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Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary Words (n-r)

Hebrew and Chaldee words and definitions are taken from "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible".

be beautiful, become, be comely

H4998. na'ah, naw-aw'; a prim. root; prop. to be at home, i.e. (by impl.) to be pleasant (or suitable), i.e. beautiful:--be beautiful, become, be comely.

prophesy (-ing) make self a prophet

H5012. naba', naw-baw'; a prim. root; to prophesy, i.e. speak (or sing) by inspiration (in prediction or simple discourse):--prophesy (-ing) make self a prophet.


5013. neba', (Chald.), neb-aw'; corresp. to H5012:--prophesy.

belch out, flowing, pour out, send forth, utter (abundantly)

H5042. naba', naw-bah'; a prim. root; to gush forth; fig. to utter (good or bad words); spec. to emit (a foul odor):--belch out, flowing, pour out, send forth, utter (abundantly).

(cause to) behold, consider, look...

H5027. nabat, naw-bat'; a prim. root; to scan, i.e. look intently at; by impl. to regard with pleasure, favor or care:--(cause to) behold, consider, look (down), regard, have respect, see.

beguile, deceive, X greatly, X utterly

H5377. nasha', naw-shaw'; a prim. root; to lead astray, i.e. (mentally) to delude, or (morally) to seduce:--beguile, deceive, X greatly, X utterly.

drop (-ping), prophesy (-et)

H5197. nataph, naw-taf'; a prim. root; to ooze, i.e. distil gradually, by impl. to fall in drops; fig. to speak by inspiration:--drop (-ping), prophesy (-et).

commit, adultery...

H5003. na'aph, naw-af'; a prim. root; to commit adultery; fig. to apostatize:--adulterer (-ess), commit (-ing) adultery, woman that breaketh wedlock.


H5016. nebuw'ah, neb-oo-aw'; from H5012; a prediction (spoken or written):--prophecy.


H5017. nebuw'ah, (Chald.), neb-oo-aw; corresp. to H5016; inspired teaching:--prophesying.


H5029. nebiy', (Chald.), neb-ee'; corresp. to H5030; a prophet:--prophet.

prophecy, that prophesy, prophet

H5030. nabiy', naw-bee'; from H5012; a prophet or (gen.) inspired man:--prophecy, that prophesy, prophet.


H5031. nebiy'ah, neb-ee-yaw'; fem. of H5030; a prophetess or (gen.) inspired woman; by impl. a poetess; by association a prophet's wife:--prophetess.

fall (down, -ling, off)...

H5034. nabel, naw-bale'; a prim. root; to wilt; gen. to fall away, fail, faint; fig. to be foolish or (mor.) wicked; causat. to despise, disgrace:--disgrace, dishonour, lightly esteem, fade (away, -ing), fall (down, -ling, off), do foolishly, come to nought, X surely, make vile, wither.


H5307. naphal, naw-fal'; a prim. root; to fall, in a great variety of applications (intrans. or causat., lit. or fig.):--be accepted, cast (down, self, [lots], out), cease, die, divide (by lot), (let) fail, (cause to, let, make, ready to) fall (away, down, -en, -ing), fell (-ing), fugitive, have [inheritamce], inferior, be judged [by mistake for H6419], lay (along), (cause to) lie down, light (down), be (X hast) lost, lying, overthrow, overwhelm, perish, present (-ed, -ing), (make to) rot, slay, smite out, X surely, throw down.

fall (down), have occasion

H5308. nephal, (Chald.), nef-al'; corresp. to H5307:--fall (down), have occasion.

adventure, assay, prove, tempt, try

H5254. nacah, naw-saw'; a prim. root; to test; by impl. to attempt:--adventure, assay, prove, tempt, try.

to inherit...

H5157. nachal, naw-khal'; a prim. root; to inherit (as a [fig.] mode of descent), or (gen.) to occupy; causat. to bequeath, or (gen.) distribute, instate:--divide, have ([inheritance]), take as an heritage, (cause to, give to, make to) inherit, (distribute for, divide [for, for an, by], give for, have, leave for, take [for]) inheritance, (have in, cause to be made to) possess (-ion).

brook, flood, river, stream, valley

H5158. nachal, nakh'-al; or (fem.) nachlah (Psa. 124:4), nahk'-law; or nachalah (Ezek. 47:19, 48:28), nakh-al-aw'; from H5157 in its orig. sense; a stream, espec. a winter torrent; (by impl.) a (narrow) valley (in which a brook runs); also a shaft (of a mine):--brook, flood, river, stream, valley.

comfort (self), ease [one's self], repent (-er, -ing, self)

H5162. nacham, naw-kham'; a prim. root; prop. to sigh, i.e. breathe strongly; by impl. to be sorry, i.e. (in a favorable sense) to pity, console, or (reflex.) rue; or (unfavorably) to avenge (oneself):--comfort (self), ease [one's self], repent (-er, -ing, self).

X certainly, divine, enchanter, (use) X enchantment...

H5172. nachash, naw-khash'; a prim. root; prop. to hiss, i.e. whisper a (magic) spell; gen. to prognosticate:-- X certainly, divine, enchanter, (use) X enchantment, learn by experience, X indeed, diligently observe.

pleasant (-ure), sweet

H5273. na'iym, naw-eem'; from H5276; delightful (obj. or subj., lit. or fig.):--pleasant (-ure), sweet.


H5175. nachash, naw-khawsh'; from H5172; a snake (from its hiss):--serpent.

offer freely...

H5068. nadab, naw-dab'; a prim. root; to impel; hence to volunteer (as a soldier), to present spontaneously:--offer freely, be (give, make, offer self) willing (-ly).


H5081. nadiyb, naw-deeb'; from H5068; prop. voluntary, i.e. generous; hence, magnanimous; as noun, a grandee (sometimes a tyrant):--free, liberal (things), noble, prince, willing ([hearted]).

pass in beauty, be delight, be pleasant, be sweet

H5276. na'em, naw-ame'; a prim. root; to be agreeable (lit. or fig.):--pass in beauty, be delight, be pleasant, be sweet.

beauty, pleasant (-ness)

H5278. no'am, no'-am; from H5276; agreeableness, i.e. delight, suitableness, splendor or grace:--beauty, pleasant (-ness).

reach, touch...

H5060. naga', naw-gah'; a prim. root; prop. to touch, i.e. lay the hand upon (for any purpose; euphem., to lie with a woman); by impl. to reach (fig. to arrive, acquire); violently, to strike (punish, defeat, destroy, etc.):--beat, (X be able to) bring (down), cast, come (nigh), draw near (nigh), get up, happen, join, near, plague, reach (up), smite, strike, touch.

plague, sore, stricken, stripe, stroke, wound

H5061. nega', neh'-gah; from H5060; a blow (fig. infliction); also (by impl.) a spot (concr. a leprous person or dress):--plague, sore, stricken, stripe, stroke, wound.

