women in the armed forces who are facing something that they should never have to face.


Christian soldiers are under attack -- not just by the bullets and rockets coming from the enemy lines . . . but by the growing wave of anti-Christian hatred that has reached the highest ranks of the military.


My name is Doug Collins, and I am a Republican Congressman from Georgia. And I'm also an Air Force Reserves Chaplain and veteran who served a combat tour in Iraq.


I can tell you from personal experience that the anti-Christian sentiment isn't just found in the barracks and on base. This goes all the way to the top.


The Commander-in-Chief himself -- Barack Obama -- recently used the government shutdown as an excuse to stop soldiers and their families from going to church and worshipping on Sunday morning.


Never before in the history of our nation have military chaplains like me been denied the right to practice our faith with soldiers who chose to do so! And that is why I'm asking you today to sign and return your "Stop the War on Faith" Petition in the next 72 hours.


If we stand by while our soldiers' Religious Freedom is stripped away, it is only a matter of time before the professional politicians in D.C. come after your Religious Freedom. This is why I've written to you today . . . and why I've sent you this "Stop the War on Faith" Petition to sign and return to me.


My friend, it's a disgrace that our soldiers are being persecuted because of their belief in God.


     Soldiers at Fort Hood were told that evangelical Christians should be considered enemies of America.


     Airmen at Lackland Air Force Base were threatened with court martials for expressing their Christian beliefs.


     The Air Force Academy was forced to remove "so help me God" from its honor oath for atheists.


What's worse is that soldiers who believe in Christ are being targeted while Muslims are welcome to display their prayer rugs publicly.


If things don't change, good men and women will leave the armed forces -- and that is a tragedy for the country and our military.


Our brave fighting men and women should not live in fear of being punished or demoted for believing in God! Soldiers and their families face challenges that the rest of us cannot even fathom. And they do so to protect the freedoms that we take for granted far too often.


Because of their sacrifice, our nation is a beacon of hope to the dark parts of the world where freedom of speech and religion exist only in fairy tales. And so today I'm asking you to take just a moment of your day to be a beacon of hope for our Christian soldiers.


I'm praying that you'll join me in standing up for those who protect you and me and our freedoms of speech and religion. Will you please join me?


Please [request for and] sign your "Stop the War on Faith" Petition . . . When you sign your Petition, you take an important first step in protecting Religious Freedom for our troops -- at a time when it is under fierce attack in the military.


Military leaders must be held to the highest standards to protect our Constitutional rights -- not trample on our rights and strip soldiers of the freedoms we all share.

With Barack Obama in the White House the war on Christianity in the military is at its worst . . . and you and I need to act immediately before one more soldier suffers for daring to express his faith.


If atheists are successful in pushing God out of the military, you can bet that liberal politicians will use this to target you and me next.


If you choose to stand with me and my friends at Citizens United Foundation (CUF), I believe we can stop the attacks on our Christian warriors -- and the attack on Religious Freedom in our Country. I believe that you and I, together with CUF, can protect our soldiers' Religious Freedom.

All you have to do is [request for,] pick up a pen and sign your "Stop the War on Faith" Petition and return it to me at Citizens United Foundation today.


CUF aims to deliver ONE MILLION "Stop the War on Faith" Petitions to the leaders of the Army, Navy and Air Force. One million is the goal. We can do this, but not without your help.


For over a decade, Citizens United Foundation has been a leading conservative voice dedicated to keeping everyday Americans informed on the issues that are important to them . . . limited government, free enterprise, a strong military, and the preservation of Judeo-Christian values in America.


CUF is your eyes and ears in Washington. And the attacks I'm seeing and hearing in Washington tell me the time to act is now. I need to hear from you in the next three days.


So you have a choice to make. You can stand with me and Citizens United Foundation and fight to protect our fellow Christians serving in the military from being punished for their faith . . . or you can let the atheists in the upper ranks of the military continue to retaliate against our Christian service members simply for believing like you and I do.


My friend, I'm praying that you'll stand with me. And if I may, can I ask for one more favor? If at all possible, when you sign and return your Petition, could you please send along a one-time gift of $27 to further this grassroots campaign?


Without the generosity of you and a few other friends of CUF, we won't be able to reach our goal of collecting ONE MILLION "Stop the War on Faith" Petitions . . . or our goal of demanding our military leaders protect the Religious Freedoms of our faithful soldiers.


. . . you're not the type of American who will stand by and let the Constitution be trampled on. The protection of Religious Freedom is too important to stand by and do nothing.


So please send as much as you can to help. Gifts of $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 will allow us to take bigger steps toward reaching our goal of collecting ONE MILLION signed Petitions.


Thank you so much for your time and generosity, and for having the courage to take a stand to protect the Religious Freedom of our Christian soldiers. God Bless, and I hope to hear from you in the next 72 hours.



Doug Collins

U.S. House Representative, R-Georgia.


P.S. Religious freedom in America is under attack! Godless radicals inside and outside of the military have targeted Christians on the battlefield and are telling them that God has no place in our military!


Your Religious Freedom may be next if we don't act now. Please [request for,] sign and return your "Stop the War on Faith" Petition today in the enclosed envelope.


And when you do, please prayerfully consider sending a one-time $27 donation. If you can send more, Citizens United Foundation can expand this grassroots campaign to protect our soldiers being punished for sharing their faith (CUF, P.O. Box 96408, Washington, D.C. 20090-6408).