James L. Martin, Chairman

Pat Boone, National Spokesman

60 Plus Association

(P.O. Box 17453, Washington, D.C. 20041-0453)

The Seniors Advocacy Group, To Repeal the Death Tax




Dear Overburdened Taxpayer,


This is an emergency situation. I am reaching out to warn you about a ticking time bomb that must be stopped! Unfortunately, unless urgent action is taken up to 40 percent of your inheritance to your children and grandchildren will be heading straight into the pockets of Big Government liberal opportunists!


President Obama has signed a bill setting the Death Tax at a so-called "permanent" rate of 40 percent. Even worse, he and other liberals are already agitating to raise the rate to 45 percent and then to a horrific 55 percent. You and I cannot allow this to happen!


Thankfully, Republican Representative Kevin Brady (TX-8) who is a member of the powerful House Ways and Means tax writing committee has introduced the bill, H.R. 2429 -- "DEATH TAX REPEAL ACT" -- that will permanently kill this confiscatory tax.


On the very same day Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota introduced bill S. 1183 -- "DEATH TAX REPEAL ACT" in the U.S. Senate.


Here's the situation... If we are going to have the momentum to pass H.R. 2429 in the House with massive majorities and then move to force a vote on S. 1183 in this liberal Democrat-led U.S. Senate, conservatives like you must speak up now!


Yes -- immense pressure must be placed on Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Far too many politicians in Washington are content to compromise on this issue. But on an issue this important there can be NO COMPROMISE!


You have every right to pass along anything you've earned and saved over the course of an entire lifetime to your children and grandchildren. The Death Tax is a horrific scheme, plain and simple.


Sadly, Barack Obama has Declared War on the American family and small business. And he is counting on seniors and conservatives of all ages to remain silent.


But I am hoping you choose to speak out, and stand with others who are just as outraged as you. And you can best do that by joining with a growing number of other conservatives who are now lining up behind The 60 Plus Association and its bold efforts to fight back against this terrible injustice! Nothing could be more urgent.


Several years ago 60 Plus lead the charge to kill the anti-American Death Tax once and for all. Through hard work we were able to cobble together majorities in favor of Death Tax repeal, passing repeal in the House by a strong vote of 272-162 -- a 110 vote margin, with more than 40 Democrats agreeing with us, to totally repeal this confiscatory tax.


Only underhanded procedural maneuvers by ultra-liberal Democrats, led by Harry Reid, stopped us from gaining total victory in the Senate despite passing repeal by a vote of 57-43. (But with Reid's demands we needed a super majority of 60 votes for repeal, not a simple 51-vote majority.)


There are specific measures that 60 Plus must now take if we're going to counter what the liberals are doing -- AND BE IN POSITION TO KILL THE DEATH TAX FOREVER! I can't stress this enough...


If 60 Plus is going to have the resources to help push H.R. 2429 -- "DEATH TAX REPEAL ACT" -- through the House of Representatives and rally enough support in the Senate to pass Senator Thune's S. 1183...


...It's imperative that I hear back from you within the next 40 hours with a special contribution to 60 Plus in the amount of $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or hopefully even $5,000. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!


It's important to never forget that liberals like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid see YOUR children and grandchildren's inheritance as THEIR money. And the law currently on the books says that they will be getting up to 40 percent of that money once you pass away.




Letting the government have the power to devour almost half of your lifetime achievements in the form of taxes cuts against the grain of everything this nation was founded upon.


Contrary to what Barack Obama wants you to believe, the Death Tax is not an issue for "the rich" who very often have lawyers and accountants to make sure they don't even pay it.


It is the average Americans and countless family businesses who carry the burden of this insane tax. Having your children deal with the undertaker is bad enough. They shouldn't be forced to sign over half of your life's work to the IRS.


And yes -- this is the same corrupt IRS that targets and intimidates conservatives and is scheduled to soon be in charge of running and enforcing Obamacare!


The liberals are intent on keeping the Death Tax alive because it's the life-blood that feeds this insane Big Government inferno! Together, you and I must work to KILL IT!!


Thankfully, all the energy and momentum is on our side. 60 Plus has done an incredible amount of work to help expose anti-senior liberals to the voters in recent years.


One "former" member of Congress who supported the Death Tax got a very rude awakening when 60 Plus unleashed an intense TV ad campaign exposing him to the voters.


The defeated Congressman half joked: "I couldn't watch a Sunday football game without seeing that 60 Plus ad accusing me of hurting... seniors!"


Bottom line -- 60 Plus has gotten the liberal's attention. And it's imperative we remain strong and fully funded because every anti-senior politician needs to understand... If you vote to rob senior citizens of the inheritance they've worked their entire lives to leave their children -- 60 PLUS WILL EXPOSE YOU IN THE MOST AGGRESSIVE MANNER POSSIBLE!!!


With the help of conservatives just like you, I am confident that this Republican Majority will be able to pass H.R. 2429 -- "DEATH TAX REPEAL ACT" through the House soon.


But 60 Plus must act quickly and convince enough U.S. Senators to buck the liberal leadership -- and stand on the side of hard-working taxpayers. Because I promise you... If these Big Government liberals think for one second that they can sit on their hands, do nothing, and let current law allow the Death Tax rate remain at 40 percent -- that is exactly what they will do.