(en-) lighten, (cause to) shine

H5050. nagahh, naw-gah'; a prim. root; to glitter; causat. to illuminate:--(en-) lighten, (cause to) shine.

player on instruments, sing to the stringed instruments...

H5059. nagan, naw-gan'; a prim. root; prop. to thrum, i.e. beat a tune with the fingers; espec. to play on a stringed instrument; hence (gen.) to make music:--player on instruments, sing to the stringed instruments, melody, ministrel, play (-er. -ing).

plague, smite, stumble...

H5062. nagaph, naw-gaf'; a prim. root; to push, gore, defeat, stub (the toe), inflict (a disease):--beat, dash, hurt, plague, slay, smite (down), strike, stumble, X surely, put to the worse.

plague, stumbling

H5063. negeph, neh'-ghef; from H5062; a trip (of the foot); fig. an infliction (of disease):--plague, stumbling.

smite, strike, be stricken...

H5221. nakah, naw-kaw'; a prim. root; to strike (lightly or severely, lit. or fig.):-- beat, cast forth, clap, give [wounds], X go forward, X indeed, kill, make [slaughter], murderer, punish, slaughter, slay (-er, -ing), smite (-r, -ing), strike, be stricken, (give) stripes, X surely, wound.


H5301. naphach, naw-fakh'; a prim. root; to puff, in various applications (lit. to inflate, blow hard, scatter, kindle, expire; fig. to disesteem):--blow, breath, give up, cause to lose [life], seething, snuff.

(be) refresh selves (-ed)

H5314. naphash, naw-fash'; a prim. root; to breathe; pass, to be breathed upon, i.e. (fig.) refreshed (as if by a current of air):--(be) refresh selves (-ed).

acquit X at all, X altogether, be blameless, cleanse...

H5352. naqah, naw-kaw'; a prim. root; to be (or make) clean (lit. or fig.); by impl. (in an adverse sense) to be bare, i.e. extirpated:--acquit X at all, X altogether, be blameless, cleanse, (be) clear (-ing), cut off, be desolate, be free, be (hold) guiltless, be (hold) innocent, X by no means, be quit, be (leave) unpunished, X utterly, X wholly.

punish, revenge, take vengeance...

H5358. naqam, naw-kam'; a prim. root; to grudge, i.e. avenge or punish:--avenge (-r, self), punish, revenge (self), X surely, take vengeance.

+ avenged, quarrel, vengeance

H5359. naqam, naw-kawm'; from H5358; revenge:-- + avenged, quarrel, vengeance.

blameless, clean, clear, exempted, free, guiltless, innocent, quit

H5355. naqiy, naw-kee'; or naqiy' (Joel 4:19; Jonah 1:14), naw-kee'; from H5352; innocent:--blameless, clean, clear, exempted, free, guiltless, innocent, quit.

burned, lift up, take away, took...

H5375. nasa', naw-saw'; or nacah (Psa. 4:6 [H7], naw-saw'; a prim. root; to lift, in a great variety of applications, lit. and fig., absol. and rel. (as follows):--accept, advance, arise, (able to, [armour], suffer to) bear (-er, up), bring (forth), burn, carry (away), cast, contain, desire, ease, exact, exalt (self), extol, fetch, forgive, furnish, further, give, go on, help, high, hold up, honourable (+ man), lade, lay, lift (self) up, lofty, marry, magnify, X needs, obtain, pardon, raise (up), receive, regard, respect, set (up), spare, stir up, + swear, take (away, up), X utterly, wear, yield.

carry away, make insurrection, take

5376. nesa', (Chald.), nes-aw'; corresp. to H5375:--carry away, make insurrection, take.

burn, kindle

H5400. nasaq, naw-sak'; a prim. root; to catch fire:--burn, kindle.


H5395. nasham, naw-sham'; a prim. root; prop. to blow away, i.e. destroy:--destroy.
(Isa 42:14)

delivered, utter...

H5414. nathan, naw-than'; a prim. root; to give, used with great latitude of application (put, make, etc.):--add, apply, appoint, ascribe, assign, X avenge, X be ([healed]), bestow, bring (forth, hither), cast, cause, charge, come, commit consider, count, + cry, deliver (up), direct, distribute do, X doubtless, X without fail, fasten, frame, X get, give (forth, over, up), grant, hang (up), X have, X indeed, lay (unto charge, up), (give) leave, lend, let (out), + lie, lift up, make, + O that, occupy, offer, ordain, pay, perform, place, pour, print, X pull, put (forth), recompense, render, requite, restore, send (out), set (forth), shew, shoot forth (up). + sing, + slander, strike, [sub-] mit, suffer, X surely, X take, thrust, trade, turn, utter, + weep, X willingly, + withdraw, + would (to) God, yield.

broken down, throw down...

H5422. nathats, naw-thats'; a prim. root; to tear down:--beat down, break down (out), cast down, destroy, overthrow, pull down, throw down.

pillar, standing...

H5324. natsab, naw-tsab'; a prim. root; to station, in various applications (lit. or fig.):--appointed, deputy, erect, establish, X Huzzah [by mistake for a prop. name], lay, officer, pillar, present, rear up, set (over, up), settle, sharpen, stablish, (make to) stand (-ing, still, up, upright), best state.

excel, chief musician (singer), oversee (-r), set forward

H5329. natsach, naw-tsakh'; a prim. root; prop. to glitter from afar, i.e. to be eminent (as a superintendent, espec. of the Temple services and its music); also (as denom. from H5331), to be permanent:--excel, chief musician (singer), oversee (-r), set forward.

deliver, preserve, recover, rescue, rid, save...

H5337. natsal, naw-tsal'; a prim. root; to snatch away, whether in a good or a bad sense:-- X at all, defend, deliver (self), escape, X without fail, part, pluck, preserve, recover, rescue, rid, save, spoil, strip, X surely, take (out).

becometh, comely, seemly

H5000. na'veh, naw-veh'; from H4998 or H5116; suitable, or beautiful:--becometh, comely, seemly.

keep at home, prepare an habitation

H5115. navah, naw-vaw'; a prim. root; to rest (as at home); causat. (through the implied idea of beauty [comp. H5116]), to celebrate (with praises):--keep at home, prepare an habitation.
(Exo 15:2; Hab 2:5)

comely, dwelling (place), fold, habitation...

H5116. naveh, naw-veh'; or (fem.) navah, naw-vaw'; from H5115; (adj.) at home; hence (by impl. of satisfaction) lovely; also (noun) a home, of God (temple), men (residence), flocks (pasture), or wild animals (den):--comely, dwelling (place), fold, habitation, pleasant place, sheepcote, stable, tarried.


