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Greek Dictionary Words (r-s)

Greek words and definitions are taken from "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible".

smite (with the palm of the hand)

G4474. rhapizo, hrap-id'-zo; from a der. of a prim. rhepo (to let fall, "rap"); to slap:--smite (with the palm of the hand). Comp. G5180.
(Mat 5:39; 26:67)

break (forth), burst, rend, tear

G4486. rhegnumi, hrayg'-noo-mee; or rhesso, hrace'-so; both prol. forms of rheko (which appears only in certain forms, and is itself prob. a strengthened form of agnumi [see in G2608]); to "break", "wreck" or "crack", i.e. (espec.) to sunder (by separation of the parts; G2608 being its intensive [with the prep. in comp.], and G2352 a shattering to minute fragments; but not a reduction to the constituent particles, like G3089) or disrupt, lacerate; by impl. to convulse (with spasms); fig. to give vent to joyful emotions:--break (forth), burst, rend, tear.

command, make, say, speak (of)

G4483. rheo, hreh'-o; for certain tenses of which a prol. form ereo, er-eh'-o, is used; and both as alt. for G2036; perh. akin (or ident.) with G4482 (through the idea of pouring forth); to utter, i.e. speak or say:--command, make, say, speak (of). Comp. G3004.


G4487. rhema, hray'-mah; from G4483; an utterance (individ., collect. or spec.); by impl. a matter or topic (espec. of narration, command or dispute); with a neg. naught whatever:--+ evil, + nothing, saying, word.


G4482. rheo, hreh'-o; a prim. verb; for some tenses of which a prol. form rheuo, hryoo'-o, is used; to flow ("run", as water):--flow.
(John 7:38)


G4490. rhetos, hray-toce'; adv. from a der. of G4483; out-spokenly, i.e. distinctly:--expressly.


G4493. rhipe, hree-pay'; from G4496; a jerk (of the eye, i.e. [by anal.] an instant):--twinkling.

to fling...

G4496. rhipto, hrip'-to; a prim. verb (perh. rather akin to the base of G4474, through the idea of sudden motion); to fling (prop. with a quick toss, thus differing from G906, which denotes a deliberate hurl; and from teino [see in G1614], which indicates an extende

deliver (-er)

G4506. rhuomai, hroo'-om-ahee; mid. of an obsol. verb, akin to G4482 (through the idea of a current; comp. G4511); to rush or draw (for oneself), i.e. rescue:--deliver (-er).


G4511. rhusis, hroo'-sis; from G4506 in the sense of its congener G4482; a flux (of blood):--issue.

(to shake) move

G4525. saino, sah'-ee-no; akin to G4579: to wag (as a dog its tail fawningly), i.e. (gen.) to shake (fig. disturb):--move.


G4526. sakkos, sak'-kos; of Heb. or. [H8242]; "sack"-cloth, i.e. mohair (the material or garments made of it, worn as a sign of grief):--sackcloth.


G4532. Salem, sal-ame'; of Heb. or [H8004]; Salem (i.e. Shalem), a place in Pal.:--Salem.

move, shake, shook...

G4531. saleuo, sal-yoo'-o; from G4535; to waver, i.e. agitate, rock, topple or (by impl.) destroy; fig. to disturb, incite:--move, shake (together), which can [-not] be shaken, stir up.


G4535. salos, sal'-os; prob. from the base of G4525; a vibration, i.e. (spec.) billow:--wave.

trump, trumpet

G4536. salpigx, sal'-pinx; perh. from G4535 (through the idea of quavering or reverberation): a trumpet:--trump (-et).

(which are yet to) sound (a trumpet)

G4537. salpizo, sal-pid'-zo; from G4536; to trumpet, i.e. sound a blast (lit. or fig.):--(which are yet to) sound (a trumpet).

bad, corrupt

G4550. sapros, sap-ros'; from G4595; rotten, i.e. worthless (lit. or mor.):--bad, corrupt. Compt. G4190.


G4552. sappheiros, sap'-fi-ros; of Heb. or. [H5601]; a "sapphire" or lapis-lazuli gem:--sapphire.


G4554. Sardeis, sar'-dice; plur. of uncert. der.; Sardis, a place in Asia Minor:--Sardis.

carnal, flesh...

G4561. sarx, sarx; prob. from the base of G4563; flesh (as stripped of the skin), i.e. (strictly) the meat of an animal (as food), or (by extens.) the body (as opposed to the soul [or spirit], or as the symbol of what is external, or as the means of kindred), or (by impl.) human nature (with its frailties [phys. or mor.] and passions), or (spec.) a human being (as such):--carnal (-ly, + -ly minded), flesh ([-ly]).

sweep, swept

G4563. saroo, sar-o'-o; from a der. of sairo (to brush off; akin to G4951) mean. a broom; to sweep:--sweep.
(Luke 15:8, sweep; Mat 12:44; Luke 11:25, swept)


G4566. Satan, sat-an'; of Heb. or. [H7854]; Satan, i.e. the devil:--Satan. Comp. G4567.