And never forget, as far as Barack Obama and his liberal allies are concerned -- the rate should be 55 percent! This is why your urgent action is desperately needed.


So whether you can help out 60 Plus with a contribution of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even as much as $1,000 or $5,000, I just ask that you please respond within 48 hours. Please, time is of the essence!


If we don't win this battle now, the toll it will take on your children and grandchildren will be devastating. BOTTOM LINE -- DYING SHOULD NOT BE A TAXABLE EVENT!


Anti-senior, big government politicians shouldn't be allowed to punish your loved ones just so they can generate more tax dollars to fund their Socialistic dreams!


It's almost unimaginable, but if your children can't afford to pay estate taxes on what you leave them, the federal government will literally walk in and seize your property.


Together you and I can stop this outrage and force Death Tax Repeal, but we must act quickly. Specifically I need you to respond to my appeal within the next 48 hours.


I wait with great anticipation for your response.



James L. Martin, Chairman


P.S. Pro-senior legislators like Congressman Kevin Brady and Senator John Thune are working feverishly to Repeal the Death Tax [Repeal Act of 2013 (S. 1183, H.R. 2429)] before Uncle Same becomes your #1 heir! But they need your help.


Please get behind the efforts of 60 Plus by rushing back your most generous contribution of at least $35 within the next 48 hours. Thank you (60 Plus Association, P.O. Box 17453, Washington, D.C. 20041-0453)!



The 60 Plus Association

The Seniors Advocacy Group


Obamacare Failure Highlights

Extremism of Obama's Agenda

Jim Martin: "Only an extreme and radical plan could cause millions of people to lose their healthcare plans overnight, or spend $684 million for a website that doesn't work."

(Alexandria, Virginia) -- Despite Obamacare's massive and growing unpopularity with the American people, its non-functioning $684 million website, millions losing their healthcare coverage, skyrocketing insurance rates and medical companies firing doctors and closing healthcare facilities, President Obama adamantly insisted this week that Obamacare is a success.

The President's blind and irresponsible public affirmation of his failed blueprint further comes as 300,000 self-insured Floridians and 180,000 self-insured Californians received notice this week that their current healthcare plans have been eliminated to make way for more expensive policies that comply with Obamacare's numerous mandates. This brought a sharp rebuke from 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation's largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP:

"In Washington today there is a constant and predictable drone of Democrats attacking anyone who disagrees with them as 'extreme.' Yet this Obamacare launch shows beyond a shadow of a doubt which party and which President has an extreme agenda. Obamacare is the cornerstone of a radical plan to transform this nation's economic and healthcare landscape for the worse, by implanting an ever-growing government bureaucracy into the lives and personal decisions of every American. I'd say that any law that causes nearly half a million people to lose their chosen healthcare plans in a single week meets the definition of 'extreme.'

"The government is forcing people to trust their healthcare, their well-being and their very lives to government bureaucrats and politicians who can't seem to get the most expensive website in world history to perform even its most basic function. President Obama knows full well his healthcare law is a tremendous failure, but he purposefully refuses to change course, compromise, or hold anyone in his Administration accountable for this legislative Hindenberg.

"Eight years ago the media were tripping over themselves writing stories about George W. Bush's alleged incompetence as President, and attempting at every opportunity to make him admit mistakes and the wrongheadedness of his policies. Now we all have a front row seat to true incompetence and unprecedented arrogance, yet we hear nary a peep from the great sages in and around the Potomac.

"Arrogance and extremism, you've found a comfortable home in the Obama Administration."




Thune, Brady Re-introduce Bill to

Repeal Death Tax

-Permanently abolishes punitive tax on family farms, ranches, businesses‑


WASHINGTON, D.C.Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) and Representative Kevin Brady (R-Texas) today re-introduced legislation to permanently repeal the federal estate tax, better known as the death tax, to finally put an end to this punitive tax on family farms, ranches, and businesses upon the death of an owner. Thune and Brady's bill, the Death Tax Repeal Act (S. 1183, H. R. 2429), is nearly identical to legislation introduced in the 112th Congress that garnered the bipartisan support of 223 Representatives and 38 Senators.

"The federal government has no place forcing grieving families to pay a tax on their loved one's life savings that has been built from income already taxed when originally earned," said Thune, Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference and member of the Senate Finance Committee. "Currently more than 70 percent of family businesses do not survive to the second generation, and 90 percent of family businesses do not survive to the third generation.

According to a study by former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, repealing the death tax would create 1.5 million additional small business jobs and would shave almost a percentage point off the unemployment rate. This tax punishes farmers and entrepreneurs for a lifetime of hard work. Death should not be a taxable event, and I will continue to work in Congress to see a permanent end to this unfair tax."

"What kind of government swoops in upon your death and takes nearly half of the nest egg you've spent your entire life building?" asked Brady, chairman of the Joint Economic Committee and a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee. "The Death Tax remains the number one reason family owned farms and businesses don't survive to the next generation and it's time to end this immoral tax once and for all in America."