H5140. nazal, naw-zal'; a prim. root; to drip, or shed by trickling:--distil, drop, flood, (cause to) flow (-ing), gush out, melt, pour (down), running water, stream.


H5315. nephesh, neh'-fesh; from H5314; prop. a breathing creature, i.e. animal or (abstr.) vitality; used very widely in a lit., accommodated or fig. sense (bodily or mental):--any, appetite, beast, body, breath, creature, X dead (-ly), desire, X [dis-] contented, X fish, ghost, + greedy, he, heart (-y), (hath, X jeopardy of) life (X in jeopardy), lust, man, me, mind, mortality, one, own, person, pleasure, (her-, him-, my-, thy-) self, them (your) -selves, + slay, soul, + tablet, they, thing, (X she) will, X would have it.

blast, (that) breath (-eth), inspiration, soul, spirit

H5397. neshamah, nesh-aw-maw'; fr. H5395; a puff, i.e. wind, angry or vital breath, divine inspiration, intellect. or (concr.) an animal:--blast, (that) breath (-eth), inspiration, soul, spirit.


H5404. nesher, neh'-sher; from an unused root mean. to lacerate; the eagle (or other large bird of prey):--eagle.

alway (-s), constantly, end, (+ n-) ever (more)...

H5331. netsach, neh'-tsakh; or netsach, nay'-tsakh; from H5329; prop. a goal, i.e. the bright object at a distance travelled towards; hence (fig.) splendor, or (subj.) truthfulness, or (obj.) confidence; but usually (adv.), continually (i.e. to the most distant point of view):--alway (-s), constantly, end, (+ n-) ever (more), perpetual, strength, victory.

break up

H5214. niyr, neer; a root prob. ident. with that of H5216, through the idea of the gleam of a fresh furrow; to till the soil:--break up.

candle, lamp, light

H5216. niyr, neer; or nir, neer; also neyr, nare; or ner, nare; or (fem.) nerah, nay-raw'; from a prim. root [see H5214; H5135] prop. mean. to glisten; a lamp (i.e. the burner) or light (lit. or fig.):--candle, lamp, light.

bright (-ness), light, (clear) shining

H5051. nogahh, no'-gah; from H5050; brilliancy (lit. or fig.):--bright (-ness), light, (clear) shining.


H5128. nuwa', noo'-ah; a prim. root; to waver, in a great variety of applications, lit. and fig. (as subjoined):--continually, fugitive, X make to [go] up and down, be gone away, (be) move (-able, -d), be promoted, reel, remove, scatter, set, shake, sift, stagger, to and fro, be vagabond, wag, (make) wander (up and down).


H5127. nuwc, noos; a prim. root; to flit, i.e. vanish away (subside, escape; causat. chase, impel, deliver):-- X abate, away, be displayed, (make to) flee (away, -ing), put to flight, X hide, lift up a standard.

set down...

H5117. nuwach, noo'-akh; a prim. root; to rest, i.e. settle down; used in a great variety of applications, lit. and fig., intrans., trans. and causat. (to dwell, stay, let fall, place, let alone, withdraw, give comfort, etc.):--cease, be confederate, lay, let down, (be) quiet, remain, (cause to, be at, give, have, make to) rest, set down. Comp. H3241.


H5110. nuwd, nood; a prim. root; to nod, i.e. waver, fig. to wander, flee, disappear; also (from shaking the head in sympathy), to console, deplore, or (from tossing the head in scorn) taunt:--bemoan, flee, get, mourn, make to move, take pity, remove, shake, skip for joy, be sorry, vagabond, way, wandering.

sleep, slumber

H5123. nuwm, noom; a prim. root; to slumber (from drowsiness):--sleep, slumber.


H5130. nuwph, noof; a prim. root; to quiver (i.e. vibrate up and down, or rock to and fro); used in a great variety of applications (includ. sprinkling, beckoning, rubbing, bastinadoing, sawing, waving, etc.):--lift up, move, offer, perfume, send, shake, sift, strike, wave.

fiery, fire

H5135. nuwr, (Chald.), noor; from an unused root (corresp. to that of H5216) mean. to shine; fire:--fiery, fire.

covering, (dwelling) (place), home, tabernacle, tent

H168. 'ohel, o'-hel; from H166; a tent (as clearly conspicuous from a distance):--covering, (dwelling) (place), home, tabernacle, tent.

omer, sheaf

H6016. 'omer, o'-mer; from H6014; prop. a heap, i.e. a sheaf; also an omer, as a dry measure:--omer, sheaf.

afflicted (-ion), trouble

H6040. 'oniy, on-ee'; from H6031; depression, i.e. misery:--afflicted (-ion), trouble.

evermore, forever...

H5769. 'owlam, o-lawm'; or 'olam, o-lawm'; from H5956; prop. concealed, i.e. the vanishing point; gen. time out of mind (past or fut.), i.e. (practically) eternity; freq. adv. (espec. with prep. pref.) always:--always (-s), ancient (time), any more, continuance, eternal, (for, [n-]) ever (-lasting, -more, of old), lasting, long (time), (of) old (time), perpetual, at any time, (beginning of the) world (+ without end). Comp. H5331, H5703.
'owlam:H5769 (ever) 'ad:H5703 (Psa 9:5, etc., ever)
'owlam:H5769 - 'ad:H5703 (Psa 104:5, ever)
'owlam:H5769 (world) 'owlam:H5769 - 'ad:H5703 (Isa 45:17, without) R

duty of marriage

H5772. 'ownah, o-naw'; from an unused root appar. mean. to dwell together; (sexual) cohabitation:--duty of marriage.

bird, that flieth, flying, fowl

H5775. 'owph, ofe; from H5774; a bird (as covered with feathers, or rather as covering with wings), often collect.:--bird, that flieth, flying, fowl.


H212. 'owphan, o-fawn'; or (short.) 'ophan, o-fawn'; from an unused root mean. to revolve; a wheel:--wheel.

light, shine...

H215. 'owr, ore; a prim. root; to be (caus. make) luminous (lit. and metaph.):--X break of day, glorious, kindle, (be, en-, give, show) light (-en, -ened), set on fire, shine.

day, light...

H216. 'owr, ore; from H215; illumination or (concr.) luminary (in every sense, including lightning, happiness, etc.):--bright, clear, + day, light (-ning), morning, sun.


H225. 'uwth, ooth; a prim. root; prop. to come, i.e. (impl.) to assent:--consent.

mark, miracle, (en-) sign, token

H226. 'owth, oth; prob. from H225 (in the sense of appearing); a signal (lit. or fig.), as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence, etc.:--mark, miracle, (en-) sign, token.

enemy, foe

H341. 'oyeb, o-yabe'; or (fully) 'ow-yeb, o-yabe'; act. part. of H340; hating; an adversary:--enemy, foe.

scatter into corners

H6284. pa'ah, paw-aw'; a prim. root; to puff, i.e. blow away:--scatter into corners.

grave, hew

H6458. pacal, paw-sal'; a prim. root; to carve, whether wood or stone:--grave, hew.

deliver, ransom, redeem, rescue...