G4567. Satanas, sat-an-as'; of Chald. or. corresp. to G4566 (with the def. affix); the accuser, i.e. the devil:--Satan.


G4549. Saoul, sah-ool'; of Heb. or. [H7586]; Saul (i.e. Shaul), the Jewish name of Paul:--Saul. Comp. G4569.


G4569. Saulos, sow'-los; of Heb. or., the same as G4549; Saulus (i.e. Shaul), the Jewish name of Paul:--Saul.

go out, quench

G4570. sbennumi, sben'-noo-mee; a prol. form of an appar. prim. verb; to extinguish (lit. or fig.):--go out, quench.


G4976. schema, skhay'-mah; from the alt. of G2192; a figure (as a mode or circumstance), i.e. (by impl.) external condition:--fashion.


G4573. sebazomai, seb-ad'-zom-ahee; mid. from a der. of G4576; to venerate, i.e. adore:--worship.
(Rom 1:25, worshipped)

devotion, that is worshipped

G4574. sebasma, seb'-as-mah; from G4573; something adored, i.e. an object of worship (god, altar, etc.):--devotion, that is worshipped.

devout, religious, worship

G4576. sebomai, seb'-om-ahee; mid. of an appar. prim. verb; to revere, i.e. adore:--devout, religious, worship.

earthquake, tempest

G4578. seismos, sice-mos'; from G4579; a commotion, i.e. (of the air) a gale, (of the ground) an earthquake:--earthquake, tempest.

move, quake, shake

G4579. seio, si'-o; appar. a prim. verb; to rock (vibrate, prop. sideways or to and fro), i.e. (gen.) to agitate (in any direction; cause to tremble); fig. to throw into a tremor (of fear or concern):--move, quake, shake.

be corrupted

G4595. sepo, say'-po; appar. a prim. verb; to putrefy, i.e. (fig.) perish:--be corrupted.


G4591. semaino, say-mah'-ee-no; from sema (a mark; of uncert. der.); to indicate:--signify.

miracle, sign, token, wonder

G4592. semeion, say-mi'-on; neut. of a presumed der. of the base of G4591; an indication, espec. cer. or supernat.:--miracle, sign, token, wonder.

keep close (secret, silence), hold peace

G4601. sigao, see-gah'-o; from G4602; to keep silent (trans. or intrans.):--keep close (secret, silence), hold peace.
(Rom 16:25, kept secret)


G4602. sige, see-gay'; appar. from sizo (to hiss, i.e. hist or hush); silence:--silence. Comp. G4623.


G4614. Sina, see-nah'; of Heb. or. [H5514]; Sina (i.e. Sinai), a mountain in Arabia:--Sina.


G4622. Sion, see-own'; of Heb. or. [H6726]; Sion (i.e. Tsijon), a hill of Jerus.; fig. the Church (militant or triumphant):--Sion.

dumb, (hold) peace

G4623. siopao, see-o-pah'-o; from siope (silence, i.e. a hush; prop. muteness, i.e. involuntary stillness, or inability to speak; and thus differing from G4602, which is rather a voluntary refusal or indisposition to speak, although the terms are often used synonymously); to be dumb (but not deaf also, like G2974 prop.); fig. to be calm (as quiet water):--dumb, (hold) peace.

corn, wheat

G4621. sitos, see'-tos; plur. irreg. neut. sita, see'-tah; of uncert. der.; grain, espec. wheat:--corn, wheat.

(make to) offend

G4624. skandalizo, skan-dal-id'-zo ("scandalize"); from G4625; to entrap, i.e. trip up (fig. stumble [trans.] or entice to sin, apostasy or displeasure):--(make to) offend.

offence, stumbling-block...

G4625. skandalon, skan'-dal-on ("scandal"); prob. from a der. of G2578; a trap-stick (bent sapling), i.e. snare (fig. cause of displeasure or sin):--occasion to fall (of stumbling), offence, thing that offends, stumbling-block.


G4626. skapto, skap'-to; appar. a prim. verb; to dig:--dig.

goods, sail, stuff, vessel

G4632. skeuos, skyoo'-os; of uncert. affin.; a vessel, implement, equipment or apparatus (lit. or fig. [spec. a wife as contributing to the usefulness of the husband]):--goods, sail, stuff, vessel.

habitation, tabernacle

G4633. skene, skay-nay'; appar. akin to G4632 and G4639; a tent or cloth hut (lit. or fig.):--habitation, tabernacle.


G4636. skenos, skay'-nos; from G4633; a hut or temporary residence, i.e. (fig.) the human body (as the abode of the spirit):--tabernacle.