H6299. padah, paw-daw'; a prim. root; to sever, i.e. ransom; gener. to release, preserve:-- X at all, deliver, X by any means, ransom, (that are to be, let be) redeem (-ed), rescue, X surely.

Padan, Padanaram

H6307. Paddan, pad-dawn'; from an unused root mean. to extend; a plateau; or Paddan 'Aram, pad-dan' arawm'; from the same and H758; the table-land of Aram; Paddan or Paddan-Aram, a region of Syria:--Padan, Padan-aram.

hidden, marvelous, miracles, wonders, wonderfully...

H6381. pala', paw-law'; a prim. root; prop. perh. to separate, i.e. distinguish (lit. or fig.); by impl. to be (causat. make) great, difficult, wonderful:--accomplish, (arise . . . too, be too) hard, hidden, things too high, (be, do, do a, shew) marvelous (-ly, -els, things, work), miracles, perform, separate, make singular, (be, great, make) wonderful (-ers, -ly, things, works), wondrous (things, works, -ly).

intreat, judge (-ment), (make) pray (-er, -ing), make supplication

H6419. palal, paw-lal'; a prim. root; to judge (officially or mentally); by extens. to intercede, pray:--intreat, judge (-ment), (make) pray (-er, -ing), make supplication.

calve, carry away safe, deliver, (cause to) escape

H6403. palat, paw-lat'; a prim. root; to slip out, i.e. escape; causat. to deliver:--calve, carry away safe, deliver, (cause to) escape.


H6404. Pelet, peh'-let; from H6403; escape; Pelet, the name of two Isr.:--Pelet. See also H1046.

Paltiel, Phaltiel

H6409. Paltiy'el, pal-tee-ale'; from the same as H6404 and H410; deliverance of God; Paltiel, the name of two Isr.:--Paltiel, Phaltiel.


H6437. panah, paw-naw'; a prim. root; to turn; by impl. to face, i.e. appear, look, etc.:--appear, at [even-] tide, behold, cast out, come on, X corner, dawning, empty, go away, lie, look, mark, pass away, prepare, regard, (have) respect (to), (re-) turn (aside, away, back, face, self), X right [early].

anger, before, countenance, face, presence, sight...

H6440. paniym, paw-neem'; plur. (but always as sing.) of an unused noun [ paneh, paw-neh'; from H6437]; the face (as the part that turns); used in a great variety of applications (lit. and fig.); also (with prep. pref.) as a prep. (before, etc.):-- + accept, a (be-) fore (-time), against, anger, X as (long as), at, + battle, + because (of), + beseech, countenance, edge, + employ, endure, + enquire, face, favour, fear of, for, forefront (-part), form (-er time, -ward), from, front, heaviness, X him (-self), + honourable, + impudent, + in, it, look [-eth] (-s), X me, + meet, X more than, mouth, of, off, (of) old (time), X on, open, + out of, over against, the partial, person, + please, presence, prospect, was purposed, by reason, of, + regard, right forth, + serve, X shewbread, sight, state, straight, + street, X thee, X them (-selves), through (+ -out), till, time (-s) past, (un-) to (-ward), + upon, upside (+ down), with (-in, + stand), X ye, X you.


H6485. paqad, paw-kad'; a prim. root; to visit (with friendly or hostile intent); by anal. to oversee, muster, charge, care for, miss, deposit, etc.:--appoint, X at all, avenge, bestow, (appoint to have the, give a) charge, commit, count, deliver to keep, be empty, enjoin, go see, hurt, do judgment, lack, lay up look, make X by any means, miss, number, officer, (make) overseer have (the) oversight, punish, reckon, (call to) remember (-brance), set (over), sum, X surely, visit, want.

beautify, boast self, glory...

H6286. pa'ar, paw-ar'; a prim. root; to gleam, i.e. (causat.) embellish; fig. to boast; also to explain (i.e. make clear) oneself; denom. from H6288, to shake a tree:--beautify, boast self, go over the boughs, glorify (self), glory, vaunt self.

bough, branch, sprig

H6288. pe'orah, peh-o-raw'; or pora'h, po-raw'; or pu'rah, poo-raw'; from H6286; prop. ornamentation, i.e. (plur.) foliage (includ. the limbs) as bright green:--bough, branch, sprig.

Persia, Persians

H6539. Parac, paw-ras'; of for. or.; Paras (i.e. Persia), an Eastern country, including its inhab.:--Persia, Persians.

separate, stretch...

H6504. parad, paw-rad'; a prim. root; to break through, i.e. spread or separate (oneself):--disperse, divide, be out of joint, part, scatter (abroad), separate (self), sever self, stretch, sunder.

clean, dissolve...

H6565. parar, paw-rar'; a prim. root; to break up (usually fig., i.e. to violate, frustrate):-- X any ways, break (asunder), cast off, cause to cease, X clean, defeat, disannul, disappoint, dissolve, divide, make of none effect, fail, frustrate, bring (come) to nought, X utterly, make void.

spread (abroad, forth, selves, out), stretch (forth, out)...

H6566. paras, paw-ras'; a prim. root; to break apart, disperse, etc.:--break, chop in pieces, lay open, scatter, spread (abroad, forth, selves, out), stretch (forth, out).

scatter, declare, distinctly, shew, sting

H6567. parash, paw-rash'; a prim. root; to separate, lit. (to disperse) or fig. (to specify); also (by impl.) to wound:--scatter, declare, distinctly, shew, sting.

horseman, horsemen

H6571. parash, paw-rawsh'; from H6567; a steed (as stretched out to a vehicle, not single nor for mounting [comp. H5483]); also (by impl.) a driver (in a chariot), i.e. (collect.) cavalry:--horseman.

burst out come (spread) abroad, compel, disperse, grow, open...

H6555. parats, paw-rats'; a prim. root; to break out (in many applications, direct and indirect, lit. and fig.):-- X abroad, (make a) breach, break (away, down, -er, forth, in, up), burst out come (spread) abroad, compel, disperse, grow,
(1 Sam 3:1, open)

forest, orchard

H6508. pardec, par-dace'; of for. or.; a park:--forest, orchard.


H6585. pasa', paw-sah'; a prim. root; to stride (from spreading the legs), i.e. rush upon:--go.

offend, rebel, revolt, transgress (-ion, -or)

H6586. pasha', paw-shah'; a prim. root [rather ident. with H6585 through the idea of expansion]; to break away (from just authority), i.e. trespass, apostatize, quarrel:--offend, rebel, revolt, transgress (-ion, -or).

interpret (-ation, -er)

H6622. pathar, paw-thar'; a prim. root; to open up, i.e. (fig.) interpret (a dream):--interpret (-ation, -er).

halt, become lame, leap, pass over

H6452. pacach, paw-sakh'; a prim. root; to hop, i.e (fig.) skip over (or spare); by impl. to hesitate; also (lit.) to limp, to dance:--halt, become lame, leap, pass over.

passover (offering)

H6453. pecach, peh'-sakh; from H6452; a pretermission, i.e. exemption; used only tech. of the Jewish Passover (the festival or the victim):--passover (offering).

carved (graven) image

H6459. pecel, peh'-sel; from H6458; an idol:--carved (graven) image.

beauty, bonnet, goodly, ornament, tire

H6287. pe'er, peh-ayr'; from H6286; an embellishment, i.e. fancy head-dress:--beauty, bonnet, goodly, ornament, tire.


H6310. peh, peh; from H6284; the mouth (as the means of blowing), whether lit. or fig. (particularly speech); spec. edge, portion or side; adv. (with prep.) according to:--accord (-ing as, -ing to), after, appointment, assent, collar, command (-ment), X eat, edge, end, entry, + file, hole, X in, mind, mouth, part, portion, X (should) say (-ing), sentence, skirt, sound, speech, X spoken, talk, tenor, X to, + two-edged, wish, word.

(that have) escape (-d, -th), fugitive

H6412. paliyt, paw-leet'; or paleyt, paw-late'; or palet, paw-late'; from H6403; a refugee:--(that have) escape (-d, -th), fugitive.

deliverance, (that is) escape (-d), remnant

H6413. peleytah, pel-ay-taw'; or peletah, pel-ay-taw'; fem. of H6412; deliverance; concr. an escaped portion:--deliverance, (that is) escape (-d), remnant.

bough, ([first-]) fruit ([-ful]), reward

H6529. periy, per-ee'; from H6409; fruit (lit. or fig.):--bough, ([first-]) fruit ([-ful]), reward.

rebellion, sin, transgression, trespass

H6588. pesha', peh'-shah; from H6586; a revolt (national, moral or religious):--rebellion, sin, transgression, trespass.

make [interpretations], interpreting

6590. peshar, (Chald.), pesh-ar'; corresp. to H6622; to interpret:--make [interpretations], interpreting.


6591. peshar, (Chald.), pesh-ar'; from H6590; an interpretation:--interpretation.


H6434. pen, pane; from an unused root mean. to turn; an angle (of a street or wall):--corner.

secret, wonderful

H6383. pil'iy, pil-ee'; or paliy', paw-lee'; from H6381; remarkable:--secret, wonderful.

bulwark, chief, corner, stay, tower

H6438. pinnah, pin-naw'; fem. of H6434; an angle; by impl. a pinnacle; fig. a chieftain:--bulwark, chief, corner, stay, tower.

break, bring to nought, X utterly take

H6331. puwr, poor; a prim. root; to crush:--break, bring to nought, X utterly take.


H6333. puwrah, poo-raw'; from H6331; a wine-press (as crushing the grapes):--winepress.

Libya, Libians, Phut, Put

H6316. Puwt, poot; or for. or.; Put, a son of Ham, also the name of his descendants or their region, and of a Persian tribe:--Phut, Put.
(Jer 46:9, Libyans; Ezek 38:5, Libya)

assemble (selves), gather (bring) (together...

H6908. qabats, kaw-bats'; a prim. root; to grasp, i.e. collect:--assemble (selves), gather (bring) (together, selves together, up), heap, resort, X surely, take up.

holy (One), saint

H6918. qadowsh, kaw-doshe'; or qadosh, kaw-doshe'; from H6942; sacred (ceremonially or morally); (as noun) God (by eminence), an angel, a saint, a sanctuary:--holy (One), saint.

burn, kindle

H6919. qadach, kaw-dakh'; a prim. root to inflame:--burn, kindle.

east (-ward, wind)

H6921. qadiym, kaw-deem'; or qadim, kaw-deem'; from H6923; the fore or front part; hence (by orientation) the East (often adv. eastward, for brevity the east wind):--east (-ward, wind).

come before...

H6923. qadam, kaw-dam'; a prim. root; to project (one self), i.e. precede; hence to anticipate, hasten, meet (usually for help):--come (go, [flee]) before, + disappoint, meet, prevent.


H6924. qedem, keh'-dem; or qedmah, kayd'-maw; from H6923; the front, of place (absol. the fore part, rel. the East) or time (antiquity); often used adv. (before, anciently, eastward):--aforetime, ancient (time), before, east (end, part, side, -ward), eternal, X ever (-lasting), forward, old, past. Comp. H6926.


6925. qodam, (Chald.), kod-awm'; or qedam (Chald.) (Dan. 7:13), ked-awm'; corresp. to H6924; before:-- before, X from, X I (thought), X me, + of, X it pleased, presence.

east (-ward)

H6926. qidmah, kid-maw'; fem. of H6924; the forward part (or rel.) East (often adv. on the east or in front):--east (-ward).


H6930. qadmown, kad-mone'; from H6923; eastern:--east.

east, former...

H6931. qadmowniy, kad-mo-nee'; or qadmoniy, kad-mo-nee'; from H6930; (of time) anterior or (of place) oriental:--ancient, they that went before, east, (thing of) old.
(Zec 14:8, former)

dark, darkened...

H6937. qadar, kaw-dar'; a prim. root; to be ashy, i.e. dark-colored; by impl. to mourn (in sackcloth or sordid garments):--be black (-ish), be (make) dark (-en), X heavily, (cause to) mourn.

bid, holy, sanctify...

H6942. qadash, kaw-dash'; a prim. root; to be (causat. make, pronounce or observe as) clean (ceremonially or morally):--appoint, bid, consecrate, dedicate, defile, hallow, (be, keep) holy (-er, place), keep, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify (-ied one, self), X wholly.

most holy...

H6944. qodesh, ko'-desh; from H6942; a sacred place or thing; rarely abstr. sanctity:--consecrated (thing), dedicated (thing), hallowed (thing), holiness, (X most) holy (X day, portion, thing), saint, sanctuary.

assemble (selves) (together), gather (selves) (together)

H6950. qahal, kaw-hal'; a prim. root; to convoke:--assemble (selves) (together), gather (selves) (together).

assembly, company, congregation, multitude

H6951. qahal, kaw-hawl'; from H6950; assemblage (usually concr.):--assembly, company, congregation, multitude.

curse, moved, lightly...

H7043. qalal, kaw-lal'; a prim. root; to be (caus. make) light, lit. (swift, small, sharp, etc.) or fig. (easy, trifling, vile, etc.):--abate, make bright, bring into contempt, (ac-) curse, despise, (be) ease (-y, -ier), (be a, make, make somewhat, move, seem a, set) light (-en, -er, ly, -ly afflict, -ly esteem, thing), X slight [-ly], be swift (-er), (be, be more, make, re-) vile, whet.

bidden, called, guest, named...