G4637. skenoo, skay-no'-o; from G4636; to tent or encamp, i.e. (fig.) to occupy (as a mansion) or (spec.) to reside (as God did in the Tabernacle of old, a symbol of protection and communion):--dwell.


G4629. skepasma, skep'-as-mah; from a der. of skepas, (a covering; perh. akin to the base of G4649 through the idea of noticeableness); clothing:--raiment.


G4639. skia, skee'-ah; appar. a prim. word; "shade" or a shadow (lit. or fig. [darkness of error or an adumbration]):--shadow.

consider, take heed, look at (on), mark

G4648. skopeo, skop-eh'-o; from G4649; to take aim at (spy), i.e. (fig.) regard:--consider, take heed, look at (on), mark. Comp. G3700.
skopeo:G4648 skopeo:G4648 (Luke 11:35, take heed)


G4649. skopos, skop-os' ("scope"); from skeptomai (to peer about ["skeptic"]; perh. akin to G4626 through the idea of concealment; comp. G4629); a watch (sentry or scout), i.e. (by impl.) a goal:--mark.
(Phil 3:14, mark)

darkened, darken

G4654. skotizo, skot-id-zo; from G4655; to obscure (lit. or fig.):--darken.
(Mat 24:29, etc., darkened)


G4655. skotos, skot'-os; from the base of G4639; shadiness, i.e. obscurity (lit. or fig.):--darkness.


G4666. smurna, smoor'-nah; appar. strengthened for G3464; myrrh:--myrrh.
(Mat 2:11; John 19:39, myrrh)


G4667. Smurna, smoor'-nah; the same as G4666; Smyrna, a place in Asia Minor:--Smyrna.

bodily, body, slave

G4983. soma, so'-mah; from G4982; the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, lit. or fig.:--bodily, body, slave.


G4984. somatikos, so-mat-ee-kos'; from G4983; corporeal or physical:--bodily.

draw (out)

G4685. spao, spah'-o; a prim. verb; to draw:--draw (out).

sow (-er), receive seed

G4687. speiro, spi'-ro; prob. strengthened from G4685 (through the idea of extending); to scatter, i.e. sow (lit. or fig.):--sow (-er), receive seed.

issue, seed

G4690. sperma, sper'-mah; from G4687; something sown, i.e. seed (includ. the male "sperm"); by impl. offspring; spec. a remnant (fig. as if kept over for planting):--issue, seed.


G4973. sphragis, sfrag-ece'; prob. strengthened from G5420; a signet (as fencing in or protecting from misappropriation); by impl. the stamp impressed (as a mark of privacy, or genuineness), lit. or fig.:--seal.


G4678. sophia, sof-ee'-ah; from G4680; wisdom (higher or lower, worldly or spiritual):--wisdom.


G4680. sophos, sof-os'; akin to saphes, (clear); wise (in a most gen. application):--wise. Comp. G5429.


G4990. soter, so-tare'; from G4982; a deliverer, i.e. God or Christ:--saviour.

heal, preserve, save (self)...

G4982. sozo, sode'-zo; from a prim. sos (contr. for obsol. saos, "safe"); to save, i.e. deliver or protect (lit. or fig.):--heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

(be ready to) be offered

G4689. spendo, spen'-do; appar. a prim. verb; to pour out as a libation, i.e. (fig.) to devote (one's life or blood, as a sacrifice) ("spend"):--(be ready to) be offered.

kill, slay, wound

G4969. sphazo, sfad'-zo; a prim. verb; to butcher (espec. an animal for food or in sacrifice) or (gen.) to slaughter, or (spec.) to maim (violently):--kill, slay, wound.

seal, sealed, (set a, set to) seal up

G4972. sphragizo, sfrag-id'-zo; from G4973; to stamp (with a signet or private mark) for security or preservation (lit. or fig.); by impl. to keep secret, to attest:--(set a, set to) seal up.
(John 3:33, etc., seal; John 6:27, etc., sealed)


G4701. spora, spor-ah'; from G4687; a sowing, i.e. (by impl.) parentage:--seed.

dissension, insurrection, X standing, uproar

G4714. stasis, stas'-is; from the base of G2476; a standing (prop. the act), i.e. (by anal.) position (existence); by impl. a popular uprising; fig. controversy:--dissension, insurrection, X standing, uproar.

avoid, withdraw self

G4724. stello, stel'-lo; prob. strengthened from the base of G2476; prop. to set fast ("stall"), i.e. (fig.) to repress (reflex. abstain from associating with):--avoid, withdraw self.