H7121. qara', kaw-raw'; a prim. root [rather ident. with H7122 through the idea of accosting a person met]; to call out to (i.e. prop. address by name, but used in a wide variety of applications):--bewray [self], that are bidden, call (for, forth, self, upon), cry (unto), (be) famous, guest, invite, mention, (give) name, preach, (make) proclaim (-ation), pronounce, publish, read, renowned, say.

befall, (by) chance, (cause to) come (upon), fall out, happen, meet

H7122. qara', kaw-raw'; a prim. root; to encounter, whether accidentally or in a hostile manner:--befall, (by) chance, (cause to) come (upon), fall out, happen, meet.

cut out, rend, X surely, tear

H7167. qara', kaw-rah'; a prim. root; to rend, lit. or fig. (revile, paint the eyes, as if enlarging them):--cut out, rend, X surely, tear.

draw near, be at hand...

H7126. qarab, kaw-rab'; a prim. root; to approach (caus. bring near) for whatever purpose:--(cause to) approach, (cause to) bring (forth, near), (cause to) come (near, nigh), (cause to) draw near (nigh), go (near), be at hand, join, be near, offer, present, produce, make ready, stand, take.

form, move, wink

H7169. qarats, kaw-rats'; a prim. root; to pinch, i.e. (partially) to bite the lips, blink the eyes (as a gesture of malice), or (fully) to squeeze off (a piece of clay in order to mould a vessel from it):--form, move, wink.

at hand, near...

H7138. qarowb, kaw-robe'; or qarob, kaw-robe'; from H7126; near (in place, kindred or time):--allied, approach, at hand, + any of kin, kinsfolk (-sman), (that is) near (of kin), neighbour, (that is) next, (them that come) nigh (at hand), more ready, short (-ly).

have horns, shine

H7160. qaran, kaw-ran'; a prim. root; to push or gore; used only as denom. from H7161, to shoot out horns; fig. rays:--have horns, shine.

X hill, horn

H7161. qeren, keh'-ren; from H7160; a horn (as projecting); by impl. a flask, cornet; by resembl. an elephant's tooth (i.e. ivory), a corner (of the altar), a peak (of a mountain), a ray (of light); fig. power:-- X hill, horn.

horn, cornet

7162. qeren, (Chald.), keh'-ren; corresp. to H7161; a horn (lit. or for sound):--horn, cornet.

be cruel, be fiercer, make grievous...

H7185. qashah, kaw-shaw'; a prim. root; prop. to be dense, i.e. tough or severe (in various applications):--be cruel, be fiercer, make grievous, be ([ask a], be in, have, seem, would) hard (-en, [labour], -ly, thing), be sore, (be, make) stiff (-en, [-necked]).

churlish, cruel, grievous, sore...

H7186. qasheh, kaw-sheh'; from H7185; severe (in various applications):--churlish, cruel, grievous, hard ([-hearted], thing), heavy, + impudent, obstinate, prevailed, rough (-ly), sore, sorrowful, stiff ([-necked]), stubborn, + in trouble.

cut (asunder, in pieces, in sunder, off), X utmost

H7112. qatsats, kaw-tsats'; a prim. root; to chop off (lit. or fig.):--cut (asunder, in pieces, in sunder, off), X utmost.


H7114. qatsar, kaw-tsar'; a prim. root; to dock off, i.e. curtail (trans. or intrans., lit. or fig.); espec. to harvest (grass or grain):-- X at all, cut down, much discouraged, grieve, harvestman, lothe, mourn, reap (-er), (be, wax) short (-en, -er), straiten, trouble, vex.

bough, branch, harvest (man)

H7105. qatsiyr, kaw-tseer'; from H7114; severed, i.e. harvest (as reaped), the crop, the time, the reaper, or fig.; also a limb (of a tree, or simply foliage):--bough, branch, harvest (man).


H7107. qatsaph, kaw-tsaf'; a prim. root; to crack off, i.e. (fig.) burst out in rage:--(be) anger (-ry), displease, fret self, (provoke to) wrath (come), be wroth.


H6957. qav, kav; or qav, kawv; from H6960 [comp. H6961]; a cord (as connecting), espec. for measuring; fig. a rule; also a rim, a musical string or accord:--line. Comp. H6978.
(1 Ki 7:23, etc., line; Psa 35:14, heavily; Isa 44:13, rule)

X meted out

H6978. qav-qav, kav-kav'; from H6957 (in the sense of a fastening); stalwart:-- X meted out.
(Isa 18:2, 7, meted outed)

gather (together), look, patiently...

H6960. qavah, kaw-vaw'; a prim. root; to bind together (perh. by twisting), i.e. collect; (fig.) to expect:--gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon).


H6961. qaveh, kaw-veh'; from H6960; a (measuring) cord (as if for binding):--line.


H7093. qets, kates; contr. from H7112; an extremity; adv. (with prep. pref.) after:-- + after, (utmost) border, end, [in-] finite, X process.

foam, indignation, X sore, wrath

H7110. qetseph, keh'-tsef; from H7107; a splinter (as chipped off); fig. rage or strife:--foam, indignation, X sore, wrath.

+ mason, side, town, X very, wall

H7023. qiyr, keer; or qir (Isa. 22:5), keer; or (fem.) qiyrah, kee-raw'; from H6979; a wall (as built in a trench):-- + mason, side, town, X very, wall.


H6963. qowl, kole; or qol, kole; from an unused root mean. to call aloud; a voice or sound:-- + aloud, bleating, crackling, cry (+ out), fame, lightness, lowing, noise, + hold peace, [pro-] claim, proclamation, + sing, sound, + spark, thunder (-ing), voice, + yell.

abide, raise, rise up...

H6965. quwm, koom; a prim. root; to rise (in various applications, lit. fig., intens. and caus.):--abide, accomplish, X be clearer, confirm, continue, decree, X be dim, endure, X enemy, enjoin, get up, make good, help, hold, (help to) lift up (again), make, X but newly, ordain, perform, pitch, raise (up), rear (up), remain, (a-) rise (up) (again, against), rouse up, set (up), (e-) stablish, (make to) stand (up), stir up, strengthen, succeed, (as-, make) sure (-ly), (be) up (-hold, -rising).


H6966. quwm, (Chald.), koom; corresp. to H6965:--appoint, establish, make, raise up self, (a-) rise (up), (make to) stand, set (up).

break down, cast out, destroy, dig

H6979. quwr, koor; a prim. root; to trench; by impl. to throw forth; also (denom. from H7023) to wall up, whether lit. (to build a wall) or fig. (to estop):--break down, cast out, destroy, dig.

appear, saw, see, seen, seer, show, visions...

H7200. ra'ah, raw-aw'; a prim. root; to see, lit. or fig. (in numerous applications, direct and implied, trans., intrans. and causat.):--advise self, appear, approve, behold, X certainly, consider, discern, (make to) enjoy, have experience, gaze, take heed, X indeed, X joyfully, lo, look (on, one another, one on another, one upon another, out, up, upon), mark, meet, X be near, perceive, present, provide, regard, (have) respect, (fore-, cause to, let) see (-r, -m, one another), shew (self), X sight of others, (e-) spy, stare, X surely, X think, view, visions.


H7203. ro'eh, ro-eh'; act. part. of H7200; a seer (as often rendered); but also (abstr.) a vision:--vision.

adversity, affliction, evil, trouble, wickedness...

H7451. ra', rah; from H7489; bad or (as noun) evil (nat. or mor.):--adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, + displease (-ure), distress, evil ([-favouredness], man, thing), + exceedingly, X great, grief (-vous), harm, heavy, hurt (-ful), ill (favoured), + mark, mischief, (-vous), misery, naught (-ty), noisome, + not please, sad (-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked (-ly, -ness, one), worse (-st) wretchedness, wrong. [Incl. fem. ra'ah; as adj. or noun.]

famish, hunger...

H7456. ra'eb, raw-abe'; a prim. root; to hunger:--(suffer to) famish, (be, have, suffer, suffer to) hunger (-ry).

dearth, famine, + famished, hunger

H7458. ra'ab, raw-awb'; from H7456; hunger (more or less extensive):--dearth, famine, + famished, hunger.


H7489. ra'a', raw-ah'; a prim. root; prop. to spoil (lit. by breaking to pieces); fig. to make (or be) good for nothing, i.e. bad (phys., soc. or mor.):--afflict, associate selves [by mistake for H7462], break (down, in pieces), + displease, (be, bring, do) evil (doer, entreat, man), show self friendly [by mistake for H7462], do harm, (do) hurt, (behave self, deal) ill, X indeed, do mischief, punish, still vex, (do) wicked (doer, -ly), be (deal, do) worse.

X break, companion, keep company with, devour...

H7462. ra'ah, raw-aw'; a prim. root; to tend a flock, i.e. pasture it; intrans. to graze (lit. or fig.); gen. to rule; by extens. to associate with (as a friend):-- X break, companion, keep company with, devour, eat up, evil entreat, feed, use as a friend, make friendship with, herdman, keep [sheep] (-er), pastor, + shearing house, shepherd, wander, waste.

(re-) move, quake, shake, tremble...

H7493. ra'ash, raw-ash; a prim. root; to undulate (as the earth, the sky, etc.; also a field of grain), partic. through fear; spec. to spring (as a locust):--make afraid, (re-) move, quake, (make to) shake, (make to) tremble.

earthquake, quake, shake...

H7494. ra'ash, rah'-ash; from H7493; vibration; bounding, uproar:--commotion, confused noise, earthquake, fierceness, quaking, rattling, rushing, shaking.


H7227. rab, rab; by contr. from H7231; abundant (in quantity, size, age, number, rank, quality):--(in) abound (-undance, -ant, -antly), captain, elder, enough, exceedingly, full, great (-ly, man, one), increase, long (enough, [time]), (do, have) many (-ifold, things, a time), ([ship-]) master, mighty, more, (too, very) much, multiply (-tude), officer, often [-times], plenteous, populous, prince, process [of time], suffice (-ient).

captain, chief, great, lord, master, stout

H7229. rab, (Chald.), rab; corresp. to H7227:--captain, chief, great, lord, master, stout.

increase, be many...

H7231. rabab, raw-bab'; a prim. root; prop. to cast together [comp. H7241], i.e. increase, espec. in number; also (as denom. from H7233) to multiply by the myriad:--increase, be many (-ifold), be more, multiply, ten thousands.


H7232. rabab, raw-bab'; a prim. root [rather ident. with H7231 through the idea of projection]; to shoot an arrow:--shoot.
(Gen 49:23; Psa 18:14, shot)

many, million, X multiply, ten thousand

H7233. rebabah, reb-aw-baw'; from H7231; abundance (in number), i.e. (spec.) a myriad (whether def. or indef.):--many, million, X multiply, ten thousand.

many, multiply...

H7235. rabah, raw-baw'; a prim. root; to increase (in whatever respect):--[bring in] abundance (X -antly), + archer [by mistake for H7232], be in authority, bring up, X continue, enlarge, excel, exceeding (-ly), be full of, (be, make) great (-er, -ly), X -ness), grow up, heap, increase, be long, (be, give, have, make, use) many (a time), (any, be, give, give the, have) more (in number), (ask, be, be so, gather, over, take, yield) much (greater, more), (make to) multiply, nourish, plenty (-eous), X process [of time], sore, store, thoroughly, very.


H7241. rabiyb, raw-beeb'; from H7231; a rain (as an accumulation of drops):--shower.

(very) great (things)

7260. rabrab, (Chald.), rab-rab'; from H7229; huge (in size); domineering (in character):--(very) great (things).

move, quake, shake, tremble...

H7264. ragaz, raw-gaz'; a prim. root; to quiver (with any violent emotion, espec. anger or fear):--be afraid, stand in awe, disquiet, fall out, fret, move, provoke, quake, rage, shake, tremble, trouble, be wroth.

provoke unto wrath

H7265. regaz, (Chald.), reg-az'; corresp. to H7264:--provoke unto wrath.

beguile, betray, [bow-] man, carry, deceive, throw

H7411. ramah, raw-maw'; a prim. root; to hurl; spec. to shoot; fig. to delude or betray (as if causing to fall):--beguile, betray, [bow-] man, carry, deceive, throw.

dance, jump, leap, skip

H7540. raqad, raw-kad'; a prim. root; prop. to stamp, i.e. to spring about (wildly or for joy):--dance, jump, leap, skip.

spread abroad, stretch...

H7554. raqa', raw-kah'; a prim. root; to pound the earth (as a sign of passion); by analogy to expand (by hammering); by impl. to overlay (with thin sheets of metal):--beat, make broad, spread abroad (forth, over, out, into plates), stamp, stretch.


H7549. raqiya', raw-kee'-ah; frm H7554; prop. an expanse, i.e. the firmament or (apparently) visible arch of the sky:--firmament.

wicked (-ly, -ness)...

H7561. rasha', raw-shah'; a prim. root; to be (caus. do or declare) wrong: by impl. to disturb, violate:--condemn, make trouble, vex, be (commit, deal, depart, do) wicked (-ly, -ness).


H7563. rasha', raw-shaw'; from H7561; morally wrong; concr. an (actively) bad person:-- + condemned, guilty, ungodly, wicked (man), that did wrong.