G4728. stenos, sten-os'; prob. from the base of G2476; narrow (from obstacles standing close about):--strait.

anguish, distress

G4730. stenochoria, sten-okh-o-ree'-ah; from a comp. of G4728 and G5561; narrowness of room, i.e. (fig.) calamity:--anguish, distress.

stedfast, strong, sure

G4731. stereos, ster-eh-os'; from G2476; stiff, i.e. solid, stable (lit. or fig.):--stedfast, strong, sure.

long clothing (garment), (long) robe

G4749. stole, stol-ay'; from G4724; equipment, i.e. (spec.) a "stole" or long-fitting gown (as a mark of dignity):--long clothing (garment), (long) robe.


G4761. strebloo, streb-lo'-o; from a der. of G4762; to wrench, i.e. (spec.) to torture (by the rack), but only fig. to pervert:--wrest.

(to twist) convert, turn

G4762. strepho, stref'-o; strengthened from the base of G5157; to twist, i.e. turn quite around or reverse (lit. or fig.):--convert, turn (again, back again, self, self about).

make bed, furnish, spread, strew

G4766. stronnumi, strone'-noo-mee; or simpler stronnuo, strone-noo'-o; prol. from a still simpler stroo, stro'-o (used only as an alt. in certain tenses; prob. akin to G4731 through the idea of positing); to "strew", i.e. spread (as a carpet or couch):--make bed, furnish, spread, strew.

(support) pillar

G4769. stulos, stoo'-los; from stuo (to stiffen; prop. akin to the base of G2476); a post ("style"), i.e. (fig.) support:--pillar.

fig tree

G4808. suke, soo-kay'; from G4810; a fig-tree:--fig tree.


G4810. sukon, soo'-kon; appar. a prim. word; a fig:--fig.

catch, conceive, help, take

G4815. sullambano, sool-lam-ban'-o; from G4862 and G2983; to clasp, i.e. seize (arrest, capture); spec. to conceive (lit. or fig.); by impl. to aid:--catch, conceive, help, take.

conformed to, fashioned like until

G4832. summorphos, soom-mor-fos'; from G4862 and G3444; jointly formed, i.e. (fig.) similar:--conformed to, fashioned like unto.

suffer with

G4841. sumpascho, soom-pas'-kho; from G4862 and G3958 (includ. its alt.); to experience pain jointly or of the same kind (spec. persecution; to "sympathize"):--suffer with.


G4847. sumpolites, soom-pol-ee'-tace; from G4862 and G4177; a native of the same town, i.e. (fig.) co-religionist (fellow-Christian):--fellow-citizen.

accompanied, beside...

G4862. sun, soon; a prim. prep. denoting union; with or together (but much closer than G3326. or G3844), i.e. by association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition etc.:--beside, with. In comp, it has similar applications, includ. completeness. R
sun:G4862 (Luke 24:21, beside)
erchomai:G2064 - sun:G4862 (Acts 11:12, accompanied)

assemble, gather, together...

G4863. sunago, soon-ag'-o; from G4862 and G71; to lead together, i.e. collect or convene; spec. to entertain (hospitably):--+ accompany, assemble (selves, together), bestow, come together, gather (selves together, up, together), lead into, resort, take in.


G4908. sunetos, soon-et'-os; from G4920; mentally put (or putting) together, i.e. sagacious:--prudent. Comp. G5429.

constrain, hold, keep in, press...

G4912. sunecho, soon-ekh'-o; from G4862 and G2192; to hold together, i.e. to compress (the ears, with a crowd or siege) or arrest (a prisoner); fig. to compel, perplex, afflict, preoccupy:--constrain, hold, keep in, press, lie sick of, stop, be in a strait, straiten, be taken with, throng.

consider, understand, be wise

G4920. suniemi, soon-ee'-ay-mee; from G4862 and hiemi (to send); to put together, i.e. (mentally) to comprehend; by impl. to act piously:--consider, understand, be wise.

approve, commend, consist, make, stand (with)

G4921. sunistao, soon-is-tah'-o; or (strengthened) sunistano, soon-is-tan'-o; or sunistemi, soon-is'-tay-mee; from G4862 and G2476 (includ. its collat. forms); to set together, i.e. (by impl.) to introduce (favorably), or (fig.) to exhibit; intrans. to stand near, or (fig.) to constitute:--approve, commend, consist, make, stand (with).

anguish, distress

G4928. sunoche, soon-okh-ay'; from G4912; restraint, i.e. (fig.) anxiety:--anguish, distress.


G4930. sunteleia, soon-tel'-i-ah; from G4931; entire completion, i.e. consummation (of a dispensation):--end.

end, finish, fulfil, make

G4931. sunteleo, soon-tel-eh'-o; from G4862 and G5055; to complete entirely; gen. to execute (lit. or fig.):--end, finish, fulfil, make.


G4917. sunthlao, soon-thlah'-o; from G4862 and thlao (to crush); to dash together, i.e. shatter:--break.

drag, draw, hale

G4951. suro, soo'-ro; prob. akin to G138; to trail:--drag, draw, hale.

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