H7523. ratsach, raw-tsakh'; a prim. root; prop. to dash in pieces, i.e. kill (a human being), espec. to murder:--put to death, kill, (man-) slay (-er), murder (-er).

bathe, make drunk, (take the) fill, satiate, (abundantly) satisfy...

H7301. ravah, raw-vaw'; a prim. root; to slake the thirst (occasionally of other appetites):--bathe, make drunk, (take the) fill, satiate, (abundantly) satisfy, soak, water (abundantly).


H7328. raz, (Chald.), rawz; from an unused root prob. mean. to attenuate, i.e. (fig.) hide; a mystery:--secret.

have compassion (on, upon), love...

H7355. racham, raw-kham'; a prim. root; to fondle; by impl. to love, espec. to compassionate:--have compassion (on, upon), love, (find, have, obtain, shew) mercy (-iful, on, upon), (have) pity, Ruhamah, X surely.

bowels, compassion, damsel, tender love...

H7356. racham, rakh'-am; from H7355; compassion (in the plur.); by extens. the womb (as cherishing the foetus); by impl. a maiden:--bowels, compassion, damsel, tender love, (great, tender) mercy, pity, womb.

matrix, womb

H7358. rechem, rekh'-em; from H7355; the womb [comp. H7356]:--matrix, womb.

break, divide, find ease, be a moment...

H7280. raga', raw-gah'; a prim. root; prop. to toss violently and suddenly (the sea with waves, the skin with boils); fig. (in a faborable manner) to settle, i.e. quiet; spec. to wink (from the motion of the eye-lids):--break, divide, find ease, be a moment, (cause, give, make to) rest, make suddenly.

instant, moment, space, suddenly

H7281. rega', reh'-gah; from H7280; a wink (of the eyes), i.e. a very short space of time:--instant, moment, space, suddenly.

backbite, search, slander, (e-) spy (out)...

H7270. ragal, raw-gal'; a prim. root; to walk along; but only in spec. applications, to reconnoitre, to be a tale-bearer (i.e. slander); also (as denom. from H7272) to lead about:--backbite, search, slander, (e-) spy (out), teach to go, view.


H7272. regel, reh'-gel; from H7270; a foot (as used in walking); by impl. a step; by euphem. the pudenda:-- X be able to endure, X according as, X after, X coming, X follow, ([broken-]) foot ([-ed, -stool]), X great toe, X haunt, X journey, leg, + piss, + possession, time.

to ride...

H7392. rakab, raw-kab'; a prim. root; to ride (on an animal or in a vehicle); caus. to place upon (for riding or gen), to despatch:--bring (on [horse-] back), carry, get [oneself] up, on [horse-] back, put, (cause to, make to) ride (in a chariot, on, -r), set.


H7393. rekeb, reh'-keb; from H7392; a vehicle; by impl. a team; by extens. cavalry; by analogy a rider, i.e. the upper millstone:--chariot, (upper) millstone, multitude [from the marg.], wagon.

mount up...

H7426. ramam, raw-mam'; a prim. root; to rise (lit. or fig.):--exalt, get [oneself] up, lift up (self), mount up.

please (-ure), reconcile self...

H7521. ratsah, raw-tsaw'; a prim. root; to be pleased with; spec. to satisfy a debt:--(be) accept (-able), accomplish, set affection, approve, consent with, delight (self), enjoy, (be, have a) favour (-able), like, observe, pardon, (be, have, take) please (-ure), reconcile self.

(good) pleasure...

H7522. ratsown, raw-tsone'; or ratson, raw-tsone'; from H7521; delight (espec. as shown):--(be) acceptable (-ance, -ed), delight, desire, favour, (good) pleasure, (own, self, voluntary) will, as . . . (what) would.


H7416. rimmown, rim-mone'; or rimmon, rim-mone'; from H7426; a pomegranate, the tree (from its upright growth) or the fruit (also an artificial ornament):--pomegranate.

Remmon, Rimmon...

H7417. Rimmown, rim-mone'; or (shorter) Rimmon, rim-mone'; or Rimmownow (H1 Chron. 6:62 [H77]), rim-mo-no'; the same as H7416; Rimmon, the name of a Syrian deity, also of five places in Pal:--Remmon, Rimmon. The addition "-methoar" (Josh 19:13) is ham-metho'ar, ham-meth-o-awr'; pass. part. of H8388 with the art.; the (one) marked off, i.e. which pertains; mistaken for part of the name.


H7223. ri'shown, ree-shone'; or ri'shon, ree-shone'; from H7221; first, in place, time or rank (as adj. or noun):--ancestor, (that were) before (-time), beginning, eldest, first, fore [-father] (-most), former (thing), of old time, past.

beginning, firstfruit...

H7225. re'shiyth, ray-sheeth'; from the same as H7218; the first, in place, time, order or rank (spec. a firstfruit):--beginning, chief (-est), first (-fruits, part, time), principal thing.

chief, head...

H7218. ro'sh, roshe; from an unused root appar. mean. to shake; the head (as most easily shaken), whether lit. or fig. (in many applications, of place, time, rank, etc.):--band, beginning, captain, chapiter, chief (-est place, man, things), company, end, X every [man], excellent, first, forefront, ([be-]) head, height, (on) high (-est part, [priest]), X lead, X poor, principal, ruler, sum, top.

blow an alarm, cry (alarm, aloud, out), destroy...

H7321. ruwa', roo-ah'; a prim. root; to mar (espec. by breaking); fig. to split the ears (with sound), i.e. shout (for alarm or joy):--blow an alarm, cry (alarm, aloud, out), destroy, make a joyful noise, smart, shout (for joy), sound an alarm, triumph.

accept, smell, X touch, make of quick understanding

H7306. ruwach, roo'-akh; a prim. root; prop. to blow, i.e. breathe; only (lit.) to smell or (by impl. perceive (fig. to anticipate, enjoy):--accept, smell, X touch, make of quick understanding.

breath, spirit, wind...

H7307. ruwach, roo'-akh; from H7306; wind; by resemblance breath, i.e. a sensible (or even violent) exhalation; fig. life, anger, unsubstantiality; by extens. a region of the sky; by resemblance spirit, but only of a rational being (includ. its expression and functions):--air, anger, blast, breath, X cool, courage, mind, X quarter, X side, spirit ([-ual]), tempest, X vain, ([whirl-]) wind (-y).

bring up, exalt (self), extol, give...

H7311. ruwm, room; a prim. root; to be high act. to rise or raise (in various applications, lit. or fig.):--bring up, exalt (self), extol, give, go up, haughty, heave (up), (be, lift up on, make on, set up on, too) high (-er, one), hold up, levy, lift (-er) up, (be) lofty, (X a-) loud, mount up, offer (up), + presumptuously, (be) promote (-ion), proud, set up, tall (-er), take (away, off, up), breed worms.